Bespoke D2D Contract

Bespoke D2D Contract 

Branches will be aware that we have been in discussions with Royal Mail regarding D2D and in particular capturing new contracts and where possible bespoke contracts that require specific delivery arrangements.


Subsequently Royal Mail has captured a bespoke D2D contract that is due delivery from Tuesday 29th September 2015 and onwards over the rest of the week. Please note that this particular contract is NOT to be delivered on Monday 28th September.


The contract consists of 2.7m items for delivery in specific areas across the UK, however the areas have not been confirmed at this stage for commercial reasons and as soon as we know Branches will be notified via a further LTB.


This mailing is expected to be a standard sized item, less than 20g, and is for a telecoms company. The different element of this contract is that the customer does not want the mailing to go out until the Tuesday (onwards) i.e. must not be delivered on Monday. Local delivery units will need to ensure that the arrangements for dealing with this are communicated locally and agreed at the weekly resourcing meeting in advance.


The contract provides an opportunity to demonstrate flexibility and agility to sectors where Royal Mail would like to grow volume and where companies have significant marketing budgets but make heavy use of other communication channels. We are hoping that with a cost-effective offer and a robust joint plan in place Royal Mail will be able to generate more volume from these types of customer which fits in with our joint aspirations and ongoing focus on Door to Door.


The purpose of this LTB is to provide with Branches as much notice as possible of this impending contract.


Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 230.03

Email address:


Yours sincerely
Bob Gibson

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