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General Conference 2020 – Sunday 19th –Tuesday 21 April 2020

General Conference 2020 – Sunday 19th –Tuesday 21st April 2020

Attached with this Letter to Branches are motion forms for General Conference 2020. Branches should note that the motion guide for submitting motions to General Conference 2020 has been attached.   Submitting bodies are advised to read the guidance notes carefully prior to submitting motions to ensure your motions meet the criteria for submission.

At this stage it is expected that the Equality Day will be Monday 20th April 2020.   Whilst it is hoped that the content of motions submitted by the Regions on behalf of the Regional Equality Sub-Committee will be such that it is appropriate to be placed in the Equal Opportunities section of the agenda and heard on the Equality Day,  motions will not automatically be placed there unless the content of the motion allows.

Rules Revision Conference

There is due to be a Rules Revision conference in 2020.    The date and location at this time have not been confirmed and further information will be provided at a later date on this.  There will therefore be no Rules Section at General Conference 2020.

Entitlements In relation to the General Conference 2020:

  • All Branches are entitled to submit three motions to General Conference.
  • Regional Committees are entitled to submit three motions to the General Conference – however one of the motions must be from the Regional Equality Sub-Committee.
  • Regional Health and Safety Sub-Committees are entitled to submit three motions on Health, Safety and Environmental matters to the Health Safety and Environment section of the agenda.

Branches/Regional Committees/Regional Health and Safety Sub-Committees are also reminded that the closing date for the submission of motions to General Conference is 12 noon, Monday 3rd February 2020. 

Motions submitted by email and any other email correspondence must be sent to and no other personal email address.

Submitting bodies ***Please note the new email address***

If sending Motions by post, Branches must ensure they use a signed for service which guarantees delivery by the closing date and time.

Motions received, will be acknowledged within 72 hours. If you do not receive notification of the receipt of your motions, contact or call Angela Niven at head office on 020 8971 7256 to confirm receipt.

Branches/Regions/Health and Safety Sub-Committees/Minority Conferences and the NEC are reminded that the Standing Orders Committee will not alter or amend any of the motions submitted therefore it is important that motions are checked before they are submitted.

Any queries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to Angela Niven on 020 8971 7256 or by email to

Yours sincerely,


A P Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary

19LTB701 – General Conference 2020 – Sunday 19th-Tuesday 21st April 2020

General Motion Guide 2020

General Conference Motion Form 2020

HS Motion form GC 20



In previous years we have requested that branches use one specific email address to submit everything related to conference.    However, due to the large volume of emails that are received in this email inbox we have decided that for Annual Conference only we will use separate email addresses for the submission of motions.

Branches need to note that the new email addresses for submitting motions to the relevant conferences are as follows and these email addresses will be used every year from now on in:

General Motions     –

Postal Motions         –

TFS Motions             –

Rule Amendments   –


The above email addresses will be displayed on all correspondence circulated regarding motions/amendments so there is no confusion.

The email address will still be in use at Annual Conference but this will only be used for general correspondence regarding prayer rooms, seating, fringe meetings etc.

Any queries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to Angela Niven on 020 8971 7256 or by email to

Yours sincerely,


A P Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary

19LTB700 – Conference email addresses

Membership Subscription – Retired & Retired Associate Members – from 1 January 2020

Membership Subscription – Retired & Retired Associate Members – from 1st January 2020

 CWU Rule 11.5.2 contains the following instruction:

The rate for retired and retired associate members shall increase on 1 January each
year by the same percentage increase as the known CPI at the time.

The known rate for CPI is currently 1.5% therefore in accordance with the rules of the union from 1stJanuary 2020 the membership subscription rates for Retired and Retired Associate Members will be as follows:

Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department on telephone number 020 8971 7237, or email address

Yours sincerely,



Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary

19LTB699 – Retired Members and Retired Associate Members Subscriptions Rates from January 2020

Royal Mail Group (RMG)/CWU Agreement – Mental Health First Aid Training for Physical/Medical First Aiders and CWU Area Health and Safety Representatives (January – March 2020 Course Dates – Applications Now Invited)

Royal Mail Group (RMG)/CWU Agreement – Mental Health First Aid Training for Physical/Medical First Aiders and CWU Area Health and Safety Representatives (January – March 2020 Course Dates – Applications Now Invited)

LTB 481/18 reported to branches that a major Agreement on Mental Health First Aid Training had been reached by the CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department with Royal Mail Group and as part of the Royal Mail Group, “Because Healthy Minds Matter”, five-year mental health strategy, Royal Mail Group has agreed to up-skill all physical/medical first aiders with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training which will involve approximately 5,500 CWU members who are First Aid volunteers across the UK. In addition, all CWU Area Health and Safety Representatives in all Royal Mail Group Businesses and Business Units, approximately 150 CWU Health and Safety Reps, will be included in the programme plus 200 Mental Health Ambassadors, most of whom are CWU Reps and members will be able to attend the MHFA one-day training courses also.

The MHFA training is evidence based and is aimed at increasing people’s mental health awareness, skills and confidence, enabling them to step in to situations where they notice signs of poor mental health and help someone in distress and to give first aid support, talk, and help prevent them from hurting themselves and signpost them to the right professional, expert support.

The training will be provided by in-house, accredited, licensed MHFA instructors. 17 Royal Mail Group trainers have now completed the MHFA England Trainer’s Course. They undertake 6 days of training, then have to run 2 x 2 days MHFA courses on which they are assessed by MHFA England assessors and are then licensed to deliver the training. A MHFA England specially designed 1-day course will be provided and is a condensed version of the standard 2-day MHFA (England) training course. The trainers complete some additional training in order to deliver this ‘condensed’ one-day course which is what RMG is delivering.

1700 Royal Mail Group employees have so far attended the RMG delivered MHFA courses – mainly managers. Approximately 10% are front line CWU grades, CWU Reps and Mental Health Ambassadors.

Course Dates for the first quarter period January – March 2020 have now been released and applications are invited from Physical/Medical First Aiders and CWU Area Health and Safety Reps to attend the 1-day Mental Health First Aid Courses at the venues and at the times in the table listed below. CWU Members who are Mental Health Ambassadors can also apply to attend.

Enrolment on a course can be made (with line management approval) via PSP/Success Factors on the Royal Mail Group Intranet site or by calling the HR Service Centre on 0345 6060603.

Training location Date Time
Royal Mail Pensbury Place, London SW8 03/01/2020  09:00 –17:00
Cardiff Mail Centre  22/01/2020  09:00 –17:00
 Cirencester Delivery Office  29/01/2020  09:00 –17:00
Leeds Mail Centre  30/01/2020 09:00 –17:00
Bristol Mail Centre  04/02/2020  09:00 –17:00
Leeds Mail Centre  12/02/2020  09:00 –17:00
Leeds Mail Centre  12/02/2020 – 13/02/2020 22:00 – 06:00
Nottingham Mail Centre  14/02/2020  09:00 –17:00
North West Midlands Mail Centre – Wolverhampton  18/02/2020  09:00 –17:00
Swindon Mail Centre  20/02/2020  09:00 –17:00
Croydon Mail Centre  21/02/2020  09:00 –17:00
Guildford MPU  03/03/2020  09:00 –17:00
Aberdeen Mail Centre  04/03/2020  09:00 –17:00
North West Midlands Mail Centre – Wolverhampton  06/03/2020  09:00 –17:00
Chester Mail Centre  17/03/2020  09:00 –17:00
Greenford Mail Centre  18/03/2020  09:00 –17:00
Stevenage Mail Centre & Delivery Office  23/03/2020  09:00 –17:00
Chelmsford Mail Centre 26/03/2020  09:00 –17:00


Any management enquiries should be directed to Dan Clarke Royal Mail Group Health & Wellbeing Development & Systems Manager Mobile: 07718 098179 Email:


  • LTB 481/2018 – Royal Mail Group (RMG)/CWU Agreement – Mental Health First Aid Training for Physical/Medical First Aiders and CWU Area Health and Safety Representatives: (Part Of The Royal Mail Group 5-Year Mental Health Strategy)
  • Joint Statement between Royal Mail Group and CWU – Mental Health First Aid Training for Physical First Aiders and CWU Area Health and Safety Representatives
  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Course Summary Description.

Alongside the Mental Health Awareness classroom training, RMG provides the following which is also available via PSP/Success Factors on the RMG Intranet site:-

  • ‘Because Healthy Minds Matter’ e-learning
  • Managing Stress e-Learning
  • Managing and Preventing Stress Guidance
  • 5 Mental Health Foundation Videos

Mental Health Support Helplines

First Class Support helpline – completely confidential, independent and available 24/7 – Call 0800 6888777.

Shout Mental Health Text Service:  Text Shout to 85258 in the UK to text with a trained Crisis Volunteer.

Samaritans: Call 116 123 – available 24/7.


We the CWU want equality between physical health and mental health. Better mental health is good for everyone and we want to see a transformation in workplaces on how they think about mental health. This is key because members spend a third of their time at work.

Further updates will be issued as appropriate.

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB696 Mental Health First Aid Training for Physical-Medical First Aiders and CWU Area Health and Safety Representatives

18LTB481 Royal Mail Group(RMG) CWU Agreement – Mental Health First Aid Training (2)

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Course Summary Description

MHFA Training Joint Statement Final

National Briefing – Tuesday 17 December 2019 

National Briefing – Tuesday 17th December 2019 

Branches are advised that a National Briefing will be held on Tuesday 17th December 2019 to provide colleagues with an update on latest developments in the Royal Mail Group dispute and set out the Union’s position going forward.

The Briefing will be held in The Liner Hotel, Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool, L3 5QB beginning at 11:30 and concluding no later than 14:30.  Tea and coffee will be available on arrival.

The following Representatives are invited to attend the Briefing:

  • Postal Branch Secretaries (or their substitute)
  • Divisional Representatives (Including Technical Services)
  • Regional Secretaries
  • Parcelforce Regional Organisers
  • Royal Mail Property and Facility Solutions Cleaning Regional Representatives
  • Royal Mail Property and Facility Solutions Engineering Regional Representatives
  • Royal Mail Property and Facility Solutions Engineering National Representatives
  • Area Delivery Representatives
  • Area Processing Representatives
  • Area Distribution Representatives
  • Area Safety Representatives
  • Area Admin Representatives
  • Customer Experience Representatives

Branches are asked to note that following consultation with the President/Postal Executive Chair the usual arrangement to send two Unit Representatives inclusive of the proportionality requirement have been suspended for this National Briefing only.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department quoting reference 24000.

Yours sincerely,



Terry Pullinger – Deputy General Secretary (Postal)        

Dave Ward – General Secretary 


First 100 days of Labour to pull NHS back from the brink

First 100 days of Labour to pull NHS back from the brink

Today, Labour pledges a relentless focus on the NHS in its first 100 days in government as new research reveals hundreds of “extreme” risks to patient and staff safety in hospitals across England.

The long-term impact that Tory and Liberal Democrat underfunding is having on our health service is exposed in official NHS Trust documents.

Analysis of more than 120 Trust board papers shows NHS Trusts are faced with hundreds of risks to patient safety classed as “catastrophic” or “extreme”, with the majority linked to lack of spending, staffing shortages or the failures of privatisation.

The risks identified are linked to privatisation of the NHS, maintenance issues, and staffing.

In government, Labour will immediately undertake a full audit of the risks revealed by the research and prioritise capital spending – which Labour has already allocated – to ensure people and buildings are made safe.

The choice at this election is clear: five more years of the Tories running our health service into the ground – with more patients waiting longer for cancer treatment and operations, and more young people denied mental health care – or a Labour government on the side of patients and staff, with a rescue plan for our NHS.

It’s time for real change, it’s time for a Labour government. 

Royal Mail Christmas Pressure ‎ – Hired 7.5T Vehicles – Tail Lift Roll Stops – Urgent Safety Alert

Royal Mail Christmas Pressure  – Hired 7.5T Vehicles  Tail Lift Roll Stops – Urgent Safety Alert

Royal Mail has contacted ‎the CWU/HQ Health, Safety and Environment Department today to make us aware of another urgent ‘Safety Alert’ which could affect the 448 Christmas ‘Hired’ 7.5T vehicles that are at our sites.

The affected vehicles are Christmas Pressure Period hired 7.5t vehicles with a ‘folding platform tuck under tail lift’ which may not in all cases have in-built ‘Roll Stops’ as are fitted to all Royal Mail Fleet tail lift vehicles.

With the sheer size of the Christmas hire fleet, a considerable number of hire companies are used to provide vehicles and potentially any of these could be affected as we have been unable to ascertain with certainty which models of tail lifts are fitted to each hire vehicle – as such 448 vehicles are potentially affected and attached is a list of such vehicles which may not have the Roll Stops fitted.

If we have hire vehicles without Roll Stops fitted Royal Mail Group are introducing a separate SSoW to enable these to be used during their limited time with us throughout the Christmas peak period.

The hired vehicles concerned are fitted with a short platform variant tail lift which is a standard hired vehicle industry provision tail lift and in many cases is the only option available, in a challenging market in which there is limited hire availability and tough demand competition for these hired vehicles from Royal Mail’s competitors in the run up to Christmas. Royal Mail Fleet has concentrated efforts on hiring vehicles with Roll Stops fitted (either floor mounted or end tail lift flaps that act as roll stops) wherever possible, including going out to a larger number of hired vehicle suppliers this year. Royal Mail Fleet has also retained vehicles over Christmas which are due for replacement and they have expedited new vehicles into service in order to reduce the Christmas period hired vehicles demand from offices across the UK.

In order to operate the vehicles concerned in this ‘Safety Alert’ a Risk Assessment has been carried out and a Safe System of Work developed for drivers and loaders to follow which will limit the tail lift to loading only a single York Container at a time, loaded sideways and the use of a small, half-filled sandbag to the front right hand wheel area of the Container as a ‘back-up’, supplementary precaution (the sandbag is more effective than chocking or similar arrangements), which will prevent any risk of the York Container on the tail lift moving further out of position or rolling away.

York Containers have a good braking system which locks into position but Royal Mail need to be able to provide a ‘supplementary’ wheel restraint method which then mitigates sufficiently any risk of the York moving and falling from the tail lift.

Retrofitting ‘Roll Stops’ or ‘Hinged Flaps’ to these hired vehicles is obviously not an option and other options such as rubber chocks or runner blocks were not effective or practical when examined and tested.

Action Plan

In summary therefore the Safe Operating Method will be:-

  • Load a maximum of one single York Container at a time on the tail lift.
  • Load the York to the right of the tail lift, in a sideways position and apply the brake as normal.
  • Apply a half-filled sand bag (weight not exceeding 11kg) to the outside of the right hand front York wheel which will stop the York Container from ‘pivoting’ and rolling off the tail lift. (In tests performed, the sand bag effectively moulds itself into and grips the tail lift surface, staying in position throughout loading/unloading and it effectively and easily stops the York Container moving. This was unlike rubber chocks tested which moved on the tail lift surface.
  • The sand bag will remain in place until the last York Container is loaded on the vehicle or alternatively unloaded off the vehicle. The sand bag is then removed and stowed inside the vehicle load space (placed to the left-hand side nearest the internal tail lift controls). The weight of the half-filled sand bag has been Risk Assessed and is within Royal Mail’s manual handling guidance. It will only be removed and stowed from ground level, with a simple, low risk, manual handling technique (avoid twisting).

The sand bags (half-filled filled weight not exceeding 11kg) will be sourced locally from builder’s merchants such as ‘Travis Perkins’.

This short-term contingency arrangement is obviously not ideal, neither is the tail-lift type but the operation of the vehicles and tail-lifts involved can be made safe with the temporary measures being put in place, operating these particular hired 7.5T vehicles, over a short period during the remaining Christmas Pressure period (2.5 weeks approximately) with alternatives being sought but in short supply and big demand by competitors.

Obviously, these vehicles can be used as normal, unchanged for dock to dock operations where a dock leveller exists e.g., Mail Centre to Mail Centre or Mail Centre to Parcel Sorting Centres.


  • Existing large vehicle loading/unloading Risk Assessment (this must already be in place for the site and was previously a safety calendar task for all sites with HGVs) – it contained the key controls required as a foundation for sites
  • Risk Assessment for additional risks relating to these hire vehicles
  • SSoW for these hire vehicles with specific controls detailed
  • List of potentially affected 7.5T hired vehicles and Office locations
  • 1 page Change Brief explaining the issue and SSoW control measure to aid staff briefings and for placing on safety notice boards


Affected RMG offices have been tasked to confirm they have received and understood this Safety Alert and the Safe System of Work by emailing:-

Richard Wiggins Royal Mail Fleet SHE Business Partner Email:-

Mobile:- 07711 411 675

Managers must contact either Richard Wiggins or their local FOM or SFOM if they have any questions or concerns regarding this Safety Alert.

CWU Area Health & Safety Reps Actions Required:

Would all ASRs and WSRs carry out checks to ensure full compliance with this Safety Alert in the areas and Offices operating these 7.5T vehicles and ask Drivers’ Reps to assist with keeping a check on compliance also – Thanks for your support in undertaking this urgent safety action.

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB693 Royal Mail Christmas Pressure ‎ – Hired 7.5T Vehicles – Tail Lift Roll Stops – Urgent Safety Alert

Change brief – Christmas hire fleet 2019 – no roll stops

Christmas Hire 2019 – Loading Unloading Vehicles without roll stops SSOW v1

Christmas hire fleet with potential no roll stops – check 6th Dec 2019

Risk Assessment 7.5 Folding Taillift No Rollstops 6thDec19

EXAMPLE Load Unload LGV – National Task Risk Assessment


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