Further to LTB  503/22, the Postal Executive agreed yesterday to make Royal Mail a fresh offer to suspend this week’s planned strikes and implement a period of calm until the 16th of January 2023, subject to the company signing up to an agreed Joint Statement, the content of which would confirm significant progress in resolving our disputes.

We have attached to this LTB a copy of the letter sent to CEO Simon Thompson this morning, alongside the proposed Joint Statement.

It is important that Branches, reps and members recognise that the union continues to take a responsible position through new initiatives aimed at resolving our disputes in the interests of members, customers and the company.

The proposed Joint Statement incorporates the company’s latest no compulsory redundancy position, alongside other job security commitments and a range of concessions the union would immediately require to suspend strike action. You will see we have given the company until 12 noon on Thursday 22nd December to finalise an agreed Joint Statement.

In the meantime, it’s crucial that the whole of the union continues to plan for this week’s strike action because we all know that despite the Christmas narrative RMG are playing out, it’s clear from the company’s actions that they are currently obsessed with continuing their worker and union busting tactics, rather than engaging in meaningful negotiations.

Finally, you will also see that the union has called upon the CEO to stop boasting about a £1.7 billion war chest to take the union on in the New Year; and instead use this money to invest in our members pay, terms and conditions and a future strategy for growth.

We will keep you updated on developments.

Please ensure the content of this LTB is circulated to all workplaces.

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward                                                    Andy Furey
General Secretary                                     Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)    


20.12.22 Simon Thompson RMG

RMG CWU Joint Statement – 20.12.22


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