Bespoke Door 2 Door Item 5th and 6th May 2015

Bespoke Door 2 Door Item 5th and 6th May 2015


Branches and CWU representatives should by now be aware of a D2D drop scheduled for delivery on the 5th and 6th of May 2015 on behalf of the Labour Party. The items are due delivery on the days in question in line with the terms of the contract agreed between the Labour Party and Royal Mail. Due to the urgency of this contract and the lateness of the formal discussions we have agreed with Royal Mail that they will pay the current pence per item rate appropriate to the delivery unit for the delivery of the items in line with the national agreement covering the delivery of election material.


It is important that the delivery units affected enter into dialogue immediately to put plans in place to deal with the items.


The joint statement is designed to help CWU representatives and DOMs arrive at sensible operational arrangements through local dialogue. Whatever was agreed in respect of resourcing to workload for next week will need to be reviewed to varying degrees in light of the joint statement and the fall to earth of the items. Overall this contract applies to just over 4000 delivery routes and less that 10% of delivery addresses, so there are many units who will not be affected.


Serious consideration will need to be given to the provision of replenishment and any feeder runs required to support this; it is important that H&S issues are taken fully into consideration indoor and outdoor.


Attached to this LTB are the agreed Joint Statement and the files containing the postcodes, delivery routes and numbers of items due for delivery on each of the days.


It would be appreciated if all Branches could please ensure that this LTB is circulated to all Delivery offices and CWU Delivery representatives without delay.


Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 230.03

Email address: or

Yours sincerely

Bob Gibson – CWU Assistant Secretary    

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CWU Annual Conference 2015 – Equality Social Event

CWU Annual Conference 2015 – Equality Social Event


The department would like to thank everyone who attended the equality social event and helped to make it a tremendous success.  Special thanks go to all the Branches who made a cash donation or gave prizes for the raffle.  As a result of your kindness we raised £172 for our nominated charity the Bournemouth Churches Housing Association.  


Once again, many thanks to all who took part and see you next year.


Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be referred to the Equal Opportunities Department


Yours sincerely




Linda Roy

National Equality Officer





The CWU is committed to encouraging more BME members to get involved in the union at all levels because we believe this makes us stronger and more relevant in the workplace. This newly designed course can be delivered over two or three days and includes a full programme of group activities, presentations and guest speakers all facilitated by experienced CWU tutors.


Aims of the programme:

This course is designed to:

  • Help BME members become more active in the CWU
  • Develop a better understanding of what unions are and how they work
  • Provide an opportunity to build effective support and networks for BME activists
  • Develop new ideas for how BME members can work at the heart of the CWU
  • To help YOU become more active in the CWU


Who should attend?

Any new BME activists who have recently taken on any role in the CWU and BME members who are considering getting more active in the CWU. You can work for any of the companies where we have a presence and don’t worry if you haven’t attended any union events or courses before, our tutors will be there to support you and you’ll find that union learning is a lot of fun, providing great opportunities for discussion, networking and sharing ideas and experiences.

This course is designed to ensure that everyone gets the chance to participate fully through working in small groups, taking part in group discussions, role play and practical exercises.




This course does not attract paid release from the employers that we work with.



The following Black and Ethnic Minority Members Leadership course is currently scheduled to take place at the CWU Education and Training Centre at Alvescot Lodge.

  • Friday 3rd – Sun 5th July 2015 (Closing date for applications – Friday 5th June)

All Things Must Pass  April 24, 2015

 All Things Must Pass

“Sunrise doesn’t last all morning. A cloudburst doesn’t last all day…”

The words of a son of bus driver, active trade unionist and shop steward, George Harrison – the deepest thinker of all the fabs‎– seem apposite to me.

It’s been a fantastic privilege to represent CWU people at all levels and for so many years – from representing individual members to taking the collective view of the union to the wider movement or Government. From a committee member of WDO in the Liverpool Amal branch, through to a one-to-one with the Prime Minister. My only aim was to strengthen the collective.

It’s been tough being a full-time official during the last 23 years – but never, and nowhere near, as tough as the jobs of the people we have the honour to serve.

During the last few months I have met many members and activists.  Every meeting I’ve attended, or walk-about I’ve been on, has always left me feeling a bit dewy-eyed that so many people put such faith in our union.

The ability of the common folk to make a difference is much underestimated ‎in our political culture.

Trade unions are still the biggest voluntary movement in Britain today – yet there is hardly a mention of trade unions and the role they play in our 24/7 news culture.

We in the CWU have much to do.

The report, ‘Mapping The Future’, which will be circulated in the next week or so, will show that there are 318,000 workers in our sectors who are not in a trade union. We represent 38.3% in the postal and logistics sector and 31.8% in the telecoms sector. The figure in financial services is harder to ascertain, but tells a similar tale.

What’s clear is that a diverse union helps grow our strength, 24.6% of workers in our sectors are women, 14% are from ethnic minorities and we need shape our response around these facts.

If CWU Conference 2015 agrees the modest rule changes set before it, that will help copper-fasten our initiatives in that regard.

Such work will now be before your new general secretary. I wish Dave and your new leadership the very best for the future.

Thank you to every member who voted in the elections.

Regardless of your choice, in voting you strengthen our union.

My thanks to those who supported me. Everyone at team GS15. Toby Ziegler, C.J, Josh Lyman, Tony Benn, Bill Shankly, Rosa Parks, Dian, Melissa, Niall & Millie. The late Peggy and Billy.

I will be a CWU member until the day I die. Best wishes for the future.

All you need is love.

“A mother is a school. Empower her and you empower a great nation” – Egyptian poet Hafez Ibrahim, 1871-1932




Further to LTB 226/15, the purpose of this LTB is to update Branches prior to Annual Conference on how we are taking forward the key issues of competition and growth.




In our recent workplace pamphlet we explained that following the publication of the BIS Select Committee Report CWU would be launching a major campaign calling for a judicial review into the Regulator’s role, alongside new legislation to strengthen the USO, limit Direct Delivery competition and introduce fair employment standards across the postal sector.


The Postal Executive has now agreed that the campaign will be launched in May with a National Briefing and demonstration outside the Regulator’s London Headquarters.  We hope to announce the date and venue for these activities at Annual Conference.


We can also advise that the Postal Executive has submitted an Emergency Motion to the Standing Orders Committee to ensure this subject receivesthe profile it deserves at Annual Conference.




Following the publication of our workplace pamphlet we continue to prioritise growth with the company and can confirm that the following has been agreed.


Regional Growth Forums – We will hold a series of six further Growth Forums at Regional level and all CWU Area Reps will be invited to attend.  The aim is to conclude these before the end of May and CWU Divisional Reps are liaising with the appropriate Regional managers to bring this to fruition.  The Regional events will build on work undertaken nationally and give our representatives the opportunity to put forward their ideas.








National Priorities for Growth – Arising from the National Growth Forum, CWU and Royal Mail have agreed to prioritise four specific projects as follows:-


• Developing and trialling the concept of ‘Royal Mail Local’.
• Pipeline opportunities.
• The further development of Enquiry offices.
• Warehousing.


The projects on Enquiry offices and Warehousing are about building on existing work that is being undertaken by the appropriate National Officers and Royal Mail managers.  The further work on Royal Mail Local and pipeline opportunities are new projects and detailed work on these will commence following Annual Conference.




In recent months the Union has been discussing with our representatives the subjects covered in this LTB and this was followed with our workplace pamphlet designed to begin the process of engaging CWU members on the issues that will shape the future of the postal industry.  It is now incumbent on all CWU Representatives to raise the profile ofthese subjects in the workplace and ensure the whole Union is focused on what we need to do to create our future.


Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed to the DGS (P) Department.


Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

Deputy General Secretary (P)




Processing Report


Eastern No 5 Branch


Processing Report




Strategic Involvement (SI) Meeting

We discussed the importance of stopping diverting out 2c parcels to Mount Pleasant on Monday night/Tuesday morning. We are reducing the diversion from 75 York’s to 49 York’s next week and then we are not going to divert any bank holiday Monday week. We are resourcing and planning to secure that we do not fail the 2c on that week. It is important that we do not fail now that we will be entering negotiations about the Ipswich 2c we currently process which there has been a proposal to move 76% of it to Chelmsford in the Ipswich Mail Centre rationalisation project. We would not have a very good argument to keep the work if we keep diverting out to Mount Pleasant every week, so it has to stop and we are relying on everyone to help us make this a success.

We will prioritise working on a robust processing duty structure to bring stability to the operation.

Para: Ongoing.


Processing Duty Structure

I shall be released from week commencing 11th May to work with the Production Control Manager on creating a robust processing duty structure to give us stability going forward for the future. We shall be visiting all shifts to discuss their proposals with the shift manager and shift rep.

We will be arranging a meeting with Steve Wiseman who is the head of Royal Mails management team overseeing the Ipswich Mail Centre Rationalisation to give us a presentation on the effect their proposals may have on our Mail Centre.

Para: Ongoing


CWU Conference 2015

Next week the branch is sending a delegation to CWU Conference. The Branch editor will be posting daily updates on the Branches social network sites.

Dave Westbrook will be Area Processing Rep and Luke Smith will be the Branch Secretary.

Para: Ongoing




EJ Orviss

Area Processing Representative

Date 24th April 2015

The Women Chainmakers Festival 2015

The Women Chainmakers Festival 2015


The Women Chain-makers Festival celebrates the achievements of 800 women Chain-makers who fought to establish a minimum wage for their sectorin 1910. The women were successful in their struggle after holding a 10 week strike.


The strike was led by trade unionist Mary Macarthur who founded the National Federation of Women Workers and later stood for parliament as a Labour candidate. 


Organised by the Midlands TUC and supported by Sandwell Council the family friendly street festival will feature market stalls, fun fair rides, speeches, street theatre, music and debates.  


This year’s festival will be on Sunday the 17thofJuly on Cradley Heath High Street, Cradley Heath, B64 5HJ. 


Please find attached a flyer advertising the event. 


Any further enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to the General Secretary’s Office at quoting the reference GS13.5/LTB271/15.


Yours sincerely




General Secretary



LTB 207/15 CWU Accounts 2015 dated 8th April 2015 stated as follows:

“Branches are now invited to submit questions on this set of accounts.  Questions must be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary and received by no later than 14:00 on the 21st April 2015.”


At the closing time and date the following questions had been submitted by both the North/North West London Branch and the South East London Postal and Counters Branch.


Page 28 Note L:


We have noticed the cost of Regional Representation (Regional Officers) has increased from £457,031 (2013) to £565,510 (2014), which is an increase of £108,479.  We have noticed that the Divisional Reps costs have reduced year on year by £3217, from £374,552 (2013) to £371,335 (2014).


Question: Why are the Regional Officers costs so different to that of the Divisional Reps costs? 


We ask this as there are only 10 Regional Secretaries yet there are 18 Divisional Reps.  Could you explain this and also give a breakdown on the Regional Officers costs?



Page 29 Note Q:


Question: Could you please explain and breakdown the Professional & Financial charges for the Superannuation Schemes administration costs which have increased from £229,267 (2013) to £308,686 (2014).


Question 1: Regional Officers/Divisional Reps Costs


The £108k year on year increase for Regional Officers is due to a £62k increase in special leave payments arising out of CWU General Conference policy regarding the funding of Regional Secretaries.

A £35k one off payment agreed by the NEC in 2009 to fit out premises in Northern Ireland, the cost of which was not actually incurred until 2014.

Finally, £20k accounted against London Region expenses as an £8k one off payment for loss of earnings to a former London Regional Secretary and £11k Regional Secretary Election costs.

The £3k decrease in Divisional costs is accounted for as follows:

  • £11k decrease in Scotland/N Ireland Division.
  • £4k decrease in the SE Division.
  • A £7k increase Romec Div Reps structure.
  • Finally a £7k increase Midland Divisional costs.

Regional costs (excluding the special leave and other payments detailed above) for 2014 are as follows:

Reg. – Eastern 13,694.07
Reg. – London 91,564.12
Reg. – Midland 17,169.71
Reg. – North East 26,978.45
Reg. – Northern Ireland 12,604.28
Reg. – North West 12,919.17
Reg. – South East 7,058.67
Reg. – South West 16,149.48
Reg. – Scotland 11,659.88
Reg. – Wales 9,962.95

Question 2 Professional and Financial Charges Superannuation Schemes


The breakdown for the increase in this cost for the year on year variance is due to a £72k credit against the NCUSSS scheme in 2013. For the 2012 year end an accrual was entered for £72k for an Aon Hewitt invoice that had been received, but not yet posted into the accounts.

On review it was found that this cost was not due to be paid by the CWU but was to be paid by the scheme directly, this left a credit of £72k sitting in 2013 with no invoice to counteract it.

If you take out the £72k credit in 2013 it revises the year on year difference to a £7k increase, which is a more realistic variance. But for accounting purposes the item has to be recorded as shown in the accounts.

Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary Department on telephone number 020 8971 723, or email address

Yours sincerely

Tony Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary

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