Windrush – The Impact

Windrush – The Impact

Those of you who attended General Conference last year will remember the excellent and passionate debate, led by our BAME activists, on the issue of Windrush. This Government’s shameful role in dehumanising children of Windrush carries on even up to today and the scandal continues.

The CWU gave a strong commitment that we will continue to highlight these issues. Branches can also assist by contacting the department if you have any members who have been affected by Windrush.

Attached is an excellent report written by Alex Pascall OBE which has recently been published. I would like to also acknowledge the special efforts of CWU Race Advisory Committee member Mark Anthony Bastiani, who is referenced in the foreword for his fantastic efforts in helping Mr Pascall put the booklet together.

Whilst Windrush is an issue which has directly affected many thousands of BAME people, it is important that all CWU activists remain updated, educated and aware of the hostile environment that this Government has purposely orchestrated to make life difficult for immigrants across the UK and therefore I would ask you to cascade this report accordingly within your Branches as part of the CWU’s continuing priority in combatting racism.

Any enquiries regarding this email should be addressed to in the first instance.

Yours sincerely


Trish Lavelle

Assistant Secretary


Windrush Impact

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