TUC Safety Reps Survey 2018

TUC Safety Reps Survey 2018

Dear Colleagues,

This is the twelfth bi-annual, national TUC survey of Safety Reps which the CWU is fully supporting. The survey is designed to provide the TUC and individual unions with information about who safety reps are, and what their experiences and needs are. The TUC needs this information so that the TUC and Unions like the CWU can do more to help Safety Reps, and so that Safety Reps’ views and experiences are better reflected in public policy debates and the work of the Health and Safety Executive.

The TUC will publish the results, and use them to campaign for better safety standards at work (including more rights for Safety Reps).

Your response is crucial to ensuring that this survey provides the information the TUC is seeking. Please answer as many questions as you can – but if they seem irrelevant to your experiences, ignore them. Collating the responses to this survey will be a time-consuming and expensive task, so the TUC cannot enter into correspondence arising from the survey. But the TUC does want to know about any successes you have had in improving health and safety standards.

You have three ways to complete and return the survey. Either:-

• Complete it on-line.

• Complete it and e-mail it electronically.

• Complete it in paper form and post it.

Return completed Survey Forms to TUC health and safety rep survey, LRD, 78 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8HF. Email: health&Safety@tuc.org.uk

Attached is a pdf file version of the Survey Form. To complete it on-line go to the following link: https://www.tuc.org.uk/national/health-and-safety-reps-survey-2018

Please return your Safety Reps Survey Questionnaire Form as soon as you can by 29th June 2018 at the latest.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB160 TUC Safety Reps Survey 2018

TUC Health and Safety Reps Survey 2018

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Further to LTB 142/18, attached is Bulletin No. 41 concerning the Four Pillars and Pay consultative ballot.

The attached Bulletin has been shared with Divisional, Regional and Area Representatives.

As previously advised, Branches should ensure that each Bulletin is forwarded to Unit/Local/Shift Representatives via email and if necessary by physical means as soon as possible.  The co-operation and assistance of all Branches in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department.

Yours sincerely


Terry Pullinger

Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

18LTB161 – CWU Four Pillars of Security Campaign – Bulletin No. 41

LTB161.18 Attachment 1 – Bulletin 41

Safe & Well – March 2018

Safe & Well – March 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Please see attached the March edition of Safe and Well newsletter with contributions from our USRs and field teams. This edition looks at “what damage looks like” with a refresh on safe drilling, there’s also a focus on asbestos awareness, solving the problem of accessing CANDID, looking at the safety aspects of driving (including driver distraction), a nudge for managers on the License To (as we look to round up this licensing year and head into the next) and also flagging the services of USRs when it comes to accident/incident investigation. And the usual batch of Near Misses and Field Top Tips (including around slips, trips and falls).

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB159 Safe & Well – March 2018

Safe and Well Issue 56 March 2018

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Further to LTB 148/18 please find attached the questions for each of the four sections contained within the Redesign booklet – Conferences, Branches, Regions and National Structures. This may be a useful way of getting the questions out to all of your representatives so they can provide their input.

It may also be useful for drafting your responses and you can then type or cut and paste them into the online questionnaire.

We will send out an email with a Word version and the LTB online will have a PDF version of the questions from the Redesign booklet.

If possible it would be easier if you can please provide a response via the following link:


As stated previously:

Branches can only submit one response to the consultation and this should be signed or verified by one of the principal Branch Officers.

Please answer all questions as fully as possible – the dialogue boxes will expand to allow you to provide detailed responses.

For clarity and ease of analysis please do not provide a hand-written response – all responses should be typed.

Please note there is space at the end of each section for any general comments or to raise any relevant issues not covered by the questions.

Reminder – Closing Date

All responses to be submitted either by post addressed to Redesign Consultation, General Secretary’s Department at CWU HQ or via email to re-design@cwu.org – please note that all completed questionnaires must be received by close of business on 11 May 2018.

We would encourage all Branches to submit their views and opinions regarding the future of the union.

Any enquiries on the above LTB should be sent to re-design@cwu.org

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward – General Secretary  

Tony Kearns – Senior Deputy General Secretary 


Redesign Booklet Questions

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Hanwell Delivery Office – Suspect Packet – White Powder Incident Thursday 15 March 2018

Hanwell Delivery Office – Suspect Packet – White Powder Incident Thursday 15 March 2018

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Some rather sensational reports appeared in yesterday’s national tabloid newspapers referring to Postal Workers being treated by paramedics after a suspicious package was found at Royal Mail’s Hanwell Delivery Office in West London at 7:40am yesterday morning and went on to report that Police swarmed to the Hanwell Delivery Office, rushing to control the scene, setting up road closures as part of the investigation, specialist officers assessing the package and three people being treated by paramedics as a serious emergency situation developed etc.

The facts are that during delivery walk preparation sorting, a badly wrapped package leaking powder went over the duty holder working at a sorting frame, and others nearby. The Met Police who attended the scene declared the package and contents as “non-suspicious” and “non-malicious” soon thereafter, confirming that the contents of the parcel were harmless and the item was not sent with any malicious intent. No staff were injured and all are back at work, with mail deliveries being made to customers in Hanwell as usual without major disruption. The London Ambulance Service checked three people at the scene as a precaution but none were taken any to hospital.

The damaged packet contents were identified as “Borax” (sodium tetraborate decahydrate), which can be purchased over the counter and is sold as a naturally occurring mineral compound best known as a laundry booster and water softener. Borax is also used as a multi-purpose household cleaner with many uses throughout the house including craft projects.

A Royal Mail Statement read “The incident at Hanwell DO was reported to the Police and the area was cleared as a precaution. The safety of our people is of the utmost importance to Royal Mail and we have strict procedures in place to deal with any such incidents, which fortunately are very rare.”(End)

The scare comes just days after 4 malicious, suspicious packages were sent to 4 Labour MPs’ Westminster Offices and which are subject to a full scale Police investigation. This was reported in LTB 152/18.

RM Operations, RM Group Security, the CWU and Unite/CMA wish to remind all Royal Mail Offices and staff again to be vigilant at all times and to follow the “Be Aware”/”Stay Calm” Guidance and Risk Assessment process for any suspect items of mail that may be found in the postal system.

The Stay Calm guide for suspect items can be found online at: http://staycalm.online/on-site/incident/

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB157 Hanwell Delivery Office – Suspect Packet – White Powder Incident Thursday 15 March 2018

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Message from Eastern No5 Branch Chair: To all of the members throughout the Eastern No5 Branch

To all of the members throughout the Eastern no5 Branch.

I’ll start with offering my thanks for allowing me to be YOUR Area Safety Rep for the last ten years, we may not have seen eye to eye all the times, but ultimately, YOU have been at the centre of my thoughts in all that I have had to deal with, when changes have occurred and managers have tried to alter your work/floor/duties and locations.

When I started out we had 22 DO’s & 50+ SPDO’s… and a Mail Centre (with room to swing ‘more than one’ cat)… the business has been brutal in its attitude towards these locations.

We now have 17 DO’s & 11 SPDO’s… and a Mail Centre that are all bursting at the seams (no room for the ‘cat’ anymore!).

You will all be aware in your own locations of the impact this has had, and of the changes to your working practices.

Moving forward…

The Branch has been very active in visiting you all, at the outset for the ‘National Four Pillars’ campaign, where YOU, the members helped get a massive 89.1% vote, and to get the business back around the table, and subsequently to tell you of the outcome of the negotiations.

We are asking once again for your support in the current ballot, to get another massive positive response.

I will at this point say I was disappointed in the turnout for the Branch elections, these are the people who will be representing YOU going forward…

Remember, YOUR vote is YOUR voice, please use it!


Branch Chair




Branches will be aware that the Post Office closed its Defined Benefit (DB) pension scheme to future accrual on 31st March 2017 (despite the fact it had a healthy surplus) and imposed an unagreed Defined Contribution (DC) pension scheme.

We would like to advise Branches that we now have Postal Executive policy to pursue, on behalf of our Post Office members, a Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) pension agreement identical to that agreed with Royal Mail. As previously reported to Branches, this type of pension scheme requires regulatory and secondary legislative change. The DGS(P) Department, and also Royal Mail (and ideally the Post Office) are working together to lobby government in order to make these changes happen.

As a consequence of our policy we have submitted our claim to Paula Vennells, Post Office Group Chief Executive, and in doing so outline our policy whilst seeking a commitment that the Post Office will enter into negotiations in good faith to reach a Collective Agreement on pensions for our Post Office members.

A response from Paula Vennells is awaited and further developments will be reported as appropriate.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be directed to Lea Sheridan on 020 8971 7361 or lsheridan@cwu.org.

Yours sincerely


Andy Furey – Assistant Secretary                                      

Terry Pullinger – Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

18LTB156 Post Office – Pension Arrangements for Post Office Members – Policy to pursue Royal Mail Agreed CDC Scheme


Royal Mail Pension Forms Choice Explained

If you are still unsure what option to choose on the pension forms you recently received, everything is fully explained in this short video.


Suspect Packages Delivered To Four Labour MP’s At Their Westminster Offices

Suspect Packages Delivered To Four Labour MP’s At Their Westminster Offices

Dear Colleagues,

CWU Branches and Reps will have seen reports in the News and Media regarding a series of four suspicious, malicious packages delivered to four Labour MPs soon after 9am yesterday at their Westminster Offices in the Norman Shaw Building where some MPs are based.

Some of the MPs’ staff members were taken to hospital; as a precaution after opening one of the packages but were unharmed and required no treatment. They were released shortly thereafter. The offices were initially cordoned off as a precaution but following a risk assessment and Police involvement, the offices were given the all clear and resumed business as usual.

The background is that the suspicious packages which originated from Sheffield contained a ‘sticky gel liquid’ substance which caused some minor eye irritation to those closest to the contents on opening the packages. The contents came with Islamophobia hate mail letters. The packages and letters are now Police evidence, subject to forensic examination as part of the criminal investigation.

A Specialist Met Police team of Officers were brought in to assess the contents and a Police and Security Services investigation is underway to track down the source and those behind it.

Immediately the news broke about the incidents, the Health, Safety & Environment Department engaged in discussions with Royal Mail Group Security to address any internal risks to RMG staff. Senior Police Officers briefed the RMG Manager at the Palace of Westminster, Royal Mail was briefed and his team was put on high alert to intercept any further incoming items of similar description.

RM Operations in consultation with Group Security have taken the decision at this point not to issue a National Alert due to the low risk to staff but wish to remind all Royal Mail offices and staff to be vigilant and to follow the “Be Aware”/”Stay Calm” Guidance and Risk Assessment process for any suspect items of mail that may be found in the postal system. The Stay Calm guide for suspect items can be found at staycalm.online.

Any significant developments will be reported in due course.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB152 Suspect Packages Delivered To Four Labour MP’s At Their Westminster Offices

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