Special Constituency Labour Party meeting  Thursday 3rd January 2019

Special Constituency Labour Party meeting 

Thursday 3rd January 2019


A special all members meeting of the Peterborough Constituency Labour Party (CLP) was held on Thursday 3rdJanuary 2019, to discuss the next steps following the recentconviction of Fiona Onasayna, Peterborough’s Labour MP, for Perverting the Course of Justice.

Ian Lavery, Labour Party Chairman, told the meeting that Fiona Onansanya had been expelled from the party, and is no longer the Labour MP for Peterborough and that Labour Party officials were waiting on the outcome of her sentencing, due later this month, before taking the next steps.

He also told the 100 plus CLP members present that Labour would actively seek to trigger a byelection if Fiona received a sentence of less than 12 months having been found guilty of lying to police to avoid a speeding charge.

Labour would “actively support” such a petition, which would need to be endorsed by 10% of the electorate in the constituency, over a six-week period to trigger a byelection.

She would automatically lose her seat if she received a sentence of 12 months or more, even if some of it was suspended. But if she were to receive a shorter custodial sentence, a recall petition would automatically be triggered.

Andy Beeby said from the floor that as the TULO Officer for the CLP (Trade Union Liaison Officer) he was organising a meeting of the affiliated Trade Unions, in the coming week to discuss how they would move forward.

As ever as events unfold and progress I will keep you updated 

Andy Beeby 

Branch Secretary 

CWU Eastern Number Five Branch 


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