Royal Mail Group Disputes – 12 Week Protected Period

Royal Mail Group Disputes – 12 Week Protected Period

The purpose of this LTB is to provide clarity around the complex law following the first 12 weeks of Industrial Action.  As Branches will be aware, the strike action linked to the Change ballot was first activated on 30th September 2022.  Consequently, the 12 week protected period expires on 23rd December 2022.  We appreciate there has been a degree of speculation around this situation in respect of what RMG may do after this date.

As explained by Dave Ward, General Secretary in yesterday’s Facebook Live session, for an employer to legally dismiss, no single employee can be targeted through this clause.  Therefore, it would mean RMG would have to dismiss all employees taking strike action and in this case this would equate to in excess of 100,000 members.

To be clear, no individual CWU member can be selectively targeted by RMG for taking legal strike action on Saturday 24thDecember 2022 and likewise any future action under the Change ballot.

We would strongly point to the fact that our Post Office members continued taking strike action throughout the 6 months of their ballot including the last day of the life of the ballot.

We have also spoken to senior RMG management who have confirmed they have no intention to use this legislation as they acknowledge it would be impossible to replace their entire workforce.  Furthermore, we have raised this matter with the Chief Conciliator at Acas who has advised there are no precedents in this area.  We are therefore certain that selective dismissal would be challengeable through an Employment Tribunal with a very strong prospect of success.

In closing, the speculation around this issue has been deliberately pedalled by local managers who are attempting to de-stabilise the support for the dispute.  These managers are simply mischief-making and their actions have no substance.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Ward                                             Andy Furey
General Secretary                               Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

LTB 516.22

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Disputes with Royal Mail Group – Centrally Driven Suspensions and Conduct Cases against CWU Representatives and Members

Disputes with Royal Mail Group – Centrally Driven Suspensions and Conduct Cases against CWU Representatives and Members

During the course of the disputes there has been an unprecedented and vicious attack on a number of CWU Representatives and members (including picket line supervisors) who have been suspended or are being taken through the conduct code.

The suspensions and conduct proceedings in the main relate to allegations regarding picket line activity and conversations with either agency workers crossing picket lines or in the workplace.  To date, in excess of 120 individuals from both Royal Mail and Parcelforce have been suspended, five of whom have since been dismissed.

Following the Joint Statement to establish talks at ACAS and particularly the de-escalating of tensions in the workplace, there were limited examples where a common sense approach resulted in suspensions being lifted and conduct being withdrawn although this proved to be the exception.

Clearly there is a national pattern to these suspensions and conduct cases as most Divisions and Parcelforce Regions feature.  There is robust evidence to suggest there is a coordinated drive by RMG on a national basis to target representatives and members for merely partaking in their legal right to strike and speak to agency workers.  This is yet another aspect of the Union busting activity aimed at promoting intimidation where those on strike are being scrutinised constantly.

There may be a small minority of cases where suspension and the use of the conduct code could be applicable however in the vast majority of instances we are certain the allegations are scurrilous and fabricated.  We have reports of standard letters and question sets being used in cases and the continued breach of procedures taking place in the conduct process for CWU representatives.  Local managers are openly referring to the central conduct team as either the ‘Gold Room’ or ‘Gold Command Centre’.

There are cases being reported where local managers are being instructed to instigate conduct cases despite them being reluctant due to a lack of evidence.  There are other cases of representatives and members being reinstated following suspension and the conduct then being reopened as a consequence of an intervention via a higher manager arising from a central directive.

The Postal Executive has endorsed the creation of a working group designed to provide a solid support structure for those representatives and members being targeted.  Postal Executive members as follows will provide full backing and assistance to all of those going through this appalling experience:

  • Katrina Quirke will be responsible for compiling the information for all PFW cases.
  • Tony Bouch and Rob Wotherspoon will be responsible for the South Wales/South West, Midlands and South Central Divisions.
  • Steve Halliwell and Bobby Weatherall will be responsible for the North Wales/North West, Scotland, Northern Ireland and North East Divisions.
  • Shelley Banbury and Luke Elgar will be responsible for the South East, Anglia and London Division.
  • Mick Kavanagh, Vice Chair of the Postal Executive will Chair the meetings of the working group.

Additionally, the attached correspondence has been sent to Zareena Brown, Chief People Officer to express our deep concern in regard to the continued suspensions and conduct code cases.  We have also urged RMG to seriously consider our proposal for all cases involving the criteria of gross misconduct to be the subject of an immediate joint review undertaken by the appropriate regional managers and CWU Senior Field Officials.

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Furey

Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)     

LTB 515/22

Attachment to LTB 515/22

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Royal Mail Group – Workforce Health and Wellbeing Support

Royal Mail Group – Workforce Health and Wellbeing Support:

Fiona McAslan the newly appointed Royal Mail Group Head of Health and Wellbeing has informed the CWU/HQ Health, Safety and Environment Department of the launch of their ‘Health and Wellbeing Campaign’ with the aim of the campaign being to support employees by ‘dialling up’ the Health and Wellbeing resources RMG already have available, as well as launching a new ‘Health Hub’ and ‘Help@Hand.’ Each element of the campaign will be promoted in more detail through RMG Comms channels.

The RMG ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ offers 24/7, 365 days a year free, independent and confidential support for the workforce, for employees in need of support.  This includes the launch of ‘Help@hand’ which gives everyone (and subject to criteria, family members too) access to Remote GP, Digital Physiotherapy and Mental Health Support Sessions.

All managers have been briefed on the support package available, and all individual employees will receive further information early in the New Year 2023.

The Head of Health and Wellbeing wishes to make sure that the workforce is aware of the Occupational Health Support Programme and that employees know where to go for wellbeing support during this difficult time which is of the utmost importance. All employees can access support through the ‘My Royal Mail/Health and Wellbeing tab’ or the ‘People App (Health and Wellbeing tile).’

These are summarised as follows:

Health Hub – Your Health and Wellbeing ‘one stop shop’ 

RMG state that accessing support early is really important – many people who do seek support often say they wish they had done so sooner. Whether it’s for your mind, body or something going on in your life, the Health Hub directs employees straight to information, guidance and support services that can start to help right away. Employees can access the Health Hub via the ‘RM People App’ using the ‘My Health & Wellbeing’ tile, or by visiting”.


RMG are also launching ‘Help@Hand’, giving employees direct and immediate access to health and wellbeing support. Employees can get started by downloading the ‘Help@Hand App’.  Select ‘Register via PIN’ and enter the Royal Mail code 164003.  Employees can then easily access:

  • Remote GP – unlimited 24/7 access to a digital private GP service for employees, their partner and family (*Children are eligible up to their 18th birthday or 24th birthday if in full-time education)
  • Physiotherapy – up to 8 consultations per year shared between you and your partner
  • Mental Health Support – up to 8 consultation sessions per year shared between you and your partner
  • Life, money and wellbeing support
  • Second medical opinion service
  • A wellbeing calendar which includes access to webinars and support

Note: registration will take around 10 minutes.  Due to the nature of the medical service, certain personal information will be required.

Under the Remote GP service, if employees require medication, a referral letter or a private fit note, they will need to pay for these. Employees will also need to pay a delivery charge if they opt to have the medication sent to them. The remote GP will go through the options and next steps with individuals during the consultation.  These charges apply to everyone, regardless of any NHS exemption status i.e., due to age, medical condition, pre-payment, country of residence etc.

First Class Support – RMG Employee Assistance Programme 

First Class Support’, the RMG Employee Assistance Programme, is available 24/7 (0345 266 5060 or ‘live chat’ on the website/app). This support service is free, confidential and completely independent.  Whether employees need to speak to someone in the moment, access counselling support, or something else, instant support across all areas of wellbeing including physical health, mental health, financial wellbeing as well as practical home and work issues are available.  *registration is RMG-pay number i.e., RMG-12345678.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB513 Royal Mail Group – Workforce Health and Wellbeing Support

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Further to LTB 501/22 dated 15th December.  Branches are advised we have now served the two-week legal notification to Post Office for the following action for our Supply Chain members:

England, Northern Ireland & Wales (excluding Scotland due to bank holiday)

  • The strike will cover all duties (for the entire duration of the scheduled duty) commencing at or after 00.00 on Tuesday 3rd January 2023 and before 23.59 on Tuesday 3rd January 2023.


  • The strike will cover all duties (for the entire duration of the scheduled duty) commencing at or after 00.00 on Wednesday 4th January 2023 and before 23.59 on Wednesday 4th January 2023.

We met with Post Office management via Acas on Tuesday 20th December.  Unfortunately, no agreement was reached and talks have now paused to allow both CWU and Post Office time to reflect on the situation.  The following strikes will therefore go ahead as planned:

  • Crowns – Saturday 24th December
  • All members across Admin, Crowns and Supply Chain – Wednesday 28th December.

In closing, I wish to thank our Post Office Reps and members for their support.  Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

22LTB512 Post Office – Pay Dispute 2021-22 & 2022-23 – Notice Served for Strike Action – Supply Chain

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Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 024 – RM Articulated Tractor Unit and Trailer ‘Drive Off’ From Loading Dock

Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 024 – RM Articulated Tractor Unit and Trailer ‘Drive Off’ From Loading Dock:

Background and Description 

Royal Mail Group’s Safety Team have issued RMG SHE Safety Flash FY22 024 following a dangerous incident which occurred at the Parcelforce North Essex Depot in which an agency driver was collecting a trailer to take to the Parcelforce Coventry Hub.

The agency driver coupled up the tractor unit and trailer, connected the trailer suzzie air lines and electrical cable, then wound the trailer legs up to the ready to go position and released the trailer brake.

However, the driver then drove off the loading bay without performing pre-use safety checks, checking the load space, checking the load, checking the rear shutter door or if the number plate was attached.

Having left the North Essex Depot for Coventry, he began to hear a banging sound coming from the trailer. About 1 mile into the journey, he remembered the trailer number plate wasn’t on the trailer so he pulled into a bus stop to attach the number plate. As he got out of the tractor unit cab, checking the underneath of the trailer to see where the banging was coming from, he then discovered the shutter door was still fully open and a Parcelforce employee was still inside the trailer. The employee in the trailer had climbed over York containers in order to bang on the trailer bulkhead to alert the driver.


  • A dangerous incident in which an employee loading the trailer could have been injured and the load could have been lost on the road.
  • Fortunately no injuries were sustained.
  • The incident could have resulted in serious crush injuries from the York containers or a fall from the open trailer.
  • York containers could have fallen from the trailer whilst the vehicle was in motion causing a road traffic collision and injury to third parties.

Key Messages and Learning Points 

  • Agency staff need to be briefed on the site rules, particularly when collecting trailers and any lock out procedure, i.e., keys hooked onto the roller door until the trailer is safe to depart.
  • Only people on site must instruct drivers on specific trailer collections – not people from another site.
  • Drivers and agency drivers must complete the appropriate checks of trailers/rear of vehicles/trailers and ensure the dock leveller and loading dock doors/trailer doors/shutters are retracted and closed prior to departing.
  • Visiting drivers and agency drivers must be directed to the local manager before connecting trailers.


  • PICs to review current vehicle key control procedures to ensure they are robust.
  • PiCs to ensure the site has clearly understood rules governing the safe movement of trailers to prevent loading dock/bay drive-offs.
  • PICs to ensure site and yard rules are communicated to all users including visiting drivers and agency drivers on arrival. Rules should also be clearly displayed in key locations


  • Please ensure that this Safety Flash is communicated and brought to the attention of all appropriate members and that actions above are deployed.


  • Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 024 – RM Articulated Tractor Unit and Trailer ‘Drive Off’ From Loading Dock:

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB511 Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 024 – RM Articulated Tractor Unit and Trailer ‘Drive Off’ From Loading Dock

SHE Flash FY22 024 – Vehicle Drive Off

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Further to LTB  503/22, the Postal Executive agreed yesterday to make Royal Mail a fresh offer to suspend this week’s planned strikes and implement a period of calm until the 16th of January 2023, subject to the company signing up to an agreed Joint Statement, the content of which would confirm significant progress in resolving our disputes.

We have attached to this LTB a copy of the letter sent to CEO Simon Thompson this morning, alongside the proposed Joint Statement.

It is important that Branches, reps and members recognise that the union continues to take a responsible position through new initiatives aimed at resolving our disputes in the interests of members, customers and the company.

The proposed Joint Statement incorporates the company’s latest no compulsory redundancy position, alongside other job security commitments and a range of concessions the union would immediately require to suspend strike action. You will see we have given the company until 12 noon on Thursday 22nd December to finalise an agreed Joint Statement.

In the meantime, it’s crucial that the whole of the union continues to plan for this week’s strike action because we all know that despite the Christmas narrative RMG are playing out, it’s clear from the company’s actions that they are currently obsessed with continuing their worker and union busting tactics, rather than engaging in meaningful negotiations.

Finally, you will also see that the union has called upon the CEO to stop boasting about a £1.7 billion war chest to take the union on in the New Year; and instead use this money to invest in our members pay, terms and conditions and a future strategy for growth.

We will keep you updated on developments.

Please ensure the content of this LTB is circulated to all workplaces.

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward                                                    Andy Furey
General Secretary                                     Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)    


20.12.22 Simon Thompson RMG

RMG CWU Joint Statement – 20.12.22

BT Business – Merging of BT Enterprise and Global

BT Business – Merging of BT Enterprise and Global

On the 16th December, BT announced that they were bringing together the Enterprise and Global Customer Facing Units to form a new CFU called BT Business.

While this move has been the subject of speculation for many years, the timing of the announcement was not anticipated and is likely to have been caused by a leak from within the company that lead to an article in the Daily Telegraph, which had anticipated this move.

The new CFU will be led by Bas Burger, the current CEO of Global.

The plan is to begin integrating the two CFUs from 1st January and then report as a single CFU from 1st April.

It has been reported that synergies are anticipated that will result in £100m or annualised savings. These savings are part of the £500m savings by 2025, already announced by the company. While it has long-been the case that both of these CFUs have appeared to be top-heavy, we do not anticipate this announcement being without challenges for this union and its Enterprise and Global membership.

A copy of the BT Group announcement is attached.

Yours sincerely,

Allan Eldred
Assistant Secretary

LTB 509/22

Attachment: This email contains information from the BT Group

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CWU Young Workers Conference 2023 – Online Registration

CWU Young Workers Conference 2023 – Online Registration

As detailed in LTB 489/22 the CWU Young Workers Conference will be held on Tuesday 31st January 2023 at CWU Headquarters, 150 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 1RX.

The online registration system for registering delegates and observers to the above conference is now open.   The link to access the webpage is as follows or can be copied into the search browser:

We will be using the online registration that has previously been used for conferences.   We ask that only Branch Secretaries register their delegates to the above conference.   If you experience any problems please contact

Attached is a list of branches with numbers of young workers in the branch.  The delegation entitlement to the conference as agreed by the NEC is as follows:Number of Young MembersDelegate entitlement1-2491250-4992500 and above3

Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to Angela Niven by email to

Yours sincerely,

A P Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary

22LTB508 – CWU Young Workers Conference 2023 – Online Registration.doc

Copy of Under 30s Count – 30th Nov 2022

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It is normal practice to include in the General Conference Agenda pad a reference to those members who have served the Union in many different capacities who have sadly passed away since the previous conference.

We are calling on Branches to supply the names of those they believe should be contained in the obituary list  to be included in the General Conference Agenda pad for the 2023 conference.

All names that are to be included must be received by us no later than Friday 17thFebruary 2023.   Unfortunately, any names received after this date will not be included.

Notification of names should be forwarded by email addressed to Angela Niven at CWU Headquarters to    Information supplied should include initials, surname and Branch.

Any queries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to Angela Niven on

Yours sincerely,

Tony Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary

22LTB507 – CWU Obituary List 2023

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