I would like to advise Branches and our Post Office members that the second instalment of our two year pay agreement will be implemented from 1st April 2019. This means all members will receive a 2.5% pay increase with April salaries. Additionally, the 2.5% pay increase will flow through to all allowances and overtime rates. 

The following Joint Statement has been published today:

Post Office and CWU Pay Agreement 2019

We are pleased to confirm that the second instalment of our two year pay agreement has been implemented. This means your basic pay, all allowances together with overtime rates will increase by 2.5% from 1st April. This pay increase will be included in April salaries. 

We hope you will be pleased with this positive development.

Lee Kelly                                                                       Andy Furey

Employee Relations & Policy Director                   Assistant Secretary

I would be grateful if Branches could bring this positive development to the attention of our Post Office members.

If you have any questions in relation to this LTB, please contact Lea Sheridan –

Yours sincerely


Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

19LTB200 Post Office – 2.5% Pay increase for all members from 1st April 2019

New Royal Mail Peugeot Partner ‘S’, Long Wheelbase, 1.2 (PureTech Engine 110) Mk3 Vans with New Range of Extended Safety Features including an Automatic Electronic Handbrake

New Royal Mail Peugeot Partner ‘S’, Long Wheelbase, 1.2 (PureTech Engine 110) Mk3 Vans with New Range of Extended Safety Features including an Automatic Electronic Handbrake:

This is a further update on new vehicles being added to the Royal Mail Fleet which are incorporating a new range of extended safety features and additionally this latest batch of 216 new Peugeot Partner ‘S’ Mk3 Long Wheelbase Vans will include a new range of Active Safety Systems which include:-

  • Active Safety Braking,
  • Active Lane Departure Warning,
  • Speed Limit Recognition,
  • Distance Alert,
  • Electronic Handbrake – with automatic application safety feature
  • Passenger Air Bag
  • Reversing Sensors
  • Auto folding door mirrors

New Electronic Handbrake Safety Technology

As previously reported, the Health, Safety and Environment Department has been in discussions with Royal Mail Fleet for some time, firstly looking at what Handbrake Safety Technology is available on the market which is simplistic in design but has been engineered to make an enhancement to fleet vehicle operational safety and secondly Royal Mail Fleet and the CWU have been conducting trials of different types of Handbrake Safety Systems. These new Mk3 Peugeot Partners come for the first time with an Electronic Handbrake which is operated by a switch rather than a standard Handbrake Lever. It can be applied manually but it automatically applies when the engine is switched off, so preventing the driver from exiting the vehicle and leaving the handbrake off or not applied firmly enough, as in some roll-away incidents. If the driver opens the door without applying the handbrake and without switching off the engine, a Visual Warning Display comes up along with a loud warning noise to alert the driver of what he/she has done wrong. This new technology development which thankfully Royal Mail Fleet Engineers have specified and included on this batch of vehicles will further contribute to combating the currently high number of vehicle roll-aways.

As reported in LTBs 23/19, 25/19, 92/19 and 146/19, Royal Mail continues to experience a worrying number of vehicle roll-aways, some of which have caused very serious injuries and even a fatality plus in some cases extensive property damage and huge costs have resulted in some cases as well as Police prosecutions. Royal Mail and the CWU continue to campaign to reinforce driver safety standards and ‘mandatory controls’ required when parking Royal Mail vehicles, in ongoing efforts to reduce and eliminate vehicle roll-away incidents – RMG and the CWU are again jointly promoting the “HIT” driver parking safely ‘Acronym’ as follows:-

  • Handbrake On
  • In Gear
  • Turn the Wheels

Body Version

The 2018 Peugeot Partner panel van comes in short-wheelbase (SWB) standard and long-wheelbase (LWB) long variants. Royal Mail has purchased the LWB version.

Partner ‘S’ Version

The Peugeot Partner ‘S’ model which Royal Mail has purchased comes with the following kit:

  • Full bulkhead
  • Hill start assist
  • Remote central locking with separate locking for the cab
  • Electric windows and door mirrors
  • Auto lights with Daytime Running Lights
  • DAB digital radio
  • Bluetooth, USB and audio sockets
  • 12V socket in dash area
  • Peugeot’s Connect SOS system
  • Unglazed asymmetric rear doors
  • Nearside sliding door (L1 model only)
  • Twin sliding side door (L2 model only)

The basic exterior dimensions are as follows:

  • Exterior length: 4,400mm Short Wheel Base / 4,750mm Long Wheelbase
  • Exterior height: 1,850mm
  • Exterior width: 2,100mm (with door mirrors)
  • The load area dimensions of the LWB Version are:-
  • Load length: 2,160mm Long
  • Width between the wheel arches: 1,230mm
  • Load volume: 3.9 cubic Long
  • Load volume: 4.4 cubic metres
  • Maximum payload: 950kg Long
  • Items up to 3,350mm long can be loaded into the LWB model.


  • Electronic Handbrake Instructions
  • New Peugeot Partner Van Information Sheet/Slide
  • New Peugeot Partner Van Equipment & Technical Specification
  • SAC1
  • Excel Sheet Listing van locations by Service Centre.

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB198 New Royal Mail Peugeot Partner S Long Wheelbase 1.2 (PureTech Engine 110) Mk3 Vans

Dave P List

Electric Brake Instructions_

New Peugeot Partner Mail Van Info Mar 2019

new-partner-mpc-sep-18.453440 S

AC1 v4.4 Peugeot Partner Feb 2019 FinalV2

WECSA (v 6.0) Peugeot Partner Feb 2019 Final

Hazards Campaign – ‘Delivering Safe and Healthy Training Programmes to Young People’ – Wednesday, 10th April, 10.00 – 13.00 in Preston

Hazards Campaign – ‘Delivering Safe and Healthy Training Programmes to Young People’ – Wednesday, 10th April, 10.00 – 13.00 in Preston

The National Hazards Campaign have contacted the Health, Safety & Environment Department regarding a special course they are running in Preston on 10 April and are inviting applications from those wishing to come along to learn how to engage young people (young workers, apprentices, trainees etc.) on health and safety, on employment rights, mental health and how to continue to support them, like mentoring, on their learning journey in and outside work in a fun packed morning of activity and discussion.

This course is jointly organised by Janet Newsham (Hazards) and Dave Foy Organisers of Training Safe – Delivering Safe and Healthy Training Programmes to Young People. Janet Newsham works for Hazards which is a health and safety organisation working with and supporting trade unions and their representatives, workers and their families with health, safety and welfare issues. David Foy is part of the LOcHER Project (Learning Occupational Health by Experiencing Risks) which prides itself oin delivering interactive and lively health and safety sessions to young people in colleges. They are especially concerned at young people’s health and safety whilst they are training and new to work.

Course Agenda 

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Workplace Experience
  • Apprentices in Action
  • The value of mentoring inside work
  • Doing nothing is not an option! – Defining and placing young people in safe and healthy work places
  • Safety in the Learning Environment
  • LOcHER Project
  • Unite in Schools
  • Continuing Safety Support for the Learning Journey
  • Training Safe delivering an App and other support
  • Trade Union Education delivering Mentoring, Mental Health Awareness and other training

Light Refreshments will be provided.

Date and Time
Wed, 10 April 2019
10:00 – 13:00 BST

Preston’s College
Fulwood Campus
St Vincent’s Road

To apply for the session please use the Eventbrite link:

or email Tel: 0161 636 7558 for more information.

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB195 Hazards Campaign – Delivering Safe and Healthy Training Programmes to Young People

Training Safe Conference 10.4.19



Branches and representatives will be aware that a Safe Driver Process for licence checks has already been agreed for Delivery and Collections drivers (LTB 145/19 refers).

As with the activity for Delivery and Collections drivers, discussions have been taking place with the business in relation to a process for licence checks for CWU represented Professional Driver grades (LGV and MGV), who are required to undertake checks twice yearly. The aim of the revised process is to improve the regulatory compliance to conduct licence checks for all drivers and ensure they complete health and other employment declarations, whilst maintaining and ensuring compliance to GDPR.

Being a safe and qualified driver is a key part of the job roles at Royal Mail. The existing process that is used in relation to Professional Driver licence checks is performed twice yearly and is a paper based process, which is complicated and time consuming.

In addition, the current system whereby the driver sources a code from the DVLA is changing. Due to new laws regarding the security of data, each driver will need to undertake a lengthy process to obtain the code (estimated as 15 minutes). The new approach will eliminate the need for drivers to source a code, as their permission to undertake the twice yearly licence check via the PDA App, will be valid for 3 years. The proposed change to process is therefore seen as a way to simplify Royal Mail policies and ensure compliance.

A Joint statement covering a New Safe Driver Process for Professional Drivers has now been concluded and endorsed by the Postal Executive and will simplify the process by utilising PDA’s to maintain the required twice yearly checks.

Currently however Professional Drivers do not use PDA’s and as such a process has had to be developed that would ensure that their data is protected. To this end drivers will be supplied with a pin number by the business to access the PDA’s, they will then need to scan their ID pass which will ensure their data is protected and related only to them.

A copy of the Joint Statement is attached for the information of Branches and representatives and the revised process is summarised below:

Key Points:

  • To ensure that all individual data is protected drivers will input their data with 2 levels of security, a PIN number and scan of the unique barcode on their RM ID pass. 
  • This information will be automatically transferred into the People Systems Portal (PSP). This will allow automatic licence checking with the DVLA database and ensure secure, centralised, digital storage of the individual’s information.
  • Individual mandates are valid for 3 years and will be securely held centrally within PSP. The licence data will be automatically checked with the DVLA database twice a year in April and October.
  • Health & Other Employment Declarations are still required to be made and submitted by Royal Mail Logistics and Area Distribution drivers on a 6 monthly basis.
  • Managers will not have access to the DVLA database, instead they will view a relevant PSP report sent to them that only includes the people within their direct line of management.
  • Only the line manager of an individual will have sight of their relevant information. Individual data sourced from either the PDA/PSP or the DVLA database will not be published or shared with a wider audience.
  • Outside of this bi-annual activity, all Royal Mail drivers will still have a responsibility to make their manager aware of any relevant changes to their driving licence provision or the onset of a health condition.

Who is covered by this process?

  • Professional drivers (LGV and MGV 3.5t and above vehicles) including any currently working in the Delivery or Collections operations will continue to have their licences checked as they currently do on a six-monthly basis. 
  • Drivers with a licence issued by the DVA (Northern Ireland) will complete the health and other employment declaration via the PDA but will still complete a bi-annual paper-based licence check – this is due to the DVA having a different licence checking process. Separate deployment instructions regarding these specific checks will be sent in due course.

Due to the late notification of change, the availability of PDA’s and the complexities of the Logistic and Area Distribution operations, we have agreed that a trial of the Safe Driver Process will take place in Swindon Area Distribution and Coventry VOC in relation to the scheduled April 2019 licence checks.

This will enable us to secure any learning from the new process and agree a joint deployment programme to all other units, to ensure that the process can be used by all Professional Drivers for the October 2019 licence checks.

Due to the logistical difficulties associated to procurement of sufficient PDA’s and the timelines involved it will not be possible to achieve a full deployment of the process by April 2019. Therefore

to ensure that we are compliant with the required activity in April 2019 all units outside of the trial will be brought forward and undertake their licence checks in March 2019 utilising the current process.

Colleagues will note that the usual provisions in relation to CWU involvement have been made, along with review and deployment arrangements.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: or quoting reference number: 202.09/502.02.

Yours sincerely,


Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary


Attachment 1 – JS New Safe Driver Checks for Logistics & Area Distribution

Four Pillars Agreement – Royal Mail Group Pay Increase 2019 (including Parcelforce)

Four Pillars Agreement – Royal Mail Group Pay Increase 2019 (including Parcelforce)

Further to Section 12 of the Four Pillars Agreement, I can confirm that the 2% increase agreed under the terms of the aforementioned Agreement will be introduced from Monday 1st April 2019 for both weekly and monthly paid employees.

The increase will flow through into basic pay rates or salary, basic pay supplements, Skills and Unsocial Hours allowance, London Weighting, Scottish Distant Islands allowance, Overtime and Scheduled Attendance rates.

The 2% increase will also apply to current part time employees and 35 hour (full time) CWU grades, with an increase in pay rate and flow through as detailed above.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department.

Yours sincerely,


Terry Pullinger

Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

19LTB191 -Four Pillars Agreement – Royal Mail Group Pay Increase 2019 (Including Parcelforce)

Windrush – The Impact

Windrush – The Impact

Those of you who attended General Conference last year will remember the excellent and passionate debate, led by our BAME activists, on the issue of Windrush. This Government’s shameful role in dehumanising children of Windrush carries on even up to today and the scandal continues.

The CWU gave a strong commitment that we will continue to highlight these issues. Branches can also assist by contacting the department if you have any members who have been affected by Windrush.

Attached is an excellent report written by Alex Pascall OBE which has recently been published. I would like to also acknowledge the special efforts of CWU Race Advisory Committee member Mark Anthony Bastiani, who is referenced in the foreword for his fantastic efforts in helping Mr Pascall put the booklet together.

Whilst Windrush is an issue which has directly affected many thousands of BAME people, it is important that all CWU activists remain updated, educated and aware of the hostile environment that this Government has purposely orchestrated to make life difficult for immigrants across the UK and therefore I would ask you to cascade this report accordingly within your Branches as part of the CWU’s continuing priority in combatting racism.

Any enquiries regarding this email should be addressed to in the first instance.

Yours sincerely


Trish Lavelle

Assistant Secretary


Windrush Impact



Branches are informed that the next pay review date for our Quadrant members is the 1st April 2019. The department has therefore been in discussions with Quadrant management to secure a pay deal that recognises the ongoing contribution made to the business and maximises guaranteed levels of pay for our Quadrant members. 

As you will be aware over recent years it has become increasingly difficult to negotiate pay settlements with Quadrant, due to both the commercial agreement between Royal Mail and Compass Group and decreasing footfall at Quadrant Units. Negotiations this year have been no less difficult with regard to funding the CWU aspirations for pay that any final agreement would need to achieve, a package of benefits that positively reacts to increases in the cost of living and rewards our members. This year’s pay settlement was also dependent on the completion of the existing commitments to a joint review of sick pay entitlements for new entrants and the Medical Severance criteria.

The pay settlement for 2019 has however now been concluded and unanimously endorsed by the Postal Executive. Attached is an advance copy of the letter to members that will accompany the ballot papers, which provides the detail in relation to the settlement.

Following consultation with the SDG(S) department arrangements for an individual member’s ballot in respect of the Quadrant Pay Agreement 2019 have now been finalised and the timetable will be as follows:

Ballot Papers Dispatched: Wednesday, 27th March 2019. 

Ballot Closes: Wednesday, 10th April 2019. 

Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure that our members are made aware of the content of this LTB and that every effort is made to encourage our members to use their vote.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: or quoting reference number: 301.08

Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary


Attachment 1 – Quadrant Members – Pay Claim 2019 27.03.19




For the first time in our Union’s history we have been successful in our bid to obtain a stand at the Glastonbury Festival which commences on Wednesday 26th until Sunday 30th June 2019. This world famous music event has a massive audience and is a great opportunity for our Union to engage with the people at the event and raise the profile of Trade Unions. However, this is a huge undertaking for the South West Region and although we will have some support from CWU headquarters, logistically & financially we will still need considerable donations so we can purchase merchandise. 

Consequently, the South West Region would be most grateful if Regions / Branches could donate to our Regional fund which will enable us to operate a fantastic stall at the event which will not only raise our Union’s profile but also enable us to engage with tens of thousands of people over a five-day period. Published below is the South West Regional account where donations can be sent.

Unity Trust Bank

Account Number – 20208154

Sort Code – 60-83-01

On behalf of South West Region, we thank you in advance for your support; all donations will be very much appreciated.

Any further enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to the General Secretary’s Office at quoting the reference LTB 186/19.

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

General Secretary


CWU/RM National Terms of Reference – Uniform Trial New Lighter Weight Polo Shirt

CWU/RM National Terms of Reference – Uniform Trial New Lighter Weight

Further to LTB 691.18 and the agreed trial of a new lighter weight polo shirt (unisex).

We can now confirm that the new lighter weight Polo Shirt, which is based on fabric 200gsm as opposed to the current 250gsm will now be adopted by Royal Mail, this is as a result of the scheduled review of the trial as set out in the Terms of Reference, and based on positive feedback received from both individuals involved in the trial and the Newcastle Amal Branch (which covered all the listed trial site workplaces).

Whilst this is viewed as a positive and welcomed development in terms of seeking further and ongoing improvements to the current uniform range, the new lighter version of the Polo Shirt will however not be in stock or available for general order until around July/August due to a 4-5 month manufacturing lead in time.

We believe therefore that the new lighter weight Polo Shirt will be both welcomed by both Branches and members.

Any enquires in relation to this LTB should be directed to the Outdoor Department, reference 500, email address:

Yours Sincerely,


Mark Baulch
CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 182.19 – New Ligher Weight Polo Shirt

National Terms of Reference between Royal Mail and the CWU covering the trial of electrically assisted cargo trikes

National Terms of Reference between Royal Mail and the CWU covering the trial of electrically assisted cargo trikes


Dear Colleagues,

As a result of recent articles and stories through various media channels Branches may be aware of this initiative. The brief history of these E- Trikes is that they (11 in number) were purchased and brought into the country at the behest of the new Royal Mail senior management team as these are used by GLS in other parts of Europe. As a consequence we have been in dialogue with Royal Mail over their suitability and use, along with a number of other related issues which we have raised since we were first made aware of the intention to introduce them as part of a limited trial last year.

As referred to above the other factor that Royal Mail are extremely keen to gain is publicity, recognising that the green/environmental agenda is a large issue in society generally with many towns and cities particularly within London in regards to the current Mayor’s policy of reducing fuel emissions etc. Accordingly, this has also driven the desire by Royal Mail to trial these E- Trikes as the Company has carried out publicity events already and in fact their official launch was on the 19th of this month. On this general point we are of course supportive of alternative and more environmentally friendly solutions in regards to the usage of different equipment in order to reduce full emissions, however these alternative solutions have to be suitable for the job our members carry out as well as jointly developed and agreed along with full CWU involvement.

In addition, there are obvious Health and Safety, plus suitability concerns with regard to where and what type of deliveries, if any at all, these E- Trikes might be suitable for. These concerns have been raised and are being dealt with by the Outdoor Department, and the H, S & E Department respectively.

Although we have numerous reservations in regards to trialing these vehicles and also the way in which this issue has been raised by Royal Mail, we however believe that we are better served with a National agreed form of words making it clear that participation from individuals is voluntary and that there is also full CWU involvement in relation to the route selection and assessment process as well as all of the safety implications being satisfactorily resolved.

The locations for the trial are as outlined below, although these may change as this is also subject to National Agreement depending on the suitability of the route assessments which are still currently being undertaken along with sufficient numbers of volunteers;

  1. Stratford (East London) – Olympic Park
  2. Cambridge – University campus (cyclist areas)
  3. Sutton Coldfield – Semi pedestrian areas

Branches will note from the Terms of Reference, that the necessary safeguards have been secured within the document and these include:

  • Full CWU IR involvement at Divisional, Area and Local level plus relevant H & S Reps along with the full involvement of the CWU Health, Safety & Environmental Department.
  • All current work equipment change processes to be followed as standard practice. The processes include full CWU involvement and joint agreement as standard.
  • Feedback will be sought from users as an output of the trial process. Participation is with the agreement of the individual route-holders on suitable and assessed routes only.
  • As outlined above, individuals will not be displaced off their own duty. If there is a volunteer who wants to be part of the trial and someone else in the unit with a suitable route who doesn’t, it is accepted that they can both agree to swap for the purposes of the trial.
  • Individuals will have the option to cease their participation by informing the manager and the reason so this can be captured as part of the trial; however sufficient notice should be given in order to allow alternative arrangements to be planned.
  • During the trial the equipment can only be used on routes which have been assessed for suitability and where the user has been trained.
  • Full training will be provided for individuals. The training covers the need to travel slowly when in areas of mixed use with pedestrians/children, how to drive defensively and vigilantly with constant expectation of other space users to do unpredictable things, and be ready to come to a stop.
  • The trial will be formally reviewed by the signatories of this TOR. Those identified above including local Managers and CWU representatives involved within the trial will feed into this review process and a joint report with conclusions will be finalised as part of this review.

Any enquires in relation to this LTB should be directed to the Outdoor Department, reference 540, and email address:

Yours Sincerely,


Mark Baulch
CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 181.19 National ToR RMCWU trial of electrically assisted cargo trikesTerms of Reference RM_CWU – Covering the Trial of Electrically Assisted Cargo Trikes E-Trike

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