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MHFA England Open Letter To Prime Minister And Government To Amend Health and Safety Legislation To Put Mental and Physical First Aid On An Equal Footing

MHFA England Open Letter To Prime Minister And Government To Amend Health and Safety Legislation To Put Mental and Physical First Aid On An Equal Footing

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Branches may have seen reports published in the media that business leaders had joined Mental Health First Aid England in a collective call for the UK Government to update health and safety legislation to protect mental health in the workplace.

On Monday 19 November 2018, an open letter to the Prime Minister signed by 50 leaders of Britain’s biggest employers including Royal Mail, PWC, W.H.Smith, Thames Water, Ford, MACE, Channel 4 etc., was delivered to 10 Downing Street calling on the Government to prioritise its manifesto pledge to amend health and safety legislation to put mental and physical first aid on an equal footing.

In a statement announcing the ‘Open Letter’ to the PM, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England said that the letter signed by industry leaders from across business, education and mental health, comes at a time when one in six people of working age will experience mental ill health including depression, anxiety or issues relating to stress. With over 28 million people in work in England, this represents nearly 5 million people. Mental health issues are also estimated to cost the UK economy almost £35 billion every year and 15.4 million working days are lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. The open letter shows that business leaders clearly recognise the need to support their employees’ mental health in the same way they do their physical health.

The change in legislation being called for would establish a baseline for protecting mental health in the workplace, ensuring no one is left behind. This is just one part of improving approaches to workplace mental health, but it represents an important step forward. Ensuring that first aid support is there for the millions of people who struggle with their mental health every year would make a big difference to people and get them to think about their health as a whole.

The impact of neglecting mental ill health in the workplace is two-fold: with an economic and human cost which should be alleviated.

By investing in the physical and mental health of the workforce it will not only unlock human potential in the workplace, it will reduce the human cost as well as the astronomical costs to the UK economy.

It is imperative the Government takes notice of UK employers, Trade Unions and the public who are standing up and calling for change.

The Open Letter follows the delivery of a petition of over 200,000 public signatures to 10 Downing Street as part of a mental health campaign called ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ founded by Natasha Devon MBE of MHFA England which has received cross-party backing from MPs from across the political spectrum. MPs had originally showed their support for the issue by signing an Early Day Motion tabled by Norman Lamb MP in October 2016.

As part of their 5-Year Mental Health Strategy ‘Because Healthy Minds Matter’, launched in October 2017, Royal Mail Group signed an agreement with the CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department recently which commits the Company to have the same number of Mental Health First Aiders across our business as they do physical health First Aiders with the new national training programme of circa 5,500 First Aiders and all CWU Area Health and Safety Reps commencing in April 2019. 1,350 RMG employees, mainly managers but also a number of Union Reps and Mental Health Ambassadors, have so far been trained in MHFA across 1,800 sites, 96% of whom said they felt it helped them develop a better understanding of mental health symptoms and wellbeing.

The CWU has continued to campaign on Mental Health and has supported both the petition and the open letter as we firmly believe that everyone should have access to first aid support for their mental health regardless of where they work.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England is a community interest company (CIC), established in 2009. MHFA is the mental health equivalent of physical first aid training and provides participants with the skills and confidence to recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues and effectively guide a person towards the right support, be that self-help or professional services. To date over 300,000 people in England have been trained in MHFA skills. The core principles of MHFA include: spotting the signs of a mental health issue, helping to prevent issues from getting worse and giving confidence in helping someone who is experiencing an issue. As well as the Adult MHFA course, the organisation runs a number of tailored courses including Youth MHFA, Higher Education MHFA, Armed Forces MHFA and Workplace MHFA. MHFA England has a vision to normalise society’s attitudes and behaviours around mental health by developing the skills needed to look after our own and other’s wellbeing. More information about the MHFA England organisation and MHFA courses can be found at

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB661 MHFA England Open Letter To Prime Minister And Government To Amend Health and Safety Legislation

Mini case study – Royal Mail – Final

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Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre – A Political Protest by CWU Women – Saturday 24th November 2018

Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre – A Political Protest by CWU Women – Saturday 24th November 2018

Further to LTB 617/18, we are writing to confirm further details in relation to the visit to Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre.

The meeting point on the day will be on Twinwood Road, MK41 6HL at midday.

I would be grateful if you can RSVP in order that we can have an indication of who will be attending.

The Equal Opportunities Department has contacted the detention Centre to alert them of our visit and we have also made a request to see if a social visit can be facilitated to allow a number of us to gain access into the Centre with a view to speaking with some of the detainees. We are waiting to hear what the response to this request will be. If you are interested in attending as part of an official CWU group, you will need to have an up-to-date passport, EC Identity Card or Photographic Driver’s License. If you do not have one of these, two of the following will also suffice.

  • Birth Certificate 
  • Marriage Certificate 
  • Rail/Bus Pass with Photograph 
  • Employer’s ID Card 
  • Trade Union Membership Card 

For a full list of ID requirements, please visit Their website states that “visits are a very important part of the Yarl’s Wood day and we encourage you to come and spend time with our residents as often as you can”.

Please note that anyone going in for a visit will be searched, biometrically fingerprinted and have their photograph taken as part of the visit clearance procedure. All finger prints are deleted after 3 months after the visit.

A programme of activity planned for our visit, will be circulated on the day.

Any enquiries, please contact the Equal Opportunities Department on 0208 971 7388 or 07906636766.

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

General Secretary

LTB 662 – Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre – A Political Protest by CWU Women – Saturday 24th November 2018

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Outsourcing of BT Facilities Services – Launch of CWU Campaign #ENDGAME

Outsourcing of BT Facilities Services – Launch of CWU Campaign #ENDGAME

The CWU launched the #ENDGAME campaign today at the National Branch Briefing held to discuss the recently announced news that BTPFS intend to outsource all of the Facilities Services to CBRE and ISS from April 2019.

The Campaign will be called #ENDGAME

The objectives of #ENDGAME are as follows:

  • To campaign against the outsourcing of BT Facilities Services.
  • To involve the branches and members so that they understand the objectives and become active in the campaign.

Job Security:

  • To oppose any compulsory redundancies and to seek an agreement on voluntary terms for job losses.

Terms and Conditions:

  • To protect the existing terms and conditions of employment including:
  1. At the minimum maintaining the Real Living Wage for Housekeepers and Security Officers.
  2. Safeguard contractual hours. 


  • In the event that the employer fails to agree to the CWU’s objectives then the members will be balloted for Industrial action.

#ENDGAME Microsite

A Microsite has been set up on the CWU website where we are asking all our members from BTPFS and BT to sign a letter opposing the decision to outsource which can be sent electronically to Gavin Patterson, BT CEO and the BT Board.

Please find attached a copy of the model letter.


We are asking all our members from BTPFS and BT to sign the campaign petition. A copy of this is attached but can also be found on the Microsite.

Please find attached a copy of the petition.

Regional Demos

It will be out intention to hold a number of Regional Demonstrations outside key BT buildings to protest against the outsourcing. We would like to encourage as many BT branches and BTFS members to attend these events. Please note that any participation at these demos will require BT reps to take annual leave and it is strictly not permitted to use facility time.

It is important that as many of our BTFS members are involved in these events as possible and encouraged to support the campaign by coming out in their breaks or before/after their attendance.


Please find attached electronic copies of the posters and leaflets that will be used during the campaign.

We will be sending out stickers to the branches shortly.

Facebook Live Sessions

You may have already seen the publicity on social media about a Facebook live session that will be arranged for 27 November between 18.30 and 19.30. You can access this by going to the CWU Facebook page. We would like as many BTFS and BT members to join in and ask questions.

Campaign Dedicated email address

If you or our members have any questions or queries regarding the outsourcing or campaign, please use our dedicated email

Yours Sincerely

Sally Bridge

National Officer



ENDGAME Petition


Model Letter BT Employee

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Election of National Delegations 2019

Election of National Delegations 2019

  • Labour Party Women’s Conference – 2019

Further to LTB 613/18, dated 5th November, at the close of nominations the following had been received:

Postal Constituency

NEC (1 Member)

Lynn Simpson Gloucestershire Amal *Elected

4 Lay Members

*Ballot Required
Rachel Daley Bristol & District Amal  
Katie Dunning West London Postal  
Kate Hudson South Midlands Postal  
Michelle Reid-Hay Grampian & Shetland Amal  
Laura Snell Eastern No 4  
Arlene Whittaker Mount Pleasant  
Telecom & Financial Services Constituency

NEC (1 Member)

Karen Rose South Wales *Elected


3 Lay Members

*Ballot Required
Sylvia Beckett Capital, Mid Wales The Marches & North Staffs, South Wales, West Yorkshire,  
Sonia Campbell Midland No 1  
Jaime Monsma Midland No 1  
Jean Sharrocks North East. Capital, Mid Wales The Marches & North Staffs, South Wales, West Yorkshire  
Trish Vollans West Yorkshire, Capital, Mid Wales The Marches & North Staffs, South Wales  

The ballot timetable is as follows:

Despatch ballot papers   27 November 2018
Ballot Closes    11 December 2018 (14:00)

Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department on telephone number 020 8971 7237, or email address

Yours sincerely,

Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary


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The 2018 Trades Union Congress took place from Sunday 9thSeptember to Wednesday 12th September 2018.

All unions were entitled to submit two motions to the agenda. The CWU National Executive Council agreed the following motions:-


Congress agrees the 12th May New Deal Rally is the catalyst for stronger collective action in the biggest trade union campaign for decades to reclaim our purpose as the collective voice of workers and to change the balance of forces in the world of work.

The General Council must agree, publish and deliver a new deal next steps plan based on the following:-

  1. Agree a common bargaining agenda for individual sectors to tackle insecure employment and in work poverty and stress.
  2. Convene a summit to agree a charter, similar to Bridlington, which promotes greater co-operation on how we recruit the millions of unorganised UK workers and bring an end to inter-union competition.
  3. Agree a trade union New Deal Manifesto that builds on the Labour Party Manifesto and the work of the Institute of Employment Rights
  4. Organise a day of action in support of the new deal in the first half of 2019, backed up and preceded by our biggest ever collective communication, social media and workplace meeting strategy. The action will be deliverable by agreeing an innovative menu of options that workers everywhere can participate in on a given date.

Congress recognises that with the structural inequality and imbalance of power in today’s economy, the major problems in today’s world of work and the challenge of the fourth industrial revolution it has never been more important for unions to come together like never before and deliver a bold new deal for workers.

Communication Workers Union


Congress strongly condemns the government for its inept handling of the Brexit process. As set out in the General Council statement agreed at Congress last year, Congress continues to believe that in order to bring together workers, we must respect the referendum result and continue to call for a ‘jobs and rights first Brexit.’

Any Brexit deal must enshrine and enhance working rights, social and environmental protections; maintain the Good Friday agreement and prevent a hard border in Northern Ireland; secure a customs union with the EU; and protect barrier free access to the single market.

Congress agrees that the TUC should campaign against any deal that does not meet these tests with the aim of forcing an early general election to secure a Labour government with a mandate for a Brexit deal that puts working people first.

Congress agrees that the trade union movement has a responsibility to unify all workers whether they voted leave or remain and the best way of achieving this is to directly link the fight for a new deal for workers in the UK with the TUC’s work on Brexit.

Congress also agrees that we must continue to fight for reform of the EU to promote the interests of workers across Europe.

Communication Workers Union

The CWU was also entitled to submit two amendments. These were as follows:-

  • Proposed Amendment to Proposition 30 : Auto-enrolment and the lowest paid (Aegis)

Add new final paragraph:

“Congress also recognises that for millions of workers, current pension provision from their employer is wholly inadequate. While DB schemes remain the gold standard, Congress supports the introduction of CDC as an alternative to DC provision and calls for the government to permit CDC schemes in the UK.”

  • Proposed Amendment to Motion P62 : Mental health crisis (Unison)

Add the following two new bullet points at the end of the motion

iii. organise a one day conference in 2019 on mental health in the workplace to bring together unions and organisations specialising in mental health issues;

  1. set up a cross-union working group on mental health to share best practice and co-ordinate campaigning work.






PRESENT: Beryl Shepherd (Chair), Dave Ward (General Secretary), Tony Kearns (SDGS), Andy Kerr (DGS T&FS), Terry Pullinger (DGS Postal), Maria Exall (ex officio), Amarjite Singh, Jim McKechnie, Kate Hudson, Fiona Curtis, Jacky Morrey, Angela Teeling, Mark Walsh, Mick Kavanagh, Tom Cooper, Katie Dunning, Rob Wotherspoon, Jonathan Belshaw, Eugene Caparros,

IN ATTENDANCE: Bill Taylor, Lionel Sampson, Andrew Towers, Jeremy Baugh, Janina Dunn, Chris Tapper, Dawn Jeffery


The Chair welcomed all CWU Delegates to the meeting in particular those who were attending the TUC Congress for the first time and asked the delegation to introduce themselves to the meeting.

Apologies were received from Sajid Shaikh (Domestic), Chris Webb (Domestic) and Kate Hudson late arrival (Domestic).


The General Secretary welcomed all delegates and said that this year’s Congress was probably the most important TUC for many years, especially the debate around Brexit and that the CWU has been pushing for new policies on a new deal for workers with the TUC.

The General Secretary was also encouraged on how many delegates are speaking on debates during the course of the week, and said that he felt this year’s TUC would be a good and interesting Congress.


Bill Taylor provided an explanation of the TUC pack provided at the meeting which included: 

  • General Council Report 2018 
  • Final Agenda 2018 
  • General Purposes Committee Report and Composite 

Motions and General Council Statements 2018

  • Consolidated Motions and Composite Motions 2018 (printed Monday)
  2. The SDGS went through the CWU policy position on motions and amendments.




Subject Submitted By Recommendation
1 Industrial strategy: an economy for the many Unite

*Aslef amendment

2 The future of the retail sector Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers S
3 Save Our Steel Community

4 Local casting Equity S
5 Automation Community S
6 Automation and its impact on black workers TUC Black Workers Conference S
7 Just transition and energy workers’ voice GMB O
8 Fracking Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union

*Unison amendment


*Oppose Amendment

9 Strategy for a low- carbon industrial region TUC Trades Union Councils Conference S
10 Nationalisation of the railways National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers S
11 High fares and the decline in season ticket sales ASLEF S
12 Transport: Britain’s railways

Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association S
13 The danger of rail freight decline for UK infrastructure

14 ETF fair transport campaign

Nautilus International S
Composite 1 (includes Motion 15 the amendments to 15 and 16) Sea fairers’ working conditions and Workforce safety in the offshore and maritime industries

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers, Nautilus

Composite 2

(includes Motions 17, 18, 19 and 20)

Brexit Unite, CWU, RCM, TSSA S
21* Continuing the fight against insecure work GMB

*RMT amendment

22* A better deal for low paid workers USDAW

*Equity amendment

23* Promoting flexible working Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

*RCM amendment

24* Bullying and harassment FDA

*College of Podiatry amendment

25* Regulation matters Prospect

*USDAW amendment

Composite 3

(previously 26)

Grenfell Tower Fire Brigades Union, Unite and Unison S
27 Night working National Union of Journalists S
Composite 4 (previously 28 and amendment)

Healthcare workers and workplace violence in prisons Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, GMB and Community S
29 Social Security Public and Commercial Services Union S
30 Stop and scrap universal credit TUC Disabled Workers Conference S
31* Auto-enrolment and the lowest paid Aegis

*CWU amendment


CWU to second

32 Corporal punishment of children in England Association of Educational Psychologists S
33 A strategy for children and young people (CYP) Association of Educational Psychologists S
Composite 5 (previously 34 and amendments) Fighting sexual harassment and discrimination Equity, Prospect S
35 Sexual harassment in the music industry Musicians’ Union S
36 Sexual harassment TUC Women’s Conference S
37 We trust women – abortion rights Royal College of Midwives S
38 Equal pay/gender pay gap National Union of Journalists S
39 Armed forces and LGBT – dishonourable discharge Society of Radiographers S
40* Austerity, artists and discrimination Artists’ Union England O
41 Support for gender self-declaration TUC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender+ Conference S
Composite 6

(Motion 42 and 43 and amendments)

Ending the Hostile environment immigration policy and justice for the Windrush generation

UNISON, Accord, PCS, RMT, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and RCM S
44* Challenging the politics of hate University College Union

*Unite amendment

Section 4 – Good Services
Composite 7

(includes Motions 45, 46, 47 and amendments)



Public services outsourcing – lessons from Carillion

UNISON, Unite, POA and Aslef S
Composite 8 (Motion 48 and amendments)




Public sector National Association of Head Teachers


Composite 15 (Motion 49, 50 and amendments) Public sector pay


Composite 9 (Motions 51, 52 and amendments) Education funding crisis

NEU, National Association of Head Teachers and UCU

53* Mental health and wellbeing of teachers NASUWT

*GMB amendment

Composite 10 (Motion 54, 55 and amendments) National Education Service National Education Union, University College Union and Unison

56 Data misuse Educational Institute of Scotland S
57 Music education Musicians’ Union S
58 Education and training for life after football Professional Footballers’ Association S
59* Central role of art and culture in education and communities Artists’ Union England

*NASUWT amendment

Composite 11 (Motion 60 and amendment) Health and social care workers subsidising the NHS British Dietetic Association

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Community and The College of Podiatry

61* NHS pay Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

*FDA amendment

62 Preventing ill health Chartered Society of Physiotherapy S
Composite 12 [Motion 63, 64 and amendments] Mental health UNISON, Society of Radiographers,

USDAW, CWU, Equity and TSSA

65 Civil service impartiality FDA S
66 Family justice system in crisis

Napo S
67 The transforming rehabilitation counter-revolution

Napo S
68* Grassland fires Fire Brigades Union

*TSSA amendment

Section 5: Strong Unions
Composite 13 (Motion 69 and amendments) A new deal for workers Communication Workers Union


70 Collective voice Prospect S
71 General data protection regulations (GDPR) NASUWT S
72 Organising fast food workers BFAWU S
73 Winning against atypical employment models BALPA S
74 Make 2019 the year of young workers TUC Young Workers Conference S
Composite 14 (Motion 75 and amendments) Turkey Educational Institute of Scotland

Unite and UCU

76* International Labour Organisation Accord

*NASUWT amendment

77 Food security and sustainability British Dietetic Association S
General Council Statements
General Council Statement on Brexit S
General Council Statement on Collective Bargaining S

*Following further discussion and consultation with the delegation after the delegates meeting, the position on Motion 40 was changed from Oppose to Support.

The above policy was agreed.


The following CWU commitments and interventions were agreed:

1. Industrial Strategy: An economy for the many Tom Cooper Tuesday P.M.
2. The Future of the Retail Sector Katie Dunning Tuesday P.M.
7. Just Transition and Energy Workers’ Voice Tony Kearns Tuesday A.M.
9. Strategy for low-carbon industrial region


Tony Kearns Tuesday A.M.
21. Continuing the fight against insecure work


Jonathan Bellshaw Tuesday A.M.
25 Regulation Matters Maria Exall Monday A.M.
41 Support for gender self-declaration Angela Teeling Tuesday A.M.
42 Justice for the Windrush generation AJ Singh Tuesday A.M.
44 Challenging the politics of hate Beryl Shepherd Tuesday A.M.
47 Independent inquiry into privatisation Rob Wotherspoon Monday P.M.
48 Public Sector Mark Walsh Monday P.M.
70 Collective Voice Kate Hudson Monday A.M.
74 Make 2019 the year of young workers Fiona Curtis Monday P.M.


  • GS nominated for General Council 
  • Maria Exall nominated for General Council (LGBT Section I)
  • There will be an election in Section D (Women from Unions with fewer than 200,000 members – 5 candidates 4 to be elected as follows:Linda Rolf


Annette Mansell-Green  CWU Support
British Dietetic Association

Janice Godrich  CWU Support
Public and Commercial Services Union

Sue Ferns  CWU Support


Vicky Knight  CWU Support
University and College Union

The recommended candidates were agreed.



The delegation was advised of a number of fringe meetings involving, or of special interest to the CWU.

Sunday 9th – 13.00  NSSW – Venue: Mechanics Institute – Terry Pullinger (Deputy General Secretary Postal)

Sunday 9th – 18.30 (or end of Conference) – Venue: Charter 4 – IER/CTUF

Rolling out the Manifesto for Labour Law – Speakers: John McDonnell (Shadow Chancellor), Lauren Townsend (Unite/TGI Fridays campaigner) and John Hendy (QC IER/CTUF)

Monday 10th – 12.45 pm  The Fight for a New Deal for WorkersCWU/Unite/GMB  Venue: Exchange 9 – Dave Ward (CWU), Len McCluskey (Unite), Tim Roache (GMB)

Monday 10th – 17.30 – People Still Want Pensions – Venue: Lancaster Suite, Midlands Hotel – Terry Pullinger (Deputy General Secretary Postal), CWU Catherine Lockyer (Partner, First Actuarial LLP), Alasdair McDiarmid (Operations Director, Community)

Tuesday 11th – 12.45 pm  How can the Union-Labour Party link be developed from the workplace upwards? Venue: Exchange 1-Morning Star editor Ben Chacko plus trade union general secretaries

Tuesday 11th  17.45 pm  Work and Equalities: Futures and Challenges – Venue: Central 8 – Speakers: Heather Wakefield, Lynn Collins (TUC North West), Jill Rubery, Debra Howcroft, Tony Dundon, Miguel Martinez, Lucio amongst others: Work and Equalities Institute, The University of Manchester


The Chair confirmed that the Congress seating plan was contained on page 31 of the Congress Guide. CWU would be situated in Rows – E 1- 5, F 1 – 12, G 1 – 3.


Media Contacts

The Chair asked delegates to consult Chris Webb, Head of Comms or Charlie Pullinger, Press Officer prior to interacting with the media.


The Chair asked the delegation to confirm to Beryl Shepherd if they would be absent during Congress, or if they were required to leave Congress early.


The President asked that a vote of thanks be noted in the minutes to the CWU staff for all their hard work.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 11.40 am.

Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed to the General Secretary’s office

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

General Secretary 


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The Labour Party Conference was held in Liverpool from Sunday 23rd to Wednesday 26th September 2018. 

The following is a report on the decisions taken by the CWU women’s delegation at their meeting on Friday 21stSeptember 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Liverpool.


2018 CWU Women Labour Party Delegation Meeting

HMS Liverpool Boardroom, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool

Friday 21st September 2018, 5.30pm

PRESENT: Dave Ward (General Secretary), Tony Kearns (SDGS), Katie Dunning, Kate Hudson (Chair), Karen Rose (conference call), Joyce Stevenson and Kate Walsh

IN ATTENDANCE: Tracey Fussey, Maria Exall, Andrew Towers, Natasha Burgess and Meta Bovell

APOLOGIES: Beryl Shepherd (President)


Kate Hudson, the Chair welcomed everyone to the CWU Women’s Delegation meeting. She also welcomed Tracey Fussey and Maria Exall, who were attending the meeting in an ex-officio capacity as CWU National Policy Forum representative and Vice Chair of TULO respectively.


The General Secretary, Dave Ward, welcomed those present. Due to the fact that the Women’s Conference was having policy-making power for the first time, the General Secretary recognised the role the CWU had played in pushing for this. He explained that with the Women’s Conference being fully stand alone and independent next year, we would be able to have a separate elected delegation for this, which he recognised CWU Women’s Conference had requested.


It was agreed that Karen Rose would lead the women’s delegation at tomorrow’s conference. She also agreed to collect the ballot papers.


CWU had submitted a motion on Period Poverty to the Women’s Conference. Katie Dunning offered to speak on the motion. This was agreed by the delegation. It was also agreed that Katie would attend the compositing meeting on behalf of the union on 22nd September. 


It was agreed that the delegation would consider any changes to the motions when the final composites were published at the Conference itself.


The delegation were given the list of motions and agreed any other speakers could be put forward at the Conference.


Natasha Burgess, Political Advisor in the General Secretary’s office, explained the work the union would be doing to campaign on our motion on period poverty at the Conference, including leafletting outside the Conference Centre as delegates made their way in; merchandise and photo opportunities on the stall; and that the union had arranged to provide free period products in the toilets at the Conference Centre.

The delegation was asked to engage in the campaign by distributing leaflets outside the Conference venue in the morning.

It was also pointed out to the delegation that Angela Rayner, MP had written an article to promote the campaign and the CWU’s work on this, which would be published online on the day of the Conference.

8. AOB

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 6pm.

The following is a report on the decisions taken by the CWU delegation at their meeting on Sunday 23rd September 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Liverpool.


2018 CWU Labour Party Delegation Meeting

Princes Suite, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool

Sunday 23rd September 2018, 8.30am

PRESENT: Beryl Shepherd (President), Dave Ward (General Secretary), Tony Kearns (SDGS), Andy Kerr (Deputy General Secretary, T&FSE), Terry Pullinger (Deputy General Secretary, Postal), Craig Anderson, Graham Colk, Kye Dudd, Kate Dunning, Keith Hamilton, Scott Hartles, Kate Hudson, Karen Rose, Steve Jones, Brian Kenny, Joyce Stevenson, Alan Tate, Kate Walsh and Mark Walsh

IN ATTENDANCE: Jane Loftus, Chris Webb, Bill Taylor, Tracey Fussey, Maria Exall, Lionel Sampson, Andrew Towers, Chris Tapper and Meta Bovell

APOLOGIES: Sajid Shaikh 


Beryl Shepherd, National President welcomed all CWU Delegates particularly Keith Hamilton from South Central Postal Branch, who was attending conference as a member of the CWU delegation for the first time.

Maria Exall was attending the meeting in an ex-officio capacity as Vice Chair of TULO.

The General Secretary also welcomed delegates and observers to the meeting and gave an overview of the important issues that would be discussed during the coming days.


Apologies had been received from:-

 Sajid Shaikh – unable to attend as a delegate due to a family bereavement


Some delegates indicated that they would be absent during some periods of the conference to attend morning fringes, and the Chair requested that she or the SDGS be notified of lengthy absences.


Andy Kerr, DGS (T&FS) gave the delegation an overview of the Democracy Review which had been conducted by the Labour NEC over the past year to enhance the democratic structures (locally, regionally and nationally) within the party. The NEC has produced rule changes and the Conference has been asked to vote on these under 8 subject areas:

 Individual Members’ Rights

 Local Structures: CLPs (CLP and Branch Structure)

 Regional Structures 

 National Structures (NEC)

 National Structures (National Conferences)

 National Structures (Leadership Elections)

 National Constitutional Committee

 Westminster Selections

Tony Kearns, SDGS highlighted to the delegation that if the Democracy Review was accepted, there would be many CLP constitutional amendments which would fall and voting on the remaining Constitutional Amendments would be discussed at a future delegation meeting.

It was agreed that the CWU would support the NEC’s position on the Democracy Review.


The Chair reminded delegates not to talk to the media without prior reference to Chris Webb, Head of Communications. She also emphasised the need to obtain permission from any individual before photographs of delegates were posted onto Social Media etc.

Chris Webb informed the delegation of various events planned for the week and asked everyone to be mindful of not blocking access for visitors to the CWU stand.


Tony Kearns, SDGS ensured that all delegates had the appropriate documentation:-

 NEC Annual Report 2018

 National Policy Forum Report 2018

 CAC Report No. 1 and Appendix of NEC Rule Changes

 How Conference Works 

He also asked if anyone in the delegation wished to speak on any of the National Policy Forum sections or the Annual Report.

Scott Hartles said he would like to speak in the housing debate and Steve Jones wanted to intervene on Mental Health.

This was agreed.


Andrew Towers, Head of Political Strategy advised delegates that each day they would receive a Conference Arrangements Committee Report.

CAC Report No.1 issued that morning, contained the day’s agenda and the full list of all contemporary motions submitted.

CWU Contemporary Motion

Andrew explained that Labour Party Policy was made both via the National Policy Forums (NPF) which was voted on at Conference and by motions directly to Conference.

During Conference today (Sunday 23rd September), a vote would be taken on which subjects the Conference wished to discuss (4 for CLPs and 4 for Trade Unions and affiliates). The CWU had submitted a contemporary motion which would be composited within the ‘Economy’ section. 

The General Secretary would speak on this motion. This was agreed. It was also agreed that the SDGS would speak in the Brexit debate.

The delegation agreed to support the motion brought forward from the Women’s Conference (held on Saturday 22nd September) and which was printed in the CAC Report No.1.


Various elections were being held at Conference and whilst no vote was necessary in some elections (candidates elected unopposed), a vote was necessary in others.

The delegation agreed the following: 

Conference Arrangements Committee – Division I – General Section

Five to elect (at least two women):

 Harry Donaldson (GMB) 

 Tracey Fussey (CWU) 

 Lynne Morris (Unison) 

 Emily Rowles (Usdaw) 

 Mick Murphy (Unite) – Put forward in place of Phillipa Marsden

National Auditor

Two to elect:

 Steve Jennings (GMB) 

 Chris Kitchen (NUM) 

National Constitutional Committee Division I – Trade Unions

Two to elect:

 Mick Carney (TSSA) 

 Ruth Hayes (Unite) 


As previously stated (agenda item 7), trade union affiliates would choose four contemporary issues and in accordance with colleagues in TULO the General Secretary recommended the following contemporary issues in the Priorities Ballot:

1) Brexit

2) In-work Poverty

3) An Economy for the Many (CWU Motion)

4) Public investment and public services

The contemporary issues were agreed.

It was agreed that Andrew Towers (and the Chair) would collect and complete the priorities ballot paper.


The Chair advised that there would be a number of votes during conference and for the constitutional amendments CWU would be required to do this by submitting card votes. Each delegate was allocated a card vote booklet. These would be administered as a delegation. Therefore 4 volunteers were required to look after the card votes on the floor of conference.

The following names were put forward and agreed.

 Karen Rose (Graham Colk as deputy)

 Katie Dunning (Mark Walsh as deputy)


The Chair advised that delegates would be eligible to attend the “Speech by the Leader of the Labour Party”. This would be on Wednesday 26th September 2018 at 12.15pm and she reminded delegates that they needed to be in the hall early to take their seats


There are 9 Policy Seminars taking place in the Arena Conference Centre. The CAC Report No. 1 (page 12) contains the details and locations of all the Policy Seminars and delegates were asked to familiarise themselves with the details, should they wish to attend.

The Chair stated that if anyone wished to make an intervention on any subject covered in the seminars, this would need to be in line with CWU Policy and delegates should have a copy of the 2018 CWU Summary Policy Document.


The Chair advised the delegation that a full list of fringe meetings could be found in the Conference Guide. However, she highlighted some fringe events and receptions of particular interest or that featured CWU speakers.


There was no other business.

The Meeting concluded at 9.25am.

The following is a report on the decisions taken by the CWU delegation at their meeting on Monday 24th September 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Liverpool.


2018 CWU Labour Party Delegation Meeting

Prince’s Suite, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool

Monday 24th September 2018, 8.15am

PRESENT: Beryl Shepherd (President), Dave Ward (General Secretary), Tony Kearns (SDGS), Andy Kerr (Deputy General Secretary, T&FSE), Terry Pullinger (Deputy General Secretary, Postal), Craig Anderson, Graham Colk, Kye Dudd, Kate Dunning, Keith Hamilton, Scott Hartles, Karen Rose, Steve Jones, Brian Kenny, Joyce Stevenson, Alan Tate, Kate Walsh and Mark Walsh

IN ATTENDANCE: Jane Loftus, Chris Webb, Bill Taylor, Tracey Fussey, Maria Exall, Lionel Sampson, Andrew Towers, Chris Tapper and Meta Bovell

APOLOGIES: Kate Hudson 


CAC Report No.2 issued that morning, contained the day’s agenda and the results of the Card Votes and Contemporary Motions Priorities Ballot (in Appendix 2 on page 21). The Constitutional Card Votes re the Democracy Review would be announced at Conference.

The eight subject areas selected for debate were:

Top 4 Issues from Affiliates Ballot Top 4 Issues from CLP Ballot
Brexit Housing
An Economy for the Many Schools System
Government Contracts Justice for the Windrush
In-work Poverty Palestine

Composite Motions

As a result of the Compositing Meetings, 4 composite motions were agreed and listed on pages 11 – 17.

 Composite Motion 1 – Housing 

 Composite Motion 2 – An Economy for the Many

 Composite Motion 3 – In-work Poverty 

 Composite Motion 4 – Schools System 

The General Secretary recommended that the delegation support all 4 Composite Motions.

The delegation agreed to support the composite motions.

Emergency Motions

In addition to the Composite motions, there were 2 Emergency Motions which would be debated during today’s session:

 Emergency Motion 1 – Grenfell Tower

 Emergency Motion 2 – Industrial Crisis in the Car Industry

The General Secretary recommended that the delegation support the 2 Emergency Motions.

The delegation agreed to support the Emergency motions.


The following delegates indicated that they would like to speak:

Kye Dudd Post Bank (The Chair said she thought it unlikely that we could find a suitable slot for this)
Scott Hartles Composite Motion 1 – Housing
Steve Jones NPF Report on Mental Health (This would probably be Wednesday morning)


i. The General Secretary explained the Labour Party NEC position on Brexit and CWU policy;

ii. Delegates were reminded of the Fringe meetings taking place where the General Secretary would be speaking;

iii. Delegates were also reminded of the World Transformed sessions;

iv. Chris Webb gave details of the arrangements for the CWU Event.

The meeting concluded at 8.35am.

The following is a report on the decisions taken by the CWU delegation at their meeting on Tuesday 25th September 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Liverpool.


2018 CWU Labour Party Delegation Meeting

Princes Suite, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool

Tuesday 25th September 2018, 8.15am

PRESENT: Beryl Shepherd (President), Dave Ward (General Secretary), Tony Kearns (SDGS), Andy Kerr (Deputy General Secretary, T&FSE), Craig Anderson, Graham Colk, Kye Dudd, Keith Hamilton, Scott Hartles, Kate Hudson, Karen Rose, Steve Jones, Brian Kenny, Joyce Stevenson, Alan Tate, Kate Walsh and Mark Walsh

IN ATTENDANCE: Jane Loftus, Chris Webb, Bill Taylor, Tracey Fussey, Maria Exall, Lionel Sampson, Andrew Towers, Chris Tapper and Meta Bovell

APOLOGIES: Andy Kerr (Deputy General Secretary, T&FS), Terry Pullinger (Deputy General Secretary, Postal) and Katie Dunning

The Chair opened the meeting and placed on record thanks to the Comms team and all involved in organising the CWU Event. All feedback was extremely positive.


CAC Report No.3 issued that morning, contained the day’s agenda and the result of the Priorities Ballot (in Appendix 6 on page 49) and Card Votes (1 to 8) (in Appendix 4 on page 42), and as a result a number of Constitutional Amendments had fallen.


There were five Composite Motions as listed below to be debated today:

Composite Motion 5 – Brexit
Composite Motion 6 – Government Contracts
Composite Motion 7 – Government Contracts
Composite Motion 8 – Justice for the Windrush Generation
Composite Motion 9 – Palestine

It was agreed to CWU would support all of the composite motions and that the SDGS would speak in the Brexit debate.


There are 12 Constitutional Amendments left to be debated at today’s Conference session. The SDGS suggested that the delegation follow the NEC recommendations apart from the following:

Vote   Revised Recommendation
13 Annual Standing Orders Oppose
17 Abolition of Registered Supporter Status Support

The SDGS recommendations were agreed.


The following delegates indicated that they would like to intervene in the debate.

Steve Jones Composite Motion 8 – NPF Report on Mental Health

This was agreed.


The Chair advised that there would not be a delegation meeting on Wednesday 26th September. 

The meeting concluded at 8.55am.

Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed to the General Secretary’s office

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

General Secretary


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Royal Mail Area Representative & Royal Mail Area Representative Substitute Elections – 2018

Royal Mail Area Representative & Royal Mail Area Representative Substitute Elections – 2018

Branches will be aware that the Senior Deputy General Secretary is required to publish a standard election timetable for the RM Area Rep/Substitute positions. The timetable applies to positions that cover more than one branch area, i.e. those RM Area Rep elections, which are currently organised by the Regional Secretary. Accordingly the timetable for the 2018 RM Area Rep elections is as follows: 

Nominations Open: 20th November 2018
Nominations Close:  4th December 2018

In line with the above policy I have asked Regional Secretaries to co-ordinate these elections and to contact branches and advise them of the arrangements for the positions which are subject to election within their respective areas.

Branches are reminded that candidates must have received the nomination of their own branch and if ballots are required we will advise the respective branches of the ballot timetable in due course.

Branches should also note that any ballots will be conducted on an individual member basis of those members eligible to vote and that the costs incurred for the ballots would have to be met from the relevant Branch(s) funds. The Regional Secretary will discuss the detail of this with the Branches.

Also please note that it has been agreed that any candidates taking part in a ballot will be entitled to submit the following biographical and election information:

  1. Biographical Details up to a maximum of 100 words.
  2. An Election Statement of no more than 300 words. 

Please note that the biographical details and election address will need to be provided to the respective Regional Secretary by the close of nominations on 4th December 2018. Any information received after this date will not be included with the ballot information.

In addition any elections will be conducted in line with the attached Guidelines and I would also take this opportunity to remind branches and candidates that they have a responsibility to treat fellow candidates with respect and they must ensure that no election material is published that could be deemed as either offensive or abusive.

Please note that elections for Area Representatives that fall wholly within one Branch boundary are the responsibility of the Branch, however if required, assistance can be sought from the Regional Secretary regarding these elections.

Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department on telephone number 020 8971 7237 or email address

Yours sincerely,

Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary


Area Rep Guidelines 2018

View Online




Dear Colleagues

This will be the final Retired Members Newsletter for 2018, which also includes your 2019 CWU Diary.



This meeting was held at the Post Office Sports and Social Club on Wednesday the 14th of November, where our guest speaker was June Parker from Age UK who covers Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.  June gave an overview on what services and assistance Age UK can provide and also brought along some interesting booklets. If you think Age UK Peterborough & Cambridgeshire can be helpful contact them on either 01372 546185 or 0300 6669860.  If you live outside this catchment area, you can ring the Age UK Advice Line on 0800 055 6122. This line is open 8am to 7pm 365 days.



This conference took place on the 3rd & 4th of November and debated the far reaching decisions on how the union will be run structurally & financially. There is little that will indirectly affect Retired Members, other than the need for Retired Members to have a voice and influence outside of the workplace, and to be able to campaign for the NHS, the unfairness of Social Care Funding and the protection of our Universal Benefits (winter fuel allowance, bus passes, free eye & prescription charges, the state pension triple lock protection and so on) These are what we have to campaign for in order to retain or improve them.



At our Retired Members meeting there was an interesting debate on membership which asked the question of membership beyond retirement, and how we might possibly involve family connections. This will involve consultation with senior CWU representatives going forward by way of a ‘rule nothing in or nothing out’ conversation. Any helpful ideas would be appreciated.








Terry Henderson our Branch lead Learning Rep has kindly provided us with two links you may find interesting. One is the revised Retired Members website link. Thisgives information on what’s taking place with Retired Members nationally. The second,, is giving information on how visits can be arranged to households by the fire service, especiallyto those where vulnerable older people live.Although this link is for Cambridgeshire, those of you who live in other parts of the country can go on line and type in the local fire authority where similar schemes are being operated.



The incidents of SCAMS are becoming widespread. Online, cold calling and through the mail with the elderly being a main target. The following organisations, Which, , follow the link to consumer rights. Citizen Advice Bureau, & follow their link. Royal Mail, email, these may be helpful. Also your banks may be running their own scam information service.



For future meetings in 2019, if there is any topic that you think would be interesting where we could invite a guest speaker, please do not hesitate to contact me, and we will try to arrange it. Not Brexit though. (Joke!!)



On behalf of all Branch Officers, Committee members, and working members of Eastern No5. They extend their best wishes to all our Retired Members a comfortable, enjoyable Xmas and New Year.

Stay warm this winter.


Kind regards




Mick Goldsmith


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