Have Your Say Surveys.

Have Your Say Surveys. Please see below from last Year from Moya Green:

“Completion of the survey is not mandatory although we would highly encourage all employees to take the opportunity to give their view.

As this is a work-related survey, employees have been allocated time at work (during their WTLL) to complete the survey, rather than expecting employees to fill in their survey at home in their own time. This process of completing the surveys at work is standard practice in many companies.

Each survey should have been given out in an envelope as part of a pack. Each pack contained the survey itself and a pre-paid envelope with Ipsos MORI’s address for returning the survey once completed. Ipsos MORI is an independent research company conducting the survey on RMG’s behalf. All employees can be confident that their answers will be treated in complete confidence. Ipsos MORI promises that surveys will never be linked to an individual. Ipsos MORI is a member of the Market Research Society. As a member, they are bound by its Code of Conduct not to identify individual respondents’ views.

Surveys should not have been handed back to managers without being sealed in the pre-paid/pre-addressed envelope. Managers should collect the sealed packs and return them in bulk via recorded delivery to Ipsos MORI (ideally using the bags that they arrived in). If employees specifically wish to, they can take the survey home and complete it and then return it in the post in the pre-paid and pre-addressed envelope direct to Ipsos MORI.

We ask people to take part in the survey so that they can share their views in a fair and consistent way, we also give people the opportunity to do this in a confidential environment. The survey gives people the chance to say what they want without being concerned about people finding out what they individually said. Also, only by surveying everyone in RMG will we get an overall view of what people think and be able to respond to that at a corporate level.

I hope I have provided some reassurance but please let me know if I can help further.

Kind regards


Jane Ogden

Chairman and Chief Executive Office


100 Victoria Embankment LONDON EC4Y 0HQ

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