Royal Mail Group – Post Covid-19 Pandemic – Surplus Hand Sanitiser & Wipes:

Royal Mail Group – Post Covid-19 Pandemic – Surplus Hand Sanitiser & Wipes:

The Royal Mail Group Head of Assets has contacted the CWU/HQ Health, Safety & Environment Department regarding the above and a large number of enquiries being received. In response the attached communication has been issued by RMG Assets to all Royal Mail Group Units/Offices.

Throughout the global Covid-19 pandemic, Royal Mail and the CWU agreed to procure, provide and maintain the important provisions of PPE (masks and gloves) along with disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser, maintaining good hand-hygiene protocols along with increased spot cleaning and sanitisation as an essential component of our joint strategy and plan to combat the virus in the workplace.

These items continue to be provided to Units on request and as such hand-hygiene remains important for protection of the workforce as an ongoing anti-infection measure and therefore Units are encouraged to use stocks held on site.

However, some sites are indicating that they may now have surplus stock which is not required and enquiries are being received as to how best to dispose of any time expired stock.

Dealing With Surplus Stock Process

The RMG Head of Assets has directed Units as follows:

  • Units are encouraged to use stocks held on site.
  • Where a site has surplus in date items these can be shared with other local Units/Offices in the area/region.
  • They can be donated to good causes such as supporting Ukraine appeals.
  • As a last resort where there are no known requirements within the region, the surplus stock items can be returned to the distribution centre;

Swindon WBC Unit Manager, Royal Mail Door to Door, Unit 2C, Wheatstone Road, SWINDON, SN3 5HG (Tel: 01793 438008)

  • Date expired items should be isolated for disposal. The RMP&FS Cleaning/Soft Service Team will advise and assist Units with waste disposal requirements.
  • FM Helpdesk Support; Contact the Property & FM Helpdesk Tel: 0333 005 0312 or Email:


  • Copy of Royal Mail Group Assets Communication ‘Sanitiser and Wipes Disposal Process’.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB198 Royal Mail Group – Post Covid-19 Pandemic – Surplus Hand Sanitiser & Wipes

Sanitiser and Wipes Disposal Process Ver 2-2

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