CWU Humanitarian Aid Appeal – Union Learning Reps Networking Event (Imperial Hotel, Blackpool 8/9th November 2017)

CWU Humanitarian Aid Appeal – Union Learning Reps Networking Event
(Imperial Hotel, Blackpool 8/9th November 2017)

Branches will be aware of the excellent work of CWU Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA) in Eastern Europe, Africa, Syria and closer to home in the UK.

CWUHA have arranged for a stall to be situated at the CWU Union Learning Representatives Networking Event to be held in a week at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool.

The attached appeal is self-explanatory and it would be very much appreciated if Branches could support their delegates who are attending the event to donate some of the items listed.

People can drop the items off at the CWUHA stall and may even get the opportunity to have their photograph taken with the Leader of the Labour Party!

Queries relating to this LTB can be raised with Lee Wakeman ( in the first instance.

Yours sincerely,

Trish Lavelle

Head of Education & Training

CWU Humanitarian Aid Appeal – ULR Networking Event 8-9 Nov 17

CWUHA A6 2pp

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Letter sent to all MPs in Eastern No5 Branch calling for support for the #FourPillars campaign

Andy Beeby, Branch Political Officer

Eastern Number Five Branch

Room G85 Peterborough Delivery Unit

Peterborough Mail Centre, PE4 5PE

Mobile 077854 60070


House of Commons




11th October 2107


I write to you on behalf of the Postal Workers within your constituency. You will be aware that members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) have been balloted for industrial action, and the date has now been for the first set of industrial action.

I would like to highlight to you the reasons why the membership of the CWU in your constituency have voted to take part in industrial action.


This year Royal Mail have offered a cash lump sum of £375 pro rata for part-time workers. This lump sum is not pensionable, and is considerably below the current RPI as it works out as 1.5% pay increase.


There are around 43,000 Postal workers in a pension scheme that will not give them an affordable pension when they retire. There are another 60,000 workers who are set to lose under Royal Mails new proposals.

The CWU has put forward a viable pensions offer to Royal Mail, who have accepted that it can work, but are thus far refusing to discuss it with the CWU.

Changes to the Pipeline

Royal Mail wants to move the time of delivery of letters and parcels from the last letter of 3pm, to the last letter of 5pm. This will mean that our customers will receive a worse service, and it will also mean Postmen and Women will be delivering in the dark in winter months.

The CWU wish to see a negotiated settlement to this dispute, but for this to happen Royal Mail need to send their main people to negotiate, not once during the talks with the CWU has Moya Greene sat down with the CWU National Officers.

Postal Workers are proud of the service that has served the public of this country for over 500 years, therefore I ask you on behalf of the Postal Workers in your constituency that you write to Moya Greene and ask her to personally enter negotiations with the CWU, to resolve this dispute.

Yours Sincerely

Andy Beeby

Political Officers Report October 2017

Branch Political Officers Report for Branch Committee Meeting 24th October 2017

CWU Four Pillars Campaign

As reported in my report to the September meeting, the campaign is now turning political, Fiona Onasayna MP for Peterborough wrote to Moya Greene on behalf of the branch in September and is still awaiting a reply.

On 6th October I wrote to all the Conservative MP’s within the branch please see attached letter, as of today 24th October, the only reply that has been received is an acknowledgment slip from John Hayes in South Holland & The Deepings.

My letter has now been used as a template for the whole of the Eastern Region, and I am currently working on one for the members to send to their MP.

East of England Trade Union Liaison Organisation (TULO)

TULO is an organisation where all Labour Party affiliated Trade Unions, come together and work with the Labour Party at Regional and Local Level.

Over the past year Paul Moffat, CWU Regional Secretary and Myself, as Regional Chair, have been working closely with Jo Cox National TULO and the Labour Party Regional Office, to make TULO fit for purpose.

On Monday 9th October 2017 the first regional TULO meeting of unions for over a year was held in the East of England Labour Party Office in Harlow.

The meeting agreed that Vaughn West from the GMB would be the Secretary and Paul Moffat CWU would be Chair, the meeting also set dates for the coming year, the next meeting will be at Labour Party Eastern Regional Conference in Huntingdon in November and then two weeks before the Labour Regional Board meeting so that we can submit motions and reports to the Board.

Hopefully this will be a new dawn for TULO in the East and the unions and Labour can join up and work together politically.

Peterborough Trades Union Council (PTUC)

I attended the Executive meeting of PTUC on Thursday 11th November and the Full meeting on Thursday 19th October, both meetings were held at Unite Offices in Church Walk at 1900.

At both meetings I gave a full update on the Four Pillars Campaign and the Full Committee posed for photographs, with the I SUPPORT MY POSTAL WORKER posters, I shared these on social media.

We have the full support of PTUC and some delegates have already downloaded and displayed the poster in their house windows.

Also discussed at length at both meetings was the proposed English Defence League (EDL) march and demonstration in Peterborough on Saturday 24th October.

PTUC organised a counter protest with the help of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and most of the meeting was understandably given over to the organising of the event.

Russian Revolution to celebrate the revolution PTUC are holding a public meeting on Saturday 11th November 2017 at the Broadway Theatre, this event will start at 1600 with speakers, giving talks on Greece, Turkey and of course the Russian Revolution.

There will be live music from 1900, entry to this event is FREE , there will be a bar serving real ale sadly that’s not free, The CWU have been offered a stall to handout information on our dispute.

Kings Lynn & District Trades Council  

A March and Rally has been organised by the Trades Council and Unison for Saturday 28th October Britain Needs a Pay Rise, please see attached poster and minutes from the last meeting.

Wisbech, March & District Trades Council

Please see attached newsletter from the Trades Council.

Peterborough Constituency Labour Party

The CLP continue to hold street stalls every other Saturday in Bridge Street outside the Red Labour gazebo can be found outside W H Smiths, the next stall should be this Saturday, if you are in town call in and have a chat.

Peterborough CLP TULO as the CLP TULO Officer, I have now been able to get a near full list of union branches within Peterborough, and I am in the process of organising what will be a historic meeting, of Peterborough Trade Unions and Peterborough’s Labour MP. This will be the first of its kind for over 12 years, it will be one delegate per Union plus one Regional Official.

South & East Branch of the CLP held a fund-raising dinner on Friday 20th October with the quest speaker Jon Ashworth Shadow Health Secretary.

North & Rural Branch Due to family commitments the branch secretary has all but stood down, so the branch has a stand in secretary Caroline Earle, Caroline is trying to organise the AGM for November and organise a Christmas Social. Once I have details of these events I will circulate them.

South West Norfolk Constituency Labour Party

SWN CLP covers Downham Market and Swaffham, the CLP have contacted me and said that the Downham Market branch has passed a motion to support Postal workers in any way they can during our dispute with the business.

The same motion was going to be put at the Swaffham meeting, they have given me the dates for the forthcoming meetings and invited the branch to speak at the s

Huntingdon Constituency Labour Party  

Darrell Herd CWU Representative at St Neots has taken over as the TULO Officer for the CLP, and has agreed to send me reports and updates from the meetings, Darrell has found the same problems I have found in Peterborough, there are little, or no records of affiliated unions so is having to start from nothing. I have offered Darrell and the CLP help if they need it.

Model CLP Motion

CWU Headquarters issued last night a model motion for branches to move at CLP meetings, on the Four Pillars Campaign, I will send this to the CLP’s within the branch and ask them to carry the motion.

I will move it at Peterborough CLP this Friday.

South East Regional TUC (SERTUC)

Paul Moffat CWU Eastern Regional Secretary and Myself as CWU Eastern Regional Chair attended SERTUC on Saturday 21st October, the meeting was held at Congress House London with a 1000 start.

We had presentations from

Norfolk Branch of Unison Police Staff on the decision by Norfolk Police to axe all PCSO’s by next March, this is to save money.

Helen Mercer from People v PFI who gave a very comprehensive report on PFI.

Dr Francisco Dominguez from the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign gave an update on what is happening in Venezuela.

We then had a speaker called Tom Holliday who is a young person taking strike action against McDonalds, Tom told us that there are 85,000 people employed by the company on zero-hour contracts and minimum wage.

He explained that the company are using bullying tactics in stores where the workers are union members, they are not allowed to speak to a union member, mention the words zero-hour, minimum wage even in conversations with customers. If court, they face disciplinary action.

As he finished his speech he received a standing ovation back to his seat.

Paul Moffat gave SERTUC an update on our dispute, we have the backing of every Trade Union in the South and East.

Andy Beeby

Branch Political Officer

Royal Mail Lampeter DO (SA Postcode Area) – Death of A Postman Staff Member Due To Legionnaires Disease

Royal Mail Lampeter DO (SA Postcode Area) – Death of A Postman Staff Member Due To Legionnaires Disease

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

The Health, Safety and Environment Department has received a number of enquiries regarding the above and this report is to update Branches and deal with any further enquiries and concerns that may exist.

The Health, Safety and Environment Department has been dealing with the matter in direct dialogue with the Royal Mail Group Director of Safety, Compliance & Sustainability (Property & Facilities), the Royal Mail Group Head of Health and Wellbeing and the Assistant Director for Environmental Services at Ceredigion County Council. Locally the CWU Deputy ASR has been fully involved and working with the Royal Mail Group’s Area Safety Health and Environment Advisor. The Health, Safety and Environment Department can advise and confirm the very sad news that one of our Postmen employed at Lampeter Delivery Office in the Swansea Postcode Area has died from Legionnaires Disease. The individual was a new employee who showed flu like symptoms a few weeks ago, before being diagnosed as having Legionnaires Disease from which he subsequently died. Upon diagnosis, the Delivery Unit received a formal visit from the Local Authority Environmental Health Officer who undertook an Inspection of Royal Mail’s Legionella management records on the Compliance Records Database and the health and Safety Enforcing Authority Officer was satisfied with the information presented and had no concerns with Royal Mail’s policy, health and safety standards and approach to Legionella management on the site or the monthly temperature readings taken of the building’s water systems. As a matter of course Royal Mail Property and Facilities Solutions have taken samples which are being tested in the laboratory and have also heat treated the DO building’s water system. In response to our requests, the Royal Mail Head of Health and Wellbeing has offered the full support of the Feeling First Class service to the Lampeter DO staff of an on-site occupational health advisor and counsellor to answer any questions and also provide counselling support plus the Director Compliance & Sustainability Royal Mail Group Property and Facilities Solutions has offered the RMPFS the support of the national Legionella lead to go down to the Delivery

Office to discuss any concerns or worries the staff may have. The H&S Dept has been contacted by the head of the multiagency Incident Management Team investigating this tragic case of Legionnaires Disease. (NHS Wales/Public Health Wales/Ceredigion County Council). They advised that the investigation is ongoing, and no written report is available at this point in time. However, no connection between the infection and this Royal Mail workplace have been identified. Colleagues from Ceredigion County Council visited the premises to assure the Incident Management Team that there was no risk to employees or the public from your member’s workplace. Appropriate legionella risk assessments and control measures are in place for the Royal Mail premises.

Legionnaires Disease is a serious Lung Infection caused by Legionella Bacteria. Initially flu-like symptoms are experienced which subsequently worsen. It is normally caught by breathing in small, tiny droplets of contaminated water. Although rare, it can come from contaminated water systems, tanks, showers, sprinkler systems, spas etc. The best way to prevent an outbreak of legionnaire’s disease is to ensure that any water system is maintained to conform to relevant health and safety regulations. The infection isn’t contagious and can’t be spread from person to person. Legionnaires Disease in the UK is rare with only a small number of cases annually occurring. Many arise from overseas travel to countries where health and safety contamination controls and sanitation standards are poor. Those with underlying or pre-existing lung conditions or a weakened immune system are more susceptible to infection. Legionnaires Disease is treated with Antibiotics and 90% of people with Legionnaires Disease make a full recovery.

For more information, go to the following link on the NHS Website

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

17LTB584 Royal Mail Lampeter DO (SA Postcode Area) – Death of A Postman Staff Member Due To Legionnaires Disease

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Tuesday 7th November will be another massive day of activity for the #FourPillars campaign.

On Tuesday 7th November we will be launching another massive day of activity for our #FourPillars campaign. We will be celebrating an ‘89.1% and Proud Day’ recognising the tremendous support that you our members have given this union.

Every single office in the UK will be asked to hold a gate meeting. At this meeting an update will be given on where we are with the dispute as well as a thank you to the members for your support so far.

We will be sending out all the supporting materials by the end of the week. It is another opportunity for us to show our strength during the mediation period – get involved next Tuesday and share your meeting photos with us.

Royal Mail Electric ‘Zero-Emission’ Vehicles Introduction – Trial Sites Update

Royal Mail Electric ‘Zero-Emission’ Vehicles Introduction – Trial Sites Update

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Further to LTB No 454/17, Royal Mail Fleet have informed us that following on from RM Group Property’s surveys at each of the proposed Delivery Offices and Fleet Workshops, Royal Mail Fleet have had to change a some of the sites (due to leasehold and power supply issues). The final list of DOs is below:-

Harehills DO

Gledhow Road



Bexley Heath DO

2 Glengall Rd



Orpington DO

Vinson Close



Dartford MPU

50 West Hill



E1 Whitechapel DO

206 Whitechapel Rd


E1 1AA

SW1 Victoria DO

30 Pensbury Place



N1 Islington DO

Eagle Wharf Road


N1 7ED

SE1 Southwark DO

Tower Bridge Business Park



Nottingham South DO

Unit 11

Clarke Road



Derby DO

Midland Road



Bristol South DO

Kent Street



Hockley DO

23 Hockley Hill


B18 5AP

Hythe DO

36 New Road, Hythe


SO45 6BP

Belfast DO




Edinburgh Dell DO

3 Gorgie Park Road


EH14 1NL

Cardiff DO

220 Penarth Road


CF11 8TA

NW1 Camden DO

1 Barnby Street,

Camden Town,


Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

17LTB579 Royal Mail Electric ‘Zero-Emission’ Vehicles Introduction – Trial Sites Update

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Princess Royal Distribution Centre (PRDC): 95 Double Deck Trailer: Safety Alert

Princess Royal Distribution Centre (PRDC): 95 Double Deck Trailer: Safety Alert

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

This LTB is in response to an incident that took place on 19/10/17 at PRDC where the upper deck hydraulics on a Don Burr 95 DDT appear to have failed.

The Health, Safety and Environment Department has raised this at national level, and been in dialogue with the Head of Safety Heath & Environment Logistics, seeking safety assurances on behalf of our members. The investigation is still ongoing, but it appears to be a hydraulic valve problem. The trailer manufacturers Don Burr is involved in the investigation.

Assurances have been given that there is no risk to staff as long as they adhere to the Safe System of Work (SSoW) for the 95 York Double Deck Trailer.

One of the key safety messages of the SSOW being:

Never enter the trailer with the upper deck in the upper position unless yellow stops and flags are locked in place, and you are trained.

The attached Logistics Safety Alert (Log0007) has been issued, and should be briefed to ALL employees.

Branches will be kept advised and informed of developments.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

17LTB577 Princess Royal Distribution Centre (PRDC) 95 Double Deck Trailer Safety Alert

Safety Alert – 95 Double Deck Trailer Safety Brief

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Strike update via London Division

Dear Colleague,

Following on from the High Court Decision, Moya Greene requested a meeting with Terry Pullinger, CWU’s Deputy General Secretary Postal and lead negotiator. This meeting took place on Wednesday 18th October and lasted 5 hours. During this meeting, Moya Greene expressed her and the company’s desire to resolve the issues of dispute.

Moya Greene said she would be leading Royal Mail’s negotiating team during the external mediation process and said this should demonstrate her commitment to resolving the dispute.

Terry Pullinger responded by saying the Royal Mail had to start listening to its workforce if they wanted to resolve this dispute. They had to change their position on Pay, Pensions, Resourcing, Part Time Workers rights, the way they treat their employees and their desire to make start and finishing times later, based on a cheaper work plan model. Terry informed Royal Mail that all of these issues needed to be addressed if they are going to stop a strike.

On Monday 23rd October, Professor Lynette Harris, the External ACAS Mediator was appointed. Her first role in carrying out the mediation process is to read the submissions from both Royal Mail and the CWU and to fully understand both sides positions in the dispute. Professor Harris will then meet Royal Mail and the CWU separately to listen to the rationale behind Royal Mail and the CWUs respective positions.

Recommendations will then be produced based on reaching common ground between the two parties in order to resolve the dispute.  Both Royal Mail and the CWU must then meet within one week to see if they both agree with all or some of the recommendations and will then see if agreement can be reached to resolve the dispute. If agreement can’t be reached based on the external mediators recommendations then both parties will have a final two week opportunity to resolve the dispute during the mediation process. If both parties at this stage have still not resolved the issues then the CWU can then announce strike action.

However, the CWU has always said to members its goal is to negotiate a good deal and not to strike for the sake of it. The High Court Judge asked Royal Mail in the High Court why would they go to the High Court seeking external mediation unless they were going to genuinely move their position in order to reach an agreement.  The fact remains that unless Royal Mail agree to the following, there will be a strike.

A Pension solution for everyone and better than Royal Mail’s cash out scheme.

A Pay Rise not linked to more strings dependent on later starts and further cuts to terms and conditions. The CWU will not also support performance related pay in future years.

Progress on the shorter working week and the union’s ambition for a 35 hour gross working week.  The shorter working week will be on the same rate of pay for full timers and will result in a pay increase for part timers as the hourly rate increases. The shorter working week is vital due to automation advances resulting in less indoor workload.

The CWU want part timers to have the full holiday pay for the hours they actually work not just their contracted hours.

The CWU want to have workplaces audited over how resourcing is conducted including the full time/part time split and how many hours the part timer is actually having to work to complete their job.  This is aimed at ensuring part timers who are having to work daily and weekly above their contracted hours have their contracted hours increased instead of Royal Mail exploiting part timers in the workplace by keeping their contracted hours low.

The CWU want an independent audit of workplaces to oversee the above review and also to identify and attempt to change the pressure put on the workplace which often leads to bullying in the workplace especially where undue pressure is applied in deliveries based on unrealistic and unworkable budget demands.

The CWU want an extension to the legal guarantees which stops outsourcing, franchising, two tier workforce or the break-up of the company.  The Legal Guarantees were due to be reviewed in 2019 and the CWU want an extension until 2022.

The CWU has rejected Royal Mail’s vision for the pipeline which has nothing to do with Royal Mail wanting to grow parcel traffic but everyone to do with it wanting to cut costs.

Their desire to have later starts in deliveries and 17:00 last letter was based on Royal Mail saving millions on cancelling all flights which carried mail in England and Wales, designed to remove a significant amount of Area distribution jobs, reduce the late shift in Mail centres and RDCs and significantly push back delivery start and finish times as well as not allowing deliveries to leave the office until mid-day.

The CWU has rejected and will not accept Royal Mail’s multi bundle delivery option which expects Delivery staff to merge from 3 bundles out on delivery (instead of indoors) whilst also attempting to deliver parcels and carrying a PDA.

The CWU has also stated we will not accept walk ownership. Walk ownership is designed as the forerunner for franchising deliveries.  It removes the CWU from discussing revisions and puts the responsibility on the walk holder who is solely responsible for completing the walk without cutting off.  Walk ownership also removes seniority.

The CWU also rejects Royal Mail’s option of teams covering the sick and annual leave of other team members at zero cost.

The CWU want Royal Mail to reaffirm their support for the Delivery Menu of Options which allows for innovative duty patterns including 4 day weeks, 9 day fortnights and Wallingtons. This is due to the fact Royal Mail want to revert everyone to a standard 5-day week option.

The CWU is concerned that Royal Mail want to use the outputs from PDA’s, Trimble and the new automated hours Data capture system to resource offices in the future and ensuring that individuals work every single second of the day and they want to use these new IT applications for conduct purposes.

These remain the central issues at the heart of this dispute and the reason why members voted in the biggest industrial action based ballot in decades by such overwhelming numbers. If Royal Mail don’t change their position there will be a strike. It is essential that members are aware that this dispute is anything but over.

The stakes remain high.  The yes vote and the unity of members to back the CWU has put pressure on Royal Mail.

Remember due to the yes vote and pressure from the two, Royal Mail has already dropped the plans for the following monthly pay, no sick leave for the first three days of sick leave, compulsory removal of legacy payments and have dropped the 1700 last letter.

So, we need to keep the pressure on Royal Mail and they must know that unless they move towards the unions position then there will be strike action. Whilst the timescales are tight there remains the opportunity to take strike action before Christmas if there is no agreement.

The CWU wants an agreement but after 18 months of talks we must also prepare for a strike. We must remain united and ready to support  the CWU and fight for a good agreement.

We will keep you updated as talks progress.



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