Further to LTB 196/22 dated 27thApril.

Emergency Motion E4 – Post Office Pay Dispute was carried unanimously this morning at the Postal Annual Conference.  A good debate took place, with strong support from across the Union for our members due to Post Office’s insulting pay freeze position.

Many Branches are already reporting plans to support our members on picket lines on the strike day – Tuesday 3rd May.  Our Senior Post Office Reps have the full details of the locations of all picket lines; therefore please contact the relevant Rep for further information.  Additionally, Branches are urged to garner support on the day from MPs and local politicians, councillors, etc as well as the press and media (using the model press release attached to LTB 196 if required).

It should also be noted that Unite have sent out a positive communication to their members re-enforcing the policy that managers should not take on the work of CWU grades if requested to do so by senior management.

A further home mailing was sent to members yesterday, which is attached for your information and following the carrying of the Emergency Motion, a web article has been posted:

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

Attachment 1: 22LTB200 Post Office – Pay Dispute 2021-22 – Strike Tuesday 3rd May

Attachment 2: Attachment to 22LTB200 – Home Mailing POL bulletin

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CWU 2022 Conference related content

Hi All,

The Comms department has a host of conference related content and thought it would be good to have it all in one post for you. Obviously there is a lot of other material on our social media channels.

Find daily web reports here


Day 1

Equality Day

Terry Pullinger after Royal Mail Pay motion

Dave Ward, Andy Kerr and Karen Rose after BT Group pay motion

Carl Maden on the right to face to face appeals in Royal Mail Group

Andy Furey on the Post Office strike

Podcast with Dave Ward to round up the whole conference


Policy Simplification

Policy Simplification

As reported at the recent Policy Forum, Royal Mail have undertaken with our involvement a review of all their policies with a view to reducing the 178 policies to 35 and they have today launched the initial six of these policies.

Royal Mail’s communication on this launch is attached to this LTB.

The Department has scrutinised these simplified versions and are satisfied they do not cut across any of our agreements. We have also made suggested changes, many of which have been incorporated into the simplified version.

Any enquiries regarding the content of this LTB please contact: The PTCS Department reference 420, email address:

Yours sincerely,

Carl Maden
Assistant Secretary

LTB 199/22

Att: RM Comms.28.04.22

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Eastern No5 pivotal in spearheading National Anti-Domestic Abuse Partnership Launched between the CWU and NCDV

Spearheading National Anti-Domestic Abuse Partnership Launched between the CWU and NCDV

  • NCDV are proud and excited to announce our partnership with the CWU
  • Effective immediatelyand Initiated unanimously
  • Members, friends and family of the CWU can surface concerns about potential cases of abuse
  • Thrilled to receive the recognition and support of one of Britain’s biggest unions
  • NCDV CEO Mark Groves said “This is a fabulous partnership for NCDV and the CWU, we look forward to providing help and support to all CWU members across the country”

Discover more about our joint partnership venture below
Anti-Domestic Abuse Partnership

The CWU conference takes place annually to debate and determine matters of policy.
Find out more about it here.

FREE Domestic Abuse Legal Training for the Police and Support Agencies

“I use this service regularly and it is a brilliant tool for safeguarding victims who don’t want the hassle of making a formal complaint. By obtaining a restraining order, the emphasis is then put back on the suspect. It is then the suspect’s fault if they get arrested and sent to court and the decision is taken out of the victim’s hands.”
PC Carrington,
West Mercia Police

“Within 24 hours of making my referral, I received an email informing me that the victim had been allocated a court and a solicitor and would be guided through the process of a Non-Molestation Order. The NCDV have allowed me to safeguard a vulnerable victim and provide her access to a legal process I cannot normally provide. Thank you.”
PC Norvill,
Lancashire Constabulary
Training Enquiry

This 45 minute training includes:

How do civil orders work
What is and who can apply for a Non Molestation and an Occupation order
How to refer people to us and understand what NCDV do.
What ASSIST is and how it can help the police.

If you are a police officer or a support agency who would like
to receive this free training contact

Refer a victim to usDownload an injunction – police eyes only

A Not For Profit Community Interest Company

To read our April Online Magazine please see below:NCDV Magazine

Royal Mail Group – Post Covid-19 Pandemic – Surplus Hand Sanitiser & Wipes:

Royal Mail Group – Post Covid-19 Pandemic – Surplus Hand Sanitiser & Wipes:

The Royal Mail Group Head of Assets has contacted the CWU/HQ Health, Safety & Environment Department regarding the above and a large number of enquiries being received. In response the attached communication has been issued by RMG Assets to all Royal Mail Group Units/Offices.

Throughout the global Covid-19 pandemic, Royal Mail and the CWU agreed to procure, provide and maintain the important provisions of PPE (masks and gloves) along with disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser, maintaining good hand-hygiene protocols along with increased spot cleaning and sanitisation as an essential component of our joint strategy and plan to combat the virus in the workplace.

These items continue to be provided to Units on request and as such hand-hygiene remains important for protection of the workforce as an ongoing anti-infection measure and therefore Units are encouraged to use stocks held on site.

However, some sites are indicating that they may now have surplus stock which is not required and enquiries are being received as to how best to dispose of any time expired stock.

Dealing With Surplus Stock Process

The RMG Head of Assets has directed Units as follows:

  • Units are encouraged to use stocks held on site.
  • Where a site has surplus in date items these can be shared with other local Units/Offices in the area/region.
  • They can be donated to good causes such as supporting Ukraine appeals.
  • As a last resort where there are no known requirements within the region, the surplus stock items can be returned to the distribution centre;

Swindon WBC Unit Manager, Royal Mail Door to Door, Unit 2C, Wheatstone Road, SWINDON, SN3 5HG (Tel: 01793 438008)

  • Date expired items should be isolated for disposal. The RMP&FS Cleaning/Soft Service Team will advise and assist Units with waste disposal requirements.
  • FM Helpdesk Support; Contact the Property & FM Helpdesk Tel: 0333 005 0312 or Email:


  • Copy of Royal Mail Group Assets Communication ‘Sanitiser and Wipes Disposal Process’.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB198 Royal Mail Group – Post Covid-19 Pandemic – Surplus Hand Sanitiser & Wipes

Sanitiser and Wipes Disposal Process Ver 2-2

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Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 011 – Serious Dog Attack in Garden:

Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 011 – Serious Dog Attack in Garden:

Background and Description – What Happened:

Royal Mail Group’s Safety Team have issued RMG SHE Safety Flash FY22 011 following another recent serious dog attack on a postman/OPG member in Bury who received a horrific leg injury in the attack. In this case the very aggressive, large Mastiff type dog violently broke through a garden side gate and into the front garden, where it launched a vicious attack on the member, inflicting a serious leg injury. Although in this case the postman could do little to avoid the attack, the Safety Flash has been released to once again raise awareness and raise the profile of the need for the delivery workforce to be vigilant and follow dog risk controls and safe systems of work in order to reduce the risk of dog attacks.

On the 22nd April 2022 at approximately 10am the regular Royal Mail postman delivered mail to a property via an external mailbox attached to the wall of the house. The employee was aware of the dog at the property, however the customer on this occasion failed to secure the side gate properly allowing a Brindle Bullmastiff type dog to escape and viciously attack the postman. The dog was eventually dragged away by the owner and returned to the property.

Police investigations and internal Royal Mail/CWU joint investigations are both underway. The CWU Area Health and Safety Representative is fully involved locally in the investigation and the CWU/HQ Health, Safety and Environment Department involved nationally. We are in close contact with our Branch ASR and in regular contact also with the Royal Mail Security Investigation Team and Royal Mail Group Senior Lawyer and Legal Department, receiving regular updates.


 The injured postman was taken to hospital via ambulance and received emergency surgery on his leg resulting in multiple stitches.

Dog Awareness

 As indicated in LTBs 134/22 and 150/22, a detailed staff WTLL Briefing on dog awareness was produced in consultation with the CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department to be delivered to the Delivery Office workforce in preparation for the reinstatement of PDA ‘Signed-For’ deliveries, reminding and raising awareness of all delivery staff to be vigilant at all times and to always take the safe course of action regarding dogs. Take no risks and take no assurances from dog owners either!


There are 3000 dog attacks on postmen and women every year. Members need to be vigilant and aware of the risks that dogs pose and take no changes. Royal Mail and CWU agree that the safety of our delivery workforce is paramount, and dog awareness must be taken seriously.


  • 3000 dog attacks on postmen and women every year!
  • 1000 postmen and women have had a finger bitten off in the last 5 years – don’t put your fingers through the letter box!
  • 3 children have been killed in dog attacks in recent months.
  • 5 million households in the UK have acquired a pet during the 2-year pandemic according to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association. That means the UK now has 17 million pet-owning homes – mostly dogs.

Raise Awareness – Be Vigilant

The aim of the attachments to this LTB is to raise awareness of the dog risk and to urge members on delivery to always stay vigilant in order to do what we can jointly to minimise the risk of dog attacks on members and to promote the staff dog awareness ‘AVOID’ acronym message. The ‘AVOID’ message, outlined in the attached briefing is crucially important at this time – the message is:-  ‘AVOID and Stay Safe’ –  Managers and Workplace Coaches have been requested to ensure that staff are thoroughly briefed on the importance of using ‘AVOID’ and being dog aware. All CWU Reps should support getting the message across to all members.

Key Messages, Learning Points and Activities – DOMs to take appropriate remedial action, brief and remind all delivery staff as follows:

  • Ensure staff are being vigilant and aware that they should report all unsecure gates or properties where a dog resides to their manager, so that they can agree the necessary controls with customers to ensure the safety of delivery staff.
  • Remind staff that they may need to be prepared to use their delivery equipment (pouch or trolley) to form a barrier to defend themselves if necessary.
  • Remind staff to report all dog hazards to their manager, so that they can be assessed using the dog attack control matrix and appropriate action taken to reduce the risk.
  • Postmen and women/OPGs unfamiliar with delivery walks need to be made aware and informed of any hazards such as dangerous dogs or hazardous delivery points and the temporary controls that are in place and addresses where there are delivery suspensions.
  • Ensure that all USO delivery exceptions and suspensions, along with alternative delivery arrangements are identified on the delivery frame through the use of the special instruction card.
  • Significant dog hazards must be recorded on the ‘Outdoor Risk Assessment/(WRAP replacement) and must be identified by a yellow dot on the frame.
  • The USO Sharepoint should be used to request letters to be sent to notify customers of any concerns that need addressing.
  • 1 in 3 properties in the UK now have a dog. Approximately 2.5 million dogs were purchased during the pandemic. So therefore the risk of attack has increased significantly.

DOM/PiC Actions:

  1. Brief the Safety Flash to all staff as part of your next staff WTLL/huddle.
  2. Ensure all delivery postman/women employees have had the Delivery SSOW communicated to them in the last 12 months.
  3. Ensure walk logs are reviewed, printed off [this will support the transfer of hazards into Outdoor Risk Assessment (ORA)], and yellow dots are in place on frames for all known dog hazards.
  4. Visit the dog attack hazard intranet pages for ideas and material to reduce dog attacks. Units can order proactive dog attack postcards by contacting their local ALTS (Area Leadership Team Support).
  5. Focus Safety Conversations on dog attacks, check that customer gates are in good condition and secure.


Please ensure that this Safety Flash, Briefing materials and images are communicated to all members!


  • Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 011 – Serious Dog Attack in Garden
  • WTLL Dog Awareness Delivery Staff Briefing as RM re-instate ‘Signature Capture’ and embeds ‘Photo Capture on Delivery’
  • Bury Postman Dog Attack Injury Image
  • Bullmastiff Image

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB197 Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 011 – Serious Dog Attack in Garden

SHE Flash FY22 011 – Dog Attack In Garden

Dog Awareness Brief V4 DJ

Bury Postman Dog Attack Injury

Bull Mastiff

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Vision is a Logistics UK (formally known as the Fleet Transport Association) system that is already utilised to analyse driver tachographs, allowing Royal Mail to demonstrate as a company that they are compliant with all road legislation.

The Vision system has recently had new functions enabled, one of which would allow the Business to record DCPC and maintain all of the individual driver’s data in one place. Royal Mail has approached the Department with a request to enable this facility.

Discussions have therefore taken place with the Business to conclude a Joint Statement, which has now been endorsed by the Postal Executive and a copy of the document is attached for your information.

The Vision system will enable Royal Mail managers to have visibility of what training hours their drivers have completed within the required DCPC 5 years qualifying period. The aim of supplying DCPC information in Vision is to give Transport Managers of Professional Driver grades guidance for managing their driver training hours.

The DCPC data available on Vision includes:

  • Start and finish dates for the 5 years’ period;
  • The percentage of training completed by individual drivers;
  • The total amount of hours completed and remaining for individual drivers;
  • Count down on time left within the qualifying period;
  • The detail of each DCPC card, such as the DQC number, start and expiry dates and the serial number;
  • The course details.

Currently HRSC Learning Services complete a master spreadsheet based on the information provided by the Advanced Driver Coaches (ADC).  HRSC Learning Services then submit this information to the DVLA and JAUPT so that the driver’s records are updated with the relevant training information.  HRSC will continue to do this, but will load the spreadsheet straight into Vision.  This will ensure all managers have the ability to see what training their drivers have completed and/or still require.

The ADC will complete the attendance sheet and submit it to HRSC Learning Services as normal, which captures all the relevant information that the Vision system requires.

Safeguards have been included in relation to the use of individual data that is produced by the system and the following will apply:

  • Managers will only have access to the DCPC information for drivers who fall under their direct managerial line;
  • DCPC information and any other data produced by the Vision programme will remain confidential to the individual driver and will not be shared without the driver’s written consent;
  • The Vision data will not be used to create league tables at local or National level;
  • It is not intended to be punitive and it is therefore agreed that it is not being deployed for, nor will it be used as, a disciplinary tool. Where it is identified that drivers require additional support or training in relation to DCPC, this will then be facilitated via the utilisation of the Advanced Driver Coach;
  • The written permission of individuals will be required prior to their data being shared with the Advanced Driver Coach, who will utilise it to design tailored individual training sessions where required, in line with the terms of the Advanced Driver Coach Agreement applicable to the relevant function.

As such, all DCPC information produced will remain confidential to the individual and will not be shared beyond the parties defined in the Joint Statement.

Training is going to be provided to managers on the use of the DCPC information supplied and it will be ensured that managers are fully conversant with and understand the commitments contained in the Joint Statement in relation to the protection of individual data.

Full CWU involvement is confirmed in respect of the introduction of the process, including content and application of any necessary training.

It is agreed that monitoring of the process/application will continue to take place through the Network Working Group, during and after the deployment of DCPC within Vision.  To understand the performance before and after the activities have been completed, a joint PIR will take place.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference: 202.15.

Yours sincerely

Davie Robertson
Assistant Secretary

LTB 194-22

JS Use of DCPC in Vision 27.04.22

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Emergency motion on Royal Mail group pay passed, LIVE with DGSP Terry Pullinger 27/4/22

Emergency motion on Royal Mail group pay passed, LIVE with DGSP Terry Pullinger


Royal Mail Group Pay

Today, CWU conference has been given the details of the pay ‘offer’ from Royal Mail Group.

There is no genuine pay offer.

Royal Mail have put 2% on the table but it is conditional on a number of strings.

They have also said an additional 1.5% maybe available for another set of strings.

This is a disgrace and an insult to our members who have kept the country going during the pandemic.

Conference has today agreed that if progress is not made by the end of next week then we will move into the four week dispute resolution process and commence the process of an industrial action ballot.

Take a moment and think of the situations you have faced in the last two years.

Royal Mail’s response to that is to put a pay cut on the table and expect in return:

  • Reduction in sick pay
  • Introduction of a two-tiered workforce
  • Scrapping allowances
  • Making Sunday working mandatory
  • Annualised hours
  • Later start times

Royal Mail have not even made any offer for our Parcelforce and Fleet members.

Now more than ever we need your support. Share this post and get the message out there.

We demand a proper, no strings pay deal.



Further to LTB 174/22 dated 13thApril.

Branches are advised that due to the current impasse with regards to Capita TVL pay, both parties have agreed this week to jointly approach Acas with the aim of utilising their services to help secure a mutually agreeable way forward.  This position has been formally endorsed by the Postal Executive at its meeting earlier today.  Additionally, our Senior Reps on the TVL contract are fully supportive of this initiative.

In this regard, we plan to formally write to David Prince, Chief Conciliator, Acas later this week to outline the details of the rejected offer and the reasons for the referral.

In terms of communicating this development to the members, we have agreed to the concept of a Joint Statement, which we would expect to be issued later this week.

Further developments will be reported and hopefully progress will be made via Acas.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

LTB 195/22 – Capita TVL – Pay – Impasse Reached – Referral to ACAS

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Branches and representatives are informed that Royal Mail currently uses the Logistics UK (formally known as the Fleet Transport Association) latest software known as Vision, to analyse all driver’s tachographs.  The system monitors the business’ compliance to the UK Driving Regulations, i.e. Domestic, EU and the Working Time Directives.  One of the functions Logistics UK have added to Vision software is the ‘Vision Driver App’, which can be accessed by all drivers who use a tachograph.

This feature enables drivers to view their own driving hours on forward-looking and work history screens.  The Business approached the department to seek to enable access to the ‘Vision Driver App’ for Royal Mail drivers on a voluntary basis, in order to provide an additional tool for them to monitor their individual driving data.

Discussions have therefore taken place with the Business to conclude a Joint Statement, which has now been endorsed by the Postal Executive and a copy of the document is attached for your information.

The app can be downloaded to drivers’ personal phone or computer.  If drivers do choose to download the app, it will make their personal information visible in the Vision system, which is required in order for them to be able to monitor their own driving information.  Details are included in the Joint Statement on how drivers may access the ‘Vision Driver App’.

For absolute clarity, access to the app is completely voluntary and the decision in relation to whether a driver wishes to utilise the app or not remains solely with the individual.

Safeguards have been included in the document in respect of an individual’s privacy at work.  As such, all driver performance data produced is going to remain confidential to the individual and will not be shared beyond the parties defined in the Joint Statement.

Full CWU involvement is confirmed in respect of the implementation, monitoring, and assessment of the use of the app.  A review of performance before and after the ‘Vision Driver App’ has been launched will take place through the Network Working Group.

The Department believes that the ability for drivers to access the Vision Driver App will be of benefit in assisting our members to monitor their hours, should they wish to utilise it.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference: 202.15.

Yours sincerely

Davie Robertson
Assistant Secretary


JS Driver Vision App 26.04.22

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