Important London CWU communication 

Important London CWU communication 

Royal Mail have recently wrote to the National Union laying out their new parcel strategy.

This involves removing parcels labelled 3 & 4 ( ie parcels above shoe box size ) from the core delivery and deliver these in the Afternoon up to 19:00 along with the LAT. This parcel stream is one of the fastest growing stream.

They want to automate the larger parcels in 3 RDC/parcel centres. One will be Warrington , one in the midlands and one in the South.

The aim will be for all parcels branded 3&4 will be machined to the 302 Current National LAT hubs.

By doing this , these parcels will by pass the inward mail centre and will only need to be cross docked.

Royal Mail say they believe by taking these parcels out of normal delivery , that they could reduce potentially from 60 thousand deliveries in the UK to 52 000. 

This is based on collapsing 1 walk in every 6 duties. One duty in six would become a afternoon driver who would deliver the larger parcels and LAT. 

The remaining 5 duties would than be expected to absorb the duty which becomes the afternoon van duty. 

The impact is even worse in those delivery offices who are not part of the 302 LAT offices as you simply will not receive any parcels branded 3/4 and therefore would simply lose that work altogether.

Royal Mail are proposing that they do not have to wait to the automation is up and running and are proposing to trial in an LAT unit and collapse one walk in 6 and for that walk to become a PM driver and the 5 to absorb the 6th walk and if successful roll it out to other units and than nationally 

Royal Mail have clearly changed their strategy and potentially their commitment to the 4 Pillars Agreement.

For years Royal Mail have said that they only make money when they deliver letters and parcels together on the core. Their decision now to remove a growing stream of work from the core is worrying and signals they are not committed to protecting the USO and work on the core delivery. 

Whilst it is important that we grow the parcel streams including the LAT , it should not be by moving work from the core but offering services which attract new parcel growth including same day etc.

It is important to recognise that The CWU nationally have not given agreement to this proposal and believe that this proposal breaches the 4 Pillars Agreement.

We will keep you updated of further developments.

Yours sincerely 

Martin Walsh Mark Palfrey John Simkins 
London Divisional Reps 


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