Workers Memorial Day – 28 April 2019

Workers Memorial Day – 28  April 2019

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

The purpose behind Workers’ Memorial Day has always been to “remember the dead: fight for the living” and unions are asked to focus on both areas, by considering events or memorials to remember all those killed and injured through work but at the same time ensuring that such tragedies are not repeated.

That can best be done by building trade union organisations, and campaigning for stricter enforcement with higher penalties for breaches of health & safety laws.

Workers Memorial Day is commemorated throughout the world and is officially recognised by the UK Government.

In 2019 the theme for the day is “Dangerous Substances – Get Them Out Of The Workplace”.

The CWU Health Safety & Environment Department has promoted Workers Memorial Day amongst Branches and Regional Health and Safety Forums via regular reports and LTBs. A CWU Workers Memorial Day poster has been produced and will be distributed to Branches to promote the day, and put up in workplaces. Attached to this LTB is a pdf of the poster.

What you can do:

  • Find out what is happening in your area on 28 April. The website below will list all the local activities we know about, but you can also ask your union branch or trades council and other union contacts;
  • If nothing is happening locally then get together with some of your workmates or others in the area where you work and organise something. It can be a commemorative rally, a workplace meeting or just a small get-together;
  • Organise a minute’s silence in your workplace on the day (because the 28th April is a Sunday, if your workplace is closed that day you may want to hold it on the Friday);
  • Ask your local council, or any other public body, to fly official flags at half-mast on the day. Remember that the day is officially recognised by the government;
  • Arrange an event such as planting a memorial tree in a public place, putting up a plaque, dedicating a sculpture, a piece of art, or a bench, to remember workers who have been killed at their workplace or in the community;
  • If you are planning any events for the day, or you want to raise awareness about Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April, then it is important you consider how you can best use local media both before and on the Day.
  • Ask local religious centres to include Workers’ Memorial Day in their worship on the day;
  • Distribute purple ‘forget-me-not’ ribbons, the symbol of Workers Memorial Day;
  • Let people know about anything that happened in your area on the day.

For resources on Workers Memorial Day including ribbons and car stickers please contact the Greater Manchester Hazards centre at:

More details are at:

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB133 Workers Memorial Day – 28th April 2019

06110 Workers Memorial Day Poster 2019



The TUC Disabled Workers Conference 2019 is being held from Tuesday 21st – Wednesday 22nd May 2019 at the Bournemouth International Centre, Exeter Road, Bournemouth BH2 5BH. The Conference sessions will be as follows:

Tuesday 21st May 11.00 – 18.00

Wednesday 22nd May 09.30 – 17.30

The CWU are allowed a limited number of visitors to attend the above Conference and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Due to the need for extra security at all TUC Conferences, names and addresses of those wanting visitor tickets must be supplied and tickets are not transferable.

Anyone interested in attending will need to contact their Branch initially for funding, to include a £10 visitor ticket fee. The easiest way to pay the £10 fee will be for us to transfer it directly from your Branch’s account through the rebate system, therefore please contact Angela Niven on with details of which Branch the individual belongs to on application. Alternatively you can send a cheque (made payable to ‘CWU’) addressed to Angela Niven at CWU HQ with a covering letter. Please note that places will not be reserved until the £10 fee is received.

Please let me know if you would like to attend the Conference as a visitor by no later than midday on Wednesday 3rd April 2019.

Any further enquiries with regards this please or Angela Niven on 020 8971 7256.


Dave Ward

General Secretary

19LTB131 – TUC Disabled Workers Conference – Visitors

View Online

Have Your Say Surveys.

Have Your Say Surveys. Please see below from last Year from Moya Green:

“Completion of the survey is not mandatory although we would highly encourage all employees to take the opportunity to give their view.

As this is a work-related survey, employees have been allocated time at work (during their WTLL) to complete the survey, rather than expecting employees to fill in their survey at home in their own time. This process of completing the surveys at work is standard practice in many companies.

Each survey should have been given out in an envelope as part of a pack. Each pack contained the survey itself and a pre-paid envelope with Ipsos MORI’s address for returning the survey once completed. Ipsos MORI is an independent research company conducting the survey on RMG’s behalf. All employees can be confident that their answers will be treated in complete confidence. Ipsos MORI promises that surveys will never be linked to an individual. Ipsos MORI is a member of the Market Research Society. As a member, they are bound by its Code of Conduct not to identify individual respondents’ views.

Surveys should not have been handed back to managers without being sealed in the pre-paid/pre-addressed envelope. Managers should collect the sealed packs and return them in bulk via recorded delivery to Ipsos MORI (ideally using the bags that they arrived in). If employees specifically wish to, they can take the survey home and complete it and then return it in the post in the pre-paid and pre-addressed envelope direct to Ipsos MORI.

We ask people to take part in the survey so that they can share their views in a fair and consistent way, we also give people the opportunity to do this in a confidential environment. The survey gives people the chance to say what they want without being concerned about people finding out what they individually said. Also, only by surveying everyone in RMG will we get an overall view of what people think and be able to respond to that at a corporate level.

I hope I have provided some reassurance but please let me know if I can help further.

Kind regards


Jane Ogden

Chairman and Chief Executive Office


100 Victoria Embankment LONDON EC4Y 0HQ

Important London CWU communication 

Important London CWU communication 

Royal Mail have recently wrote to the National Union laying out their new parcel strategy.

This involves removing parcels labelled 3 & 4 ( ie parcels above shoe box size ) from the core delivery and deliver these in the Afternoon up to 19:00 along with the LAT. This parcel stream is one of the fastest growing stream.

They want to automate the larger parcels in 3 RDC/parcel centres. One will be Warrington , one in the midlands and one in the South.

The aim will be for all parcels branded 3&4 will be machined to the 302 Current National LAT hubs.

By doing this , these parcels will by pass the inward mail centre and will only need to be cross docked.

Royal Mail say they believe by taking these parcels out of normal delivery , that they could reduce potentially from 60 thousand deliveries in the UK to 52 000. 

This is based on collapsing 1 walk in every 6 duties. One duty in six would become a afternoon driver who would deliver the larger parcels and LAT. 

The remaining 5 duties would than be expected to absorb the duty which becomes the afternoon van duty. 

The impact is even worse in those delivery offices who are not part of the 302 LAT offices as you simply will not receive any parcels branded 3/4 and therefore would simply lose that work altogether.

Royal Mail are proposing that they do not have to wait to the automation is up and running and are proposing to trial in an LAT unit and collapse one walk in 6 and for that walk to become a PM driver and the 5 to absorb the 6th walk and if successful roll it out to other units and than nationally 

Royal Mail have clearly changed their strategy and potentially their commitment to the 4 Pillars Agreement.

For years Royal Mail have said that they only make money when they deliver letters and parcels together on the core. Their decision now to remove a growing stream of work from the core is worrying and signals they are not committed to protecting the USO and work on the core delivery. 

Whilst it is important that we grow the parcel streams including the LAT , it should not be by moving work from the core but offering services which attract new parcel growth including same day etc.

It is important to recognise that The CWU nationally have not given agreement to this proposal and believe that this proposal breaches the 4 Pillars Agreement.

We will keep you updated of further developments.

Yours sincerely 

Martin Walsh Mark Palfrey John Simkins 
London Divisional Reps 

Dog Safety – High Impact Units (HIU) Joint Royal Mail/CWU Campaign

Dog Safety – High Impact Units (HIU) Joint Royal Mail/CWU Campaign

Dear Colleagues,

This LTB is being issued as an important follow up to LTB No. 573/2018, dated 10 October 2018.  Would all ASRs please give this matter their urgent attention.

A review of the RM/CWU Dog Attacks, National Joint High Impact Units (HIU) Campaign strategy has demonstrated that the Phase 1 aspect of the approach has been proving to be successful in those units where the ASRs have attended. This is great news which has resulted in an agreed action from the National Joint Dog Attacks Working Group for Phase 1 to continue with the aim of completing as many of the identified HIUs by the end of March 2019.  Please continue into April if need be but in order to take the maximum opportunity from the joint approach we want to maintain the penetration of the campaign and the RMG SHE Advisor will be feeding back to the National Dog Attack Working Group in May when it meets.

The campaign visits to the High Impact Units is clearly raising awareness and raising the profile of the issue amongst Delivery staff and it’s important that it continues.

Phase 1:

As a reminder, the agreed Phase 1 approach part of the campaign requires the CWU ASRs to attend the identified HIUs within their constituency areas, as per the previous LTB No. 573/2018, issued on 10 October 2018. ASRs will then set up flip charts or comms boards, hand out the CWU ‘Dog Attacks on Postal Workers Booklets’, then talk to staff either via collective ASR led WTLL sessions, one to ones or through other engagement opportunities and share the various Dog Attack information within the HIU pack with the workforce, discussing how to avoid a dog attack, focussing in particular on the effects of a dog attack by using the graphic materials from the publication ‘Dog Attacks on Postal Workers’. Additionally the sessions will cover the importance of reporting and recording incidents.

Phase 2:

This involved the SHE Advisors and ASRs following up the previously visited Phase 1 HIUs and deploying the use of the dog training video using the ‘Virtual Reality Kit’. All the instructions for phase 2 were contained in the attachments to LTB 572/18‎. Utilising and involving the CWU Workplace Safety Reps is also key to this part of the campaign initiative.

Full support and involvement of CWU ASRs in this campaign would be much appreciated and indeed is fully agreed and sanctioned by Royal Mail HQ.  The provision and use of the ‘Virtual Reality Kits’ will continue until further notice. We have requested the provision of additional kits. A laptop version of the Dog Training Video is also available.

Would all ASRs please give this priority attention and contact your RMG SHE Advisor to discuss taking the above programme forward ASAP.


  • 18LTB573 Dog Safety – High Impact Units HIU Joint Royal Mail CWU Campaign
  • Campaign Board Header
  • OPL – Delivering Parcels – AVOID being attacked on the doorstep
  • OPL Dog Behind Letter Box)
  • OPL USING P6705 STICKER v1.1
  • Royal Mail Virtual Reality Facilitation Guide_v1.0 (3)
  • SWAN SYSTEM (Return Letter Receptacle) v1 2
  • Virtual Reality Attendance Sheet

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB130 Dog Safety – High Impact Units (HIU) Joint Royal Mail CWU Campaign

18LTB573 Dog Safety – High Impact Units HIU Joint Royal Mail CWU Campaign

HIU Campaign Board Header

OPL – Delivering Parcels – AVOID being attacked on the doorstep

OPL Dog Behind Letter Box)


Royal Mail Virtual Reality Facilitation Guide_v1.0 (3)

SWAN SYSTEM (Return Letter Recepticle) v1 2

Virtual Reality Attendance Sheet



Further to LTB 017/19 dated 15th January. 

As Branches are aware, we have been gathering signatures for a national petition against the franchising of Crown Post Offices to WH Smith and with the support of our activists, politicians and the public we are now on our way to gaining our target of c.100,000 signatures. With a final push over the next ten days we can reach this total and we are now asking Branches to make every effort to gather as many signatures as possible. The petition is attached to this LTB or can be signed using our Microsite:

Our plan is to deliver these petitions to 10 Downing Street on 11th March and we will also be holding an event in Westminster on this date which we are expecting a number of MPs and key stakeholders to attend. The details are as follows: 

Save Our Post Office Campaign – Event in Parliament

Monday 11th March 2019

  • 1.30-2.30pm Meeting in Committee Room 6, House of Commons with Dave Ward, General Secretary addressing the rally and with other speakers tbc. Dot Gibson from the National Pensioners Convention is an early confirmed speaker. 
  • 2.30 – 2.45pm Photo Opportunity on Parliament Green
  • 2.45pm – 3pm MPs and a small delegation of 6 including Dave Ward and Andy Furey walk to 10 Downing Street and deliver petitions.

Regional Secretaries, Branch Secretaries, Branch Political Officers, all Branches, and Representatives (employed by Post Office) are encouraged to show their support by attending the rally in Committee Room 6 on 11th March, and to be a part of the photo on Parliament Green. Your support in this important campaign to secure the future of the Crown Office network is appreciated. 

All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Post Offices

A meeting of the APPG, chaired by Gill Furniss MP, Shadow BEIS Minister was held late yesterday afternoon. Andy Furey, Assistant Secretary and Natasha Burgess, Political Advisor were in attendance. MPs from the three largest parties – Labour, Conservative and SNP – heard evidence from Citizens Advice, the Association of Convenience Stores, the Countryside Alliance and the Federation of Small Businesses, about the impact on high streets and rural areas of losing Post Offices.

Andy Furey questioned Citizens Advice about the toothless code of practice they have with the Post Office with regard to franchising.

MPs left in agreement that their suspicions and concerns about franchising had been confirmed by the evidence they had heard and they are looking forward to questioning the Minister, who has said she will attend a future meeting of the APPG.

Following the APPG, Gill Furniss provided the following statement:

“The Post Office APPG has developed into an extremely worthwhile and effective activity. The progress made by this forum has been truly amazing and the engagement with parliamentarians from across the various parties together with representatives from the key stakeholders is first class.

I was particularly pleased to see the involvement from the Federation of Small Businesses, Association of Convenience Stores, Citizens Advice and the Countryside Alliance at our recent meeting. It was also satisfying to hear how much the Post Office is cherished as an institution that should be protected and developed for the use of everyone in society”

Securing the Future of the Post Office – Post Bank

As discussed at the National Briefing last year, it is crucial that alongside our campaign against the franchise/closure programme we shift the debate onto a positive vision for the Post Office for the future. As part of this, the Union has commissioned an independent report building on the pledges in Labour’s manifesto for a Post Bank and for other elements of a new system of public banking (such as a National Investment Bank).

The report will provide a thorough analysis of the current problems within the UK banking system and set out how a Post Bank has a key role to play in addressing these. It will also set out how the commitment on a Post Bank would fit together with the other proposals Labour made in its manifesto, which is an important piece of work that would be needed for this to be moved forward if we can secure a Labour government. The aim is to publish the report with a launch event prior to or during annual conference and further details will be provided to Branches at the earliest opportunity.

Local Campaigning Activities

Branches are encouraged to email details of any relevant local campaign activities, photos etc. to Natasha Burgess, Political Advisor, GS Dept – who is liaising with our Communications Dept in terms of gaining as much publicity as possible via our website, Microsite and social media. We are planning to update the Save Our Post Office Microsite to include information on all local activities against franchising, press and media coverage etc. If Branches require the assistance of a Postal Executive member at public meetings, please email

Thank you for your continued support in this crucial campaign and once again we would urge all Branches to do everything possible to increase the number of signatures to the Save Our Post Office petition prior to 11th March. 

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey – Assistant Secretary                           

Terry Pullinger – DGS(P)           

Dave Ward – General Secretary

19LTB129 Post Office – Save Our Post Office Campaign – Parliamentary Event 11th March

Attachment 1 to LTB129-19 – Petition

Work Time Listening & Learning in Delivery Offices 

Work Time Listening & Learning in Delivery Offices 

In 2017, based on poor results from Royal Mails Employee Opinion Survey at that time regarding WTLL sessions, the CWU Delivery Training and Communications Working Group, which was set up as part of the Agenda for Growth Agreement, embarked upon a joint Review with Royal Mail on how these sessions were being conducted. It was recognised that we needed a better and more in-depth understanding of whether WTLL sessions were in any way meaningful and also what could be done to ensure that it was not just seen as a one sided management exercise used to disseminate the Companies message.

We also held the view that there was very little or no opportunity whatsoever for local CWU Representatives and Workplace Coaches to input. Therefore it was jointly agreed to examine how the WTLL sessions, their content and presentation were being delivered. One of our main aims was to ensure there was much more input from the CWU afforded within the locality.

Accordingly, having recognised that WTLL is very much a one sided affair, we conducted a jointly agreed survey of 120 offices (40 per region) throughout 2017, with a questionnaire containing approximately 20 questions. The questions were posed to the Local Managers, CWU Reps and OPGs.

Whilst some excellent feedback from the questionnaire and exercise was gained towards the end of 2017, these outputs were not taken forward at this time due to the dispute in relation the Four Pillars campaign along with the backdrop leading up to this, which eventually lead to a National Agreement.

Following the Four Pillars and Pay National Agreement, and as part of the joint commitments as part of the National Agreement we were able to re-establish the Training & Communications Group, allowing us to resurrect the WTLL Review this then presented the opportunity to finalise how WTLL sessions should now be jointly conducted.

Consequently the Joint Working Group focused not only on Royal Mail’s agenda, but also focusing and ensuring that going forward meaningful input from Local CWU Reps, Workplace Coaches and H & S Reps, would have the facility to input into the content along with issues that affect our members locally within the workplace and that these should also be considered within WTLL sessions.

Attached to this LTB are a Joint Statement and WTLL Toolkit that have been agreed between the CWU and Royal Mail, these have also been endorsed by the Postal Executive. Contained within these documents, you will also be able to access the electronic version of the Toolkit and also the video that was taken in Warrington Delivery Office of a WTLL session where the local CWU Rep and others were fully involved.

I would like to place on record my thanks to Bobby Weatherall, Postal Executive Member and the other members of the Training & Communications Group who dealt with this issue on behalf of the Outdoor Department.

Any enquires should be directed to the Outdoor Department, reference 230, email address:


Yours sincerely,


Mark Baulch              

CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 126.19 – Work Time Listening & Learning in Delivery Offices

WTLL Attendance Confirmation Sheet

WTLL Toolkit Joint Statement

WTLL Toolkit

Royal Mail Group Holiday Pay 

Royal Mail Group Holiday Pay 

Branches will be aware that the Union has been attempting to conclude a collective National Agreement with Royal Mail Group in relation to the long-standing but extremely complex issue of holiday pay (average pay on leave).

We believe that the law requires holiday pay to be calculated on the basis of the relevant employee’s normal pay (including overtime pay that is regularly earned, whether the overtime is compulsory, voluntary or something in between). We are also extremely clear that a National Agreement will prove the easiest way to bring this matter to a successful conclusion.

It is evident that joint mutual interest activity emanating from the Four Pillars Agreement has already resulted in a significant number of part-time members receiving additional contracted hours. Whilst this has mitigated the matter to some extent and the Union has been pursuing further increased contract variations going forward, Royal Mail Group continue to drag their feet on this issue.

I wrote to the Business on 3rd August 2018 to request that a modern and fair solution be found in line with the clear direction of travel on this matter. This correspondence was communicated to Branches via LTB 472/18. Despite this reasonable proposal, the Business continues to insist that the issue of holiday pay is a grey area in law that remains unclear and therefore cannot be resolved via a National Agreement at this time. This formed part of a response from Mike Newby (ER/IR Director) that is attached for the information of Branches.

Since this time there have been further talks between the respective legal parties, but it is wholly evident that Royal Mail Group appears to have little incentive to conclude a timely National Agreement.

The financial state of the business may well have had an impact both on their willingness to meaningfully engage with the Union and the current state of flux. It is also evident that as the legal position has developed and time has passed, they have chosen to settle a limited number of claims on an individual basis.

In law, the holiday pay calculation only applies to the first twenty days of holiday each year, inclusive of Bank Holidays. The current impasse is not about the various grades or indeed a distinction between full-time and part-time but about additional regular overtime (and regular bonus payments in MDEC’s). Put simply, it is employer versus employee.

Despite our best efforts and continued pressure, Branches will see that we have still been unable to get Royal Mail Group to the table to resume reasonable discussions, in order to collectively resolve our justifiable claim for regular and reoccurring overtime to be included in the calculation for holiday pay. The matter of overtime and holiday pay has now meandered on for some considerable time through legal channels and regrettably we have been left with no option but to pursue this through different avenues.

In conjunction with the Legal Services Department an eleven step process has been drafted (attached). This will provide Divisional Representatives, Branches and PFW Regional Organisers with a step by step guide, illustrating how to take claims for the “non-payment of holiday pay” forward.

This will initially concentrate on submitting a test case from each postcode area throughout the Country. In the event that Royal Mail Group still refuse to negotiate, the intention is then to widen the strategy by grouping the cases raised in their respective postcode areas to be submitted as a collective claim against Royal Mail Group.

Clearly this is not an insignificant piece of work, given that in excess of 70,000 Royal Mail Group employees potentially perform regular overtime. Consequently this activity will require considerable co-ordination between CWU HQ, Branches, Divisional Representatives (who have been briefed on the process) and PFW Regional Organisers (who will be briefed on the process next week).

Unfortunately Royal Mail Group does not seem to appreciate the urgency of this matter, despite being given every opportunity to negotiate in a reasonable manner. The Union can wait no longer and it is therefore incumbent on Divisional Representatives (Lead Divisional Representatives listed below), Branches and PFW Regional Organisers to take this forward in line with the attached process.




In closing, I would like to thank Branches and members for their continued patience and input.

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department and further updates will be issued in due course.

Yours sincerely,


Terry Pullinger

Deputy General Secretary (Postal)  

19LTB123 Royal Mail Group Holiday Pay

LTB 123.19 Attachment 1 Mike Newby Ltr

LTB 123.19 Attachment 2 – Holiday Pay Flow Chart Final

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