Letter sent to all MPs in Eastern No5 Branch calling for support for the #FourPillars campaign

Andy Beeby, Branch Political Officer

Eastern Number Five Branch

Room G85 Peterborough Delivery Unit

Peterborough Mail Centre, PE4 5PE


Mobile 077854 60070


House of Commons




11th October 2107


I write to you on behalf of the Postal Workers within your constituency. You will be aware that members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) have been balloted for industrial action, and the date has now been for the first set of industrial action.

I would like to highlight to you the reasons why the membership of the CWU in your constituency have voted to take part in industrial action.


This year Royal Mail have offered a cash lump sum of £375 pro rata for part-time workers. This lump sum is not pensionable, and is considerably below the current RPI as it works out as 1.5% pay increase.


There are around 43,000 Postal workers in a pension scheme that will not give them an affordable pension when they retire. There are another 60,000 workers who are set to lose under Royal Mails new proposals.

The CWU has put forward a viable pensions offer to Royal Mail, who have accepted that it can work, but are thus far refusing to discuss it with the CWU.

Changes to the Pipeline

Royal Mail wants to move the time of delivery of letters and parcels from the last letter of 3pm, to the last letter of 5pm. This will mean that our customers will receive a worse service, and it will also mean Postmen and Women will be delivering in the dark in winter months.

The CWU wish to see a negotiated settlement to this dispute, but for this to happen Royal Mail need to send their main people to negotiate, not once during the talks with the CWU has Moya Greene sat down with the CWU National Officers.

Postal Workers are proud of the service that has served the public of this country for over 500 years, therefore I ask you on behalf of the Postal Workers in your constituency that you write to Moya Greene and ask her to personally enter negotiations with the CWU, to resolve this dispute.

Yours Sincerely

Andy Beeby


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