Processing Report

Processing Report

Strategic Involvement (SI) Meeting
A report on the latest SI meeting is on display outside the shift manager’s office. There was further debate about briefing staff on the mail centre standards. The MCM has experienced occasions where some members of staff are not aware of the mail centre standards of which most are common sense and form part of national agreements. Therefore it has been agreed for the staff to be re-briefed on the mail centre standards set out below.
• Smoking is permitted during authorised breaks only.
• Soft drinks to be in a resealable container and sealed cups for tea and coffee are permitted in the work area. No drinks to be consumed whilst operating a machine.
• Lockers have been provided for all staff, and in order to comply with Mails Integrity, there should be no coats or bags on the operational floor.
• Use of mobile phones is restricted to managerial, business and emergency use only on the operational floor. Where emergency use of a phone is required, permission should be sought from the work area manager.
• Meal breaks and grace breaks are provided and these are the only authorised breaks that should be taken.
• All employees will be expected to sign on and be ready for work at the correct start time of duty.
• Please ensure that your photo ID is worn and visible at all times. Please advise your manager if your card is approaching its expiry date.
• Good housekeeping standards are key to providing excellent mail hygiene and avoiding accidents. Please leave all work areas in a clean and tidy state.
• One ear piece of headphones are allowed to be worn when sitting down E.g. Manual Letters and Large Letters.
However when transporting mail/equipment, walking the floor or operating machinery no ear phones to be worn.
• All accidents and near misses must be reported immediately.
• Any absences should be reported promptly to the Book Room by phone (01733 382700) before the start of your duty and informing them of the reason why. Please leave a contact number to enable managerial contact.
Para: Ongoing.

Processing Duty Structure
Management have rejected the CWU’s counter proposals for a processing revision. Negotiations will remain ongoing with the possible outcome of reviews in work areas and shifts that are not resourced appropriately. This will also give us the opportunity to identify the effect the loss of the percentage of Ipswich 2c we will lose from this week to Chelmsford under the mail centre rationalisation agreement will have on the 2c traffic we handle.
Para: Ongoing

Temporary Increase of Contracts
It has been agreed that 10 successful applicants will be offered the recently advertised 24 hour temporary change of contracts starting from 7th September and 2 starting from the 21st September 12 in total.
It has been also been agreed that 10 successful applicants will be offered the recently advertised 39 hour night shift temporary change of contracts starting from the 14th September and 1 possibly starting at the end of September 11 in total.
The successful applicants will be receiving a letter from Management in the next couple of days.
Para: To be noted.

Parcel Sort Machine
Negotiations are ongoing around the movement of the CFC machines and possibly iLSM No 4 to create more space for the parcel sort machine to be put in place.
Para: Ongoing.

CWU National Briefing
A meeting was held this week when it was announced the mail centre will be deploying two nationally agreed York movers (Tugs) into the operation. The meeting was to discuss risk assessments and planned routes the Tug will use when deployed. There are a number of issues to resolve before a deployment date is agreed.
Para: Ongoing.

Flip Flops
We are still waiting for joint CWU/Royal Mail National Joint Statement/Terms of Reference for the flip flops before we are allowed to deploy them.
Para: Ongoing.

New Conduct Code
It has now been agreed that the training sessions for CWU representatives will be joint sessions with Royal Mail Managers conducted by joint Royal Mail/CWU tutors.
Para: Ongoing.

EJ Orviss
Area Processing Representative
Date 28th August 2015

CWU Assistant Secretary (Postal)  

  CWU Assistant Secretary (Postal)  
Further to LTB 502/15 dated 30th July 2015.

Nominations for the above position closed at 14:00 on 28th August 2015.

Please find below a list of accepted nominations and respective nominating branches.

Carl Maden London South West Postal (*Ballot Required)

Nominating Branches

Central Counties & Thames Valley

Lancs & Cumbria

Cornwall Amal

London 7

Croydon & Sutton Amal

London Postal Engineering

Darwen Capita

London Regional Motor Transport


London South West Postal

East Midlands


Great Western

North West No. 1


Portsmouth & District

Gwent Amal

South East London Postal & Counters


South West Wales Amal


Davie Robertson Glasgow & District (*Ballot Required)

Nominating Branches

Bournemouth & Dorset Amal

Nottingham & District Amal

Bradford & District Amal


Bristol & District Amal

Plymouth & East Cornwall Amal

Cleveland Amal

Scotland MT

Clyde Valley Amal

Scotland No. 2

Doncaster & District

Scotland No. 5

Eastern No. 3

South & East Thames Amal

Eastern No. 5 

South East No. 5

Essex Amal

South East Wales Amal

Glasgow & District Amal

South Midlands Postal

Highland Amal

South Wales

Hull & East Riding Amal

South West No. 7

Kent Invicta

South Yorkshire & District Amal

Kingston Area

Southdowns, Weald & Rother

Leeds No. 1 Amal

Suffolk Amal

London Parcels & Stations Amal

Wessex South Central

Mount Pleasant International

Western Counties

North Lancs & Cumbria

Wolverhampton & District Amal

North West Central Amal

Worcester & Hereford

Northern Home Counties Postal

York & District Amal

Northern Ireland West

The timetable for the above ballot is as follows: 

Ballot Papers despatched: 10th September 2015 

Ballot Closes: 6th October 2015 

Any enquiries regarding the above should be directed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department for the attention of Peter Metcalfe on 020 8971 7368 or email

Yours sincerely

Tony Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary

CWU Digital Photography Competition 2015 

CWU Digital Photography Competition 2015 
The CWU is again running a digital photography competition as part of our informal learning project. This competition is open to all CWU members and their families and as people return from their holidays with cameras it seems timely to issues a reminder. 
Our Learning Reps have enabled hundreds of our members to undertake Digital Photography and Photoshop courses. The opportunities offered by mobile and Smart phones mean that many of our members have a digital camera in their pocket to record the world around them. 
This is an exciting opportunity for our members to share their skills and abilities and I encourage members and their families to take part. If you want to brush up on your skills or learning more about digital photography before you enter we have a new digital photography course on or contact your local Union Learning Rep. 
The overall winner of the competition will win a £200 gift voucher. 
The winning entries will be judged to be the most visually appealing interpretations of the brief, capturing on camera the spirit of the chosen theme and their overall impact and composition. Digital manipulation is acceptable but not necessary. To assist our judges please add a short explanation of how and why the photo was taken. 
You can enter up to one photo in each of the following categories

1. Human

2. Natural World

3. Decisions

4. My Heritage 

Entries should be sent via email to by midnight on the 1st November 2015. Entrants must supply their name, email address and branch. We regret that we are unable to accept postal entries. 
Promotional posters for both the competition and the course are attached, as are full terms and conditions of the competition. If you have any queries please contact
Download the attachments at the top of the page.  
Best wishes,
Trish Lavelle

Head of Education and Training

CWU Black Workers Conference – Saturday 17th October 2015

CWU Black Workers Conference – Saturday 17th October 2015 

The CWU Black Workers Conference will be held on Saturday 17th October 2015 at the Grand Central Hotel, Victoria Suite, 99 Gordon Street, Glasgow G1 3SL.


Branches are entitled to send two delegates to the Conference but branches have no restriction on the number of observers that can attend.


Branches are asked to register delegates and observers using the online registration process. Most branches should be familiar with the system now but anyone that has any difficulties please contact  


The link to access this is


Each Branch is entitled to submit one motion for consideration to be included on the agenda of the Conference. Motions should be submitted electronically to using the template attached. Branches who do not have this facility may request paper motion forms by contacting Angela Niven on 020 8971 7256.


The Race Advisory Committee are entitled to submit up to three motions to the conference standing in their name.


Motion forms must be returned by midnight on Tuesday 8th September 2015. All sections of the form must be completed.


Branches and the Advisory Committee are reminded that the Standing Orders Committee will not alter or amend any of the motions submitted therefore it is important that motions are checked before they are submitted.








As with previous Equality Conferences, the agenda will be structured in such a way as to maximise debate and participation by delegates. There will be two sections to the agenda, one for motions which are eligible for consideration for submission to General Conference, and one for motions that in the view of the Standing Orders Committee would not be admissible to the General Conference agenda.


Branches will be aware that with the carriage of Composite Rule Amendment 126 at General Conference 2013, the Black Workers Conference has the entitlement under the rules of the union to submit two motions to stand in the name of the conference to General Conference and one motion to the Postal Group and Telecoms Industry Conferences. It is therefore important that if branches wish their motions to be considered for General Conference they must contain policy that is capable of being discharged by the NEC, as opposed to either of the Industrial Executives.


As with previous Equality Conferences, the motions for submission to the General Conference, Postal Group and Telecoms Industry agenda will be decided from amongst those motions adopted at the Conference. A ballot to select the motions will be held at the Conference and further information will be contained within the conference standing orders.


Please note that all correspondence must be sent to and no other personal email address.


Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to Angela Niven either by post to head office or by email to



Yours sincerely,




A P Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary



Light Commercial Vehicle Driver Behaviour Technology 

Light Commercial Vehicle Driver Behaviour Technology 

Further to LTB 469/15 Branches will wish to note that we are due to meet with Royal Mail on the 10th September 2015 regarding a national agreement and the subsequent roll out of the vehicle in-cab technology to assist in significant fuel savings by influencing/changing driver behaviours/driving style. This is following the successful proof of concept trial that took place at Derby, Chesterfield, Leeds, Worksop, Kidderminster and Knutsford delivery offices during July and August.


In light of the information generated by the proof of concept and assurances received from Royal Mail regarding the use of the equipment we have agreed to the advance installation of the technology into 13k high mileage vehicles which will commence as from Monday 9th September 2015. In recognition of this Royal Mail have provided us with written confirmation that whilst hardware installations at the sites listed will go ahead, they will not commence use of the technology or turn on any of the functionality until we have concluded a national agreement endorsed by the Postal Executive.


The installation is expected to be finished during November 2015. Branches will be updated in due course of developments.


Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 300

Email address:


Yours sincerely
Bob Gibson

CWU Assistant Secretary


Branches were advised in LTB 138/14 of developments associated with the allocation of additional surplus free shares to employees. 

The business have now advised the union that following the government’s announcement in June 2015 of its intention to gift a further 1% of shares to Royal Mail Group employees by way of a transfer of 10 million shares to the SIP Trust, that the Government Shareholder Executive have agreed to place the shares into the SIP Trust with an award date of the 5th October 2015.


We have been advised by Royal Mail that they will be communicating with employees from Friday 4th September 2015 in regard to the approach to the allocation of these further shares to employees. In addition to the shares referred to above, also included in this allocation will be a further 3 million shares that have been forfeited by leavers (e.g. resignations, dismissal etc) and currently are sitting in the SIP Trust.


We understand that the same SIP Trust rules will apply as with the previous award i.e. a 3 year forfeiture period and tax advantage after 5 years.


As previously communicated and advised, the Union’s position on the allocation of free shares to CWU members is that it is a matter for the individual member to determine whether or not they accept them. We understand the allocation will be done on the same basis as previously i.e. individuals have to opt out if they do not want to receive them. This position is and remains the union’s policy.


Against that backdrop and the rush by this Government to sell the public voice in Royal Mail the importance of the ‘Peoples Post campaign’ should be obvious to all. Equally, we will continue to explore the possibility of setting up a trust to ensure we maximise collective voting rights of CWU members within a privately owned Royal Mail Group. 


Further information on the trust approach will be issued in due course. Any enquiries on the above LTB should be directed to the DGS (P) Department.


Yours sincerely


Terry Pullinger​​​​​​

Deputy General Secretary (P)

CWU Occupational Health Priorities For RMG – Progressing Conference Policies

CWU Occupational Health Priorities For RMG – Progressing Conference Policies: 

This is an update for Branches, Area Safety Reps and Regional Health and Safety Forums on progressing a number of Conference Policies on a range of Occupational Health issues covering physical and mental health, welfare and wellbeing.


On 19th March at a national joint event attended by the Royal Mail Group Safety Health and Environment Central HQ and Regional Teams plus the CWU HQ Health Safety and Environment Team and ALL CWU Area Health and Safety Reps (Called the ‘Fix Focus Grow’ National Event) in London, National Health, Safety and Environment Officer Dave Joyce set out CWU Policies, objectives and vision of where RMG needs to go on Occupational Health and what the CWU’s policies and key issues were for the business to tackle, the majority of these issues had been debated and carried in CWU Conference Motions or were subsequently carried in 2015 Conference Motions. The Royal Mail Group Head of Health Judith Grant presented the businesses Occupational Health agenda which built the majority of the issues into their forward plan. Further CWU/HQ – RMG/HQ meetings took place in April and May, prior to and after CWU Conference and correspondence was exchanged, confirming CWU objectives and RMG agreement to address the issues raised.


The discussions since the appointment of the new head of health in Royal Mail Judith Grant have produced clear indications of good progress. Below is a summary of our key occupational health priorities that we have confirmed we wish to progress based on Conference Motions and feedback from Area Health and Safety Reps and CWU members. As such this is Union policy. The below list doesn’t cover everything but the key issues are here:-


1. Sun Safety:

– ​A joint RMG/CWU “Sun Smart-Skin Safe” Campaign. A new RMG Policy, accredited by a recognised Safety Professional organisation or Skin Cancer Charity.
– ​A Review of PPE/Clothing provision to ensure it has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+ which blocks more than 97.5% of the sun’s harmful rays by absorbing, blocking or reflecting UV radiation that causes sunburn and long term skin damage. 
– ​The free provision to all outdoor staff of Sunscreen Cream/Lotion with a minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30.
2. Stress Policy

A joint review of the RMG Stress Policy with the introduction of ‘cyclical’ periodic Stress Risk Assessments to be introduced, using the HSE model or similar.


3. Mental Health

– ​The joint development and introduction of a comprehensive RMG Mental Health Management and support Policy.
– ​Support and Participate in the EU Agency on Safety & Health at Work’s “Healthy Workplaces – Managing Stress and Psychosocial Risks At Work” Campaign and EU H&S Week in October.

– ​World Mental Health Day – Support and Participation.

– ​Mental Health First Aid Training to be provide to all managers, CWU ASRs and RMG First Aiders.

– ​RMG/CWU Joint Signing the ‘MIND’ and ‘Mental Health Rethink’ Mental Health Charities led “Time To Change” Pledge and to develop a joint ‘Action Plan’

– ​Working with ‘MIND’, ‘Mental Health Rethink’, ‘SAMARITANS’ and ‘SANE’ etc. 


4. Women and the Menopause at Work

Develop and Introduce a Policy or RMG Standard Management Guidance.


5. Ageing Workforce

Work with HSE and develop a Policy based on HSE Guidance and Liaison.


6. Rehabilitation Policy

Review the Strategy and Rehab Centres provisions. Include physical and mental health rehabilitation.


7. Feeling First Class

Review the RMG Work-Fit Initiatives Plan, Programme, plus run relevant health and awareness campaigns, e.g. Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Health, Blood Pressure, Work Cancers etc.


8. Benendin

Provide across the board ‘Free’ Benendin Hospital, Eyecare and Denplan for All employees (currently only available to Parcelforce employees).



Discuss and develop an understanding of new initiatives and case management approaches ensuring that the approach better benefits individuals and encourages open participation.


11. Health Surveillance/Monitoring Policy

Develop an improved Health Surveillance/Monitoring Policy in compliance with:-


– ​Regulation 7 of the Working Time Regulations 1998, which imposes a duty on employers to offer night workers a free assessment of their health and capacity to carry out the work they are to be given, prior to them undertaking that work.
– ​Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc., Act 1974 (general duties to carry out appropriate health surveillance.
– ​Regulation 6 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (Gen duty to carry out appropriate health surveillance Post-accident or during long-term illness; on forklift truck and other machinery operators; and on drivers to test for colour blindness.)  
– ​Regulation 5 of the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 (DSE Regulations) – duty on employers to ensure that an appropriate eye and eyesight test is carried out on employees by a competent person and pay for spectacles required to undertake their job.
Discussions continue on these issues which are on the RMG/CWU National Strategic Involvement Committees and Joint Health Board Agendas. Further progress updates will be made in due course.


RMG SHE Occupational Health & Wellbeing Workshops For CWU ASRs:


Three Royal Mail Group Occupational Health and Wellbeing one day Workshops have been organised for all CWU ASRs to attend where Royal Mail Group’s Head of Health will meet CWU ASRs face to face and will outline the Occupational Health and Wellbeing strategy and plans for Royal Mail Group going forward and to give updates on national initiatives, progressing the above listed CWU key issues and joint talks. The Workshops will emphasise the importance of RM/CWU joint working on Health and Wellbeing improvements and initiatives. There will be an open forum to raise questions on CWU ASR issues and concerns plus ongoing developments and programmes etc. The workshop events will cover priorities, standards, policies and improving processes and for getting prompt attention to health problems. (See LTB 535/15 for further details).


The Workshops dates are:


7th September 10am-2pm – Nottingham Mail Centre

10th September 10am-2pm – Sheffield Mail Centre, Conference Room.

5th October 10am-2pm – London- 1 Broadgate, London, (near Liverpool Street Station)


Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

Bespoke D2D Contract

Bespoke D2D Contract 

Branches will be aware that we have been in discussions with Royal Mail regarding D2D and in particular capturing new contracts and where possible bespoke contracts that require specific delivery arrangements.


Subsequently Royal Mail has captured a bespoke D2D contract that is due delivery from Tuesday 29th September 2015 and onwards over the rest of the week. Please note that this particular contract is NOT to be delivered on Monday 28th September.


The contract consists of 2.7m items for delivery in specific areas across the UK, however the areas have not been confirmed at this stage for commercial reasons and as soon as we know Branches will be notified via a further LTB.


This mailing is expected to be a standard sized item, less than 20g, and is for a telecoms company. The different element of this contract is that the customer does not want the mailing to go out until the Tuesday (onwards) i.e. must not be delivered on Monday. Local delivery units will need to ensure that the arrangements for dealing with this are communicated locally and agreed at the weekly resourcing meeting in advance.


The contract provides an opportunity to demonstrate flexibility and agility to sectors where Royal Mail would like to grow volume and where companies have significant marketing budgets but make heavy use of other communication channels. We are hoping that with a cost-effective offer and a robust joint plan in place Royal Mail will be able to generate more volume from these types of customer which fits in with our joint aspirations and ongoing focus on Door to Door.


The purpose of this LTB is to provide with Branches as much notice as possible of this impending contract.


Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 230.03

Email address:


Yours sincerely
Bob Gibson

CWU LGBT Conference 2015

CWU LGBT Conference 2015 

Branches were advised in LTB 486/15 that motions for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Conference must be returned by midnight on Tuesday 2nd September 2015. This should have read Wednesday 2nd September 2015 and not Tuesday.


Branches should be aware that the online registration for all Equality Conferences is open and can be done using the following link:


Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to Chris Tapper in the Senior Deputy General Secretary Department on telephone number 020 8971 7331 or email


Yours sincerely,





A P Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary

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