Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 002 – Asbestos Incidents

Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 002 – Asbestos Incidents:


Asbestos incidents can cause serious harm to workers. Incidents can also lead to severe operational constraints and temporary unit closures.

Description, Issue and Impact/Effect 

There have been several recent incidents where asbestos containing materials (ACMs) have been disturbed in Royal Mail Group buildings.  When damaged or disturbed, tiny asbestos fibres can be released into the air and enter people’s lungs when breathing. Breathing in air containing asbestos fibres can damage the lungs and lead to fatal asbestos-related diseases, such as Asbestosis, Mesothelioma and lung cancer. Additionally, when a work activity causes the accidental release or escape of asbestos fibres into the air in a quantity sufficient to cause damage to the health of any person, it is reportable to the HSE under RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations).

Learning Points

  • Where asbestos remediation works have been carried out, it does not indicate that it is free of asbestos containing materials. If there is any uncertainty, the PiC should ask the contractor to STOP and contact the RMP&FS National Service Centre prior to any work being undertaken on the fabric of the building.
  • Only Asbestos Consultants and Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors (LARCS) are permitted to sample or work on presumed or known asbestos materials.

Key Management Activities and Messages 

  1. Prior to allowing any work to proceed, contractors must check the Asbestos Register within the Site Log Book. All pre 2000 Royal Mail buildings will have an Asbestos Register held on site within the Site Logbook. Contractors must not start any works until they have seen this register.
  2. If the work on site is intrusive, a Project Asbestos Plan (PAP) PFS2_026Ac must be produced and available on site. A PAP is a live document which demonstrates how asbestos risks will be managed, including any asbestos containing material that will remain following any remediation works. A copy must be held on site and the Site Manager/PiC must be aware of its contents.
  3. Anyone carrying out work on the Royal Mail Group estate must ensure the asbestos management control measures are followed, to prevent future asbestos disturbance incidents.

Area Health and Safety Reps 

Would all CWU Area Health and Safety Reps please note and communicate the content of the Safety Flash, supporting the key messages and learning points.


RMG SHE Safety Flash FY22 002 – Asbestos Incidents

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB039 Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 002 – Asbestos Incidents

SHE Flash FY22 002 – Asbestos Incidents

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Further to LTB034/22 dated 24thJanuary.  Branches are advised that Post Office has completely failed at any point over the last ten months to provide an explanation to our members as to why they believe a pay freeze is appropriate.  This is astonishing as it indicates they are not confident of their position.  It is also extremely disrespectful to our members, who are entitled to understand why Post Office is treating them in such a heartless way.  As a consequence, I have written directly to our members at their home addresses to expose this situation.  My communication is attached for your information.

A meeting was held with our full-time Representatives last week and I am pleased to report that all Reps are fully committed to this pay dispute and have undertaken to engage with members via local circulars and directly via face-to-face meetings.  Early indications point to the members (Key Workers) being extremely angry with Post Office and feeling totally let down, especially as our membership has continued to provide front-line services throughout the pandemic.  This has included our Supply Chain members who have constantly delivered to 11,500 Post Offices.  The operation has also been supported by our Admin members which includes direct customer interface via call handling.

There is no doubt that Post Office can provide a reasonable pay rise for our members, therefore it is not a question of affordability.  Indeed, during the Acas talks, not once did Post Office say they were unable to fund a pay increase.  It is simply a case of Nick Read, CEO believing he can walk all over our members.  I’m certain he will receive a rude awakening when the members return a good Yes vote.

Arrangements are in hand to determine the ballot timetable and we would anticipate being able to provide details within the next week following Postal Executive consideration.  Additionally, our membership records Department are already preparing the necessary information for Branches to undertake an audit and verification exercise.  Further details on this will be provided at the earliest opportunity.

Finally, Branch Secretaries with PO members are asked to liaise with our Reps to ascertain precisely what campaigning activities are planned so that support can be provided.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

22LTB038 Post Office – Pay 2021-22 – Legal Trade Dispute – Ballot For Strike Action

Attachment 1 to 22LTB038

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As reported in LTB 575-21 a national briefing for all CWU branches will take place on Thursday 10 February.

The briefing will be held at TUC Headquarters, Congress House, London commencing at 10am.  Attendance is on the basis of 3 delegates per branch, Senior Field Officials and Senior IR Representatives.

The Government has recently lifted plan B restrictions meaning such events can take place in person.  We understand that branches may want to account for any ongoing Covid-19 related concerns in how they select their delegation.

This is an extremely important briefing and in addition to setting out our plans for the National GROW Campaign, the leadership of the union will be providing crucial information on the wider context to the campaign and the direction we must take to support our representatives and members and secure the future of the CWU as an independent union.

A final agenda will be circulated nearer the date.

Attached is a revised and updated briefing document on the GROW the union campaign, prepared by the Organising Department.

Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to the General Secretary’s office by email to

Yours sincerely

General Secretary


National GROW the Union Campaign March 2022 Briefing

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Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 01 – Machine Isolation Safety – Engineer Serious Part Finger Amputation

Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 01 – Machine Isolation Safety – Engineer Serious Part Finger Amputation:


An Engineer had part of a finger amputated after reaching into a live machine without having isolated it – shutting it down and turning off the power at its source.

Description, Issue and Impact/Effect: 

An Engineer was carrying out repairs on an extended Boom Conveyor. After rectifying the initial fault, a noise from within the conveyor alerted the engineer to a secondary fault. Without turning of the electrical power supply and isolating the machine, the engineer removed a fixed cover and reached in to the machine to remove a ‘tag’ trapped in the machinery. The conveyor belt remained running and the engineers hand became trapped in a moving chain and sprocket, amputating part of a finger.

Learning Points:

  • Always isolate machinery before removing covers/guarding – isolate first (and lock off).
  • Only undertake live working where alternatives (with machine isolated) cannot be undertaken.
  • Obtain authority for live working e.g. guarding removed/interlocks overridden (can’t disable emergency stop circuit).
  • Identify minimum time for operation to be performed.
  • No lone working (can be accompanied by RM colleagues ready to operate emergency stop) and use barriers.
  • Identify safest engineer working location that prevents injury risk and maintains safe distance from live components.
  • After live working – review process, engineering out future requirement to do this e.g. clear cover modification to enable viewing without cover/guarding removed.

Key Management Activities and Messages to Drivers and Staff Working On Loading Docks:  

  • Brief all engineers on the importance of isolating machines (using lock off) before accessing the machine/removing guards/covers and controls/SSoWs around live working.

Area Health and Safety Reps/Engineering Reps  

Would all CWU Area Health and Safety Reps/Engineering Reps please note and communicate the content of the Safety Flash, supporting the key messages and learning points, reminding members of the importance of looking after their own safety as well as the safety of work colleagues when working on machinery. Cary out spot safety inspections and report any non-compliance with SSoWs. 


RMG SHE Safety Flash FY22 01 – Safe Machine Isolation.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB037 Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 01 – Machine Isolation Safety – Engineer Serious Part Finger Amputation

SHE Flash FY22 001 – Machine Isolation – ISSUED

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Royal Mail Group – Provision of Personal Attack Alarms To Postal Workers

Royal Mail Group – Provision of Personal Attack Alarms To Postal Workers

This is a further short update following LTBs 422/2021, 435/2021, 455/21 and 562/21.

As previously reported, following discussions with Royal Mail Group HQ regarding concerns about the possible risk of physical and verbal threats and attacks on outdoor postal workers, agreement was reached between the CWU Health, Safety and & Environment Department and Royal Mail Group for the provision of Personal Attack Alarms for CWU members and that following further discussions with Royal Mail Group and ‘Dimensions’ the company’s work-wear supplier, it was further agreed that the new Personal Attack Alarms (PAAs) would be made available on the Royal Mail Group website/uniform ordering portal, from where CWU members can now order the item.

In October 2021, the new Personal Attack Alarms went live on the Royal Mail uniform ordering portal for ‘pre-orders’ of the alarms and 10,000 orders have to date been placed by CWU members which both the Union and RMG are delighted with. Royal Mail Group has subsequently ordered a further 10,000 Personal Attack Alarms from the manufacturer.

The Personal Attack Alarms (PAA) Safety Risk Assessment documentation has been cleared by Royal Mail Group and the CWU Health, Safety and Environment Department with copies attached. At our request, a Noise Risk Assessment was carried out and the Personal Attack Alarm (PAA) was tested and has now received Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 safety certification clearance. The noise level recorded is within the legal maximum exposure limit.

As a result of the above, can all CWU Postal Branches and CWU Area Safety Reps, Area Delivery Reps and Area Distribution Reps remind members that Personal Attack Alarms are now available to any individual member who would like to request one. These are a simple, lightweight device (see attached image) that can clip on to the belt clip or PDA strap or Jacket ring and are activated by pulling the pin. A loud high-pitched noise is then sounded. These are recommended by both the Health and Safety Executive and the Police.

The Personal Attack Alarms can be ordered via the RMG Uniform portal as part of the personal uniform allocation.

As a reminder, on 10 January 2022 all managers were requested to brief members about the availability of Personal Attack Alarms and were tasked with the following Actions:

  • Communicate and discuss the availability of Personal Attack Alarms with staff;
  • Confirm the ordering process (via the uniform portal); and
  • Discuss any instances where individuals believe there might be a threat. Consider any other actions that could be taken, including updating the Offsite Risk Assessment (WRAP).

Would all Area Safety Reps carry out spot check safety inspections to ensure these actions have been complied with by all unit managers.


  • Personal Attack Alarm SAC1
  • Personal Attack Alarms – WTLL/Huddle
  • Personal Attack Alarm Noise Assessment
  • Personal Attack Alarms – Image

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB035 Royal Mail Group – Provision of Personal Attack Alarms To Postal Workers

Personal Attack Alarm SAC1 December 2021

RM Personal Attack Alarms WTLL-Huddle 10 January 2022

RM Personal Attack Alarm Noise Assessment Dec.2021

Royal Mail Group – Personal Attack Alarm Image

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Further to LTB580/21 dated 23rdDecember. Branches are advised that two meetings (5th and 24th January) have now been held with David Prince, Chief Conciliator, Acas which were totally unproductive due to Post Office’s pay freeze position for 2021/22.  Despite the best endeavours of Acas to try and find a constructive way forward, we were met with a completely unreasonable mind-set from Post Office who are currently refusing to move from the pay stance.

Given the prevailing attitude of Post Office under the leadership of Nick Read, Chief Executive Officer, we have been left with no option other than prepare to ballot our members for industrial action.  This policy was endorsed by the Postal Executive earlier this afternoon.  Clearly, our key worker members, who have continued to provide an excellent service during the pandemic, deserve better, particularly with the acute rise in the cost of living which is likely to continue in the coming months.

Attached are the following letters which confirm the trade dispute.

  • Letter to Nick Read dated 19thJanuary – Pay Dispute: Rising Inflation
  •  Response from Lee Kelly, Employee Relations and Policy Director dated 21st January – Re: Pay Dispute: Rising Inflation
  •  Letter to Nick Read dated 24thJanuary – Pay 2021/22: Legal Trade Dispute – Ballot for Strike Action 

A proposed ballot timetable will be placed before the Postal Executive for endorsement once we have consulted with our Reps and the SDGS Department.  In the meantime, Branches are urged to highlight the pay freeze to our Post Office members.  Lastly, we will be meeting with our full-time Reps tomorrow to consider how best to pursue membership engagement to ensure the necessary outcome in the ballot.

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

Attachment 1: 22LTB034 Post Office -Pay 2021-22 Legal Trade Dispute – Ballot for Strike Action

Attachment 2: Attachment 1 to 22LTB034

Attachment 3: Attachment 2 to 22 LTB034

Attachment 4: Attachment 3 to 22LTB034

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The New Covid-19 Rules For The UK – Update

The New Covid-19 Rules For The UK – Update:

The CWU Health Safety and Environment Department continues to constantly monitor the position across the UK.

A round of further announcements were made last week by the UK Government regarding the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions in England plus the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland followed with revised rules relaxing restrictions with changes occurring on several different dates. These are summarised below:

What Are The Covid Rule Changes In England?

England is to remove its “Plan B” Covid restrictions this week.

The Government is no longer asking people to work from homeand face masks will no longer be compulsory in school classrooms, public places, public transport, shops, hairdressers, public venues, theatres and cinemas etc., from Thursday 27 January:

  • Covid passes or passports will no longer be compulsoryto gain entry to venues and events.
  • Face masks will no longer be compulsory in any public spaces – although they will still be “recommended” in some places, and London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said they will remain mandatory on TfL services in London.
  • Restrictions on visits to care homes will be eased.

The prime minister said he also hopes to scrap mandatory self-isolation for people who test positive for Covid. The current regulations expire on 24 Marchand he hopes to bring that date forward.

What are the Covid Rule Changes In Wales?

gradual easing of Covid restrictions is under way in Wales.

  • From Friday 21 January there are no limits on numbers at outdoor events.
  • On 28 January, nightclubs will open, and gatherings in pubs and restaurants will no longer be limited to six people.
  • Covid passes or passports will still be required for large events, cinemas, nightclubs and theatres.

Current Covid Rules In Wales Include: 

  • Compulsory face coverings in schools, on public transport, and in shops and hospitals.
  • Social distancing of 2m (6ft) in all premises open to the public and workplaces, where reasonable.
  • Gatherings limited to six people in premises such as hospitality venues, cinemas and theatres.
  • Additional measures at licensed premises, including table service and collecting contact details.
  • Maximum number of 30 allowed at indoor events.
  • Nightclubs are closed.
  • NHS Covid Pass needed for entry to cinemas, theatres and concert halls, and many other events.
  • Working from home wherever possible.
  • Secondary school pupils are asked to test for Covid three times a week.

What Are The Covid Rules In Northern Ireland?

Covid Rules in Northern Ireland are also being relaxed.

From 21 January:

  • Rules on table service in hospitality businesses and the “rule of six” per table will end.
  • Guidance of three households allowed to meet in a home will be removed.

From 26 January:

  • Nightclubs will be allowed to reopen, with dancing and indoor standing events also permitted again.
  • Proof of Covid status (Covid Passports) will no longer be legally required in hospitality premises. (They will remain in place for nightclubs and indoor unseated and partially-seated events with 500 or more people).
  • The need for offices to “take reasonable measures for 2m (6ft) social distancing” will be removed, although risk assessments should be carried out.

Current Covid Rules In Northern Ireland Include: 

  • Compulsory face coverings in shops, indoor-seated venues and visitor attractions, public transport and other settings.
  • Post-primary pupils must wear a face covering inside school buildings, as well as on school transport. Staff are encouraged to wear masks in school areas where they can’t socially distance.

What Is Changing In Scotland?

Covid Rules in Scotland will be lifted.

From 24 January:

  • Nightclubs – can reopen.
  • Limits on the size of indoor events – 100 standing or 200 seated – removed.
  • Social distancing indoors – removed.
  • Table service only in hospitality venues – removed.
  • No limit on the number of households meeting indoors.
  • Non-professional indoor contact sports – resume.

Current Covid Rules In Scotland Include: 

  • Shops and businesses need to take measures to limit the spread of Covid.
  • Employers have a legal duty to let staff work from home.
  • Face coverings are compulsory on public transport and most indoor spaces.
  • Covid certification scheme is in place for some venues including nightclubs requiring a negative test or proof of being fully vaccinated.
  • Organisers of large-scale events must check the Covid status of at least 50% of attendees, or 1,000 people, whichever is the larger number.

How Else Have The Covid Rules Changed?

Note: Announcements by the UK Governments are being made regularly and therefore the above information is subject to ongoing change as further restrictions are amended and removed. Further reports will be issued in due course. 

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 033/22 – The New Covid-19 Rules for the UK – Update

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Royal Mail Group – Coronavirus Update – Easing of Restrictions – Message From Dr Shaun Davis Director Safety

Royal Mail Group – Coronavirus Update – Easing of Restrictions – Message From Dr Shaun Davis Director Safety:


On 19 January, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Secretary of State For Health and Social Care Sajid Javid, announced that all Covid-19 “Plan B” measures and restrictions will end this week and this included guidance to work from home, vaccine certificates/passports and mandatory mask rules, which are to be ended in England on 27 January, as the nation moves back to “Plan A”. The Prime Minister also announced that the legal, compulsory requirement on people with Coronavirus to self-isolate would cease on 24 March, or that date could be brought forward.

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care stated that the Government’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) data shows a marked fall in infections, including in older age groups. Additionally, hospitalisations have fallen and the number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care beds has now dropped to the same level as it was back in July 2021. Mr Javid said that testing, vaccines, antibodies and antivirals will be the “cornerstone of our future defences” as “almost all” restrictions end.

In removing the legal mandate for the wearing of face masks, the Government suggests that people may wish to voluntarily wear them in enclosed, crowded places, especially where people come into contact with people who they don’t normally meet.

Further announcements including rule changes around care homes and hospital visits will follow.

Dr Susan Hopkins Chief Medical Advisor of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), the Government agency in England responsible for public health protection and the impact of infectious diseases also confirmed her support for the announced changes after seeing the declining case numbers. Dr Hopkins said Covid-19 infections are significantly down compared with the peak at the end of 2021. The latest seven-day average was 93,000 compared with 225,000 on 29 December 2021. Hospital cases were back down to below 20,000 while there were only 700 people on mechanical ventilators across the country which is back down to levels last seen in July 2021. This reflects population vaccination levels and the weakening and reduced severity of the Virus that we’ve seen with the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

Royal Mail Group – Coronavirus Update – Easing of Restrictions

On 20 January, Royal Mail Group issued the attached ‘Coronavirus Update Message’ from Dr. Shaun Davis, Royal Mail Group Director of Safety, further to the Government announcements the previous day. The update which follows the Government rule changes and the advice of their medical and scientific experts covers the following:

Changes in England – Face Masks and Working From Home:

  • From the 19 January 2022, it is no longer necessary for those employees, working from home to continue doing so and any individual Royal Mail Group employees with concerns about returning to offices should discuss this with their manager.
  • From 27 January 2022, the ‘mandatory’ requirement to wear a face mask/covering in Royal Mail Group indoor settings will end (in England) – however face masks will remain ‘strongly recommended’ and Royal Mail Group will continue to supply face masks to those wishing to wear them.

England – Self Isolation Rules:

  • As a reminder, people with Coronavirus in England can end their self-isolation after five full days, as long as they complete a negative lateral flow (LFD) test on day five and day six.
  • If an employee tests negative on day six (24 hours after day five), then they should be able to resume work that day.


  • Employees working from home should continue to do so where possible.
  • Face coverings remain mandatory in all Royal Mail Group indoor settings.

Wales and Northern Ireland

  • There is currently no changeto existing controls in place and employees should continue to follow current guidance. (See LTB No. 582/21 issued on 23 December 2021).
  • Face coverings remain mandatory in all Royal Mail Group indoor settings.


Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland announced on 20 January the gradual easing of restrictions which will commence on Friday 21 and Monday 24 January with the relaxation of controls and limits on household meetings, sports, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants, indoor/outdoor events, cinemas, theatres and Covid passports. The rules vary country to country. Further information in a separate LTB will be published.

Reducing the Risk of Covid-19 Coronavirus Transmission in the Workplace – Prevention is key

Please take the opportunity to check the standards in your unit:

  1. Washing hands – regularly, for 40-60 seconds each time.
  2. Face Masks/Coverings– ‘Strongly Recommended’ – not mandatory in England – Still Mandatory in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland until further notice and announcements by the devolved government administrations‎. Face Masks should be well fitted. Scientific and medical evidence shows that face coverings help stop the virus spreading, and this is a sensible precautionary measure at this time.
  3. Cleaning vehicles – should take place at the start and end of duties.
  4. Ventilation – increased ventilation reduces the concentration of the virus in the air and reduces the risk from airborne transmission. It is important to get as much fresh air into buildings as possible. Avoid stuffy, crowded rooms with no ventilation/fresh air.
  5. Shared vans – ensure that windows are lowered to allow the cab to be ventilated.‎

Provision and Supply of Masks, Gloves, Sanitizer and Wipes

Masks, gloves and sanitizer per person is not to be unreasonably limited with supplies to be sufficient to enable them to be provided/changed frequently. For assistance in ordering supplies Office PiCs/Managers should contact: Uniform@royalmail.comor Sam Dixon National Uniform Manager Email: Tel: 07553365925.

Hand sanitiser and wipes are available via the Additional Supplies Register (ASR) App. Assistance is available through Email:


RMG have updated their Ventilation and Air Conditioning Covid-19 Guidance document with further detail on what constitutes ‘well ventilated’ and ‘poorly ventilated’ spaces or areas. Further information is on the P&FS Guidance SharePoint webpages. PiCs should ensure the Unit Ventilation Risk Assessment is completed.‎ For further information Unit PiCs/Managers should contact Katherine Bate RMP&FS Risk, Compliance and Standards Lead Email: katherine.bate@royalmail.comMob: 07843370676.

Self-Isolation and Testing 

It is important that members self-isolate when advised to do so, appropriate to the rules for the country concerned (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland). For further information Unit PiCs/Managers can contact Dan Clark RMG Health & Wellbeing Manager Tel: 07718098179 Email:

Workplace Outbreaks/Case Clusters 

Where units experience a cluster of cases, managers should utilise the materials in the ‘Confirmed Case Managers Pack’ and the RMG process for monitoring local infection rates, engaging and working with CWU Reps to reduce the risk of further transmissions. RMG stresses the importance of engaging with local IR and Safety Reps to consider the re-introduction of measures to avoid the spread in the workplace. For further information PiCs/Managers should contact Freddie Warnock RMG Head of Safety UK Operations Email: freddie.warnock@royalmail.comMobile: 07841076475.

Covid Secure Workplace Risk Assessment

To ensure workplaces remain ‘Covid-Secure’ environments, PiCs should check that they have reviewed and updated the Unit/Office Risk Assessment to the latest version. There is now one risk assessment which applies to all sites. For further information PiCs/Managers should contact Joanna Hosking RMG SHE Systems, Standards & Reporting Manager Mobile: 07841 492960 Email:

Workplace Intense Cleaning Following Cases of Covid-19 Positive Tests

Following the diagnosis of positive cases in Royal Mail Group workplaces, intense virucidal, antimicrobial cleaning will take place of both the workplace and vehicles. Cleaning requests should be made via the RMP&FS Help Desk. For further information PiCs/Managers should contact Richard Booth-Davey RMP&FS Head of Safety Mob: 07568103436 Email:

Workforce Testing

Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Test Kits are available centrally to any Units or individuals wishing to undertake home self-testing which Royal Mail, Parcelforce and the CWU strongly support and encourage. The Test Kits can be ordered and will be delivered to the workplace for distribution to those wanting to participate. Regular testing aids the speedy detection of those infected but without symptoms, so allowing them to self-isolate and reduce the risk of causing an outbreak in the workplace. The CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department is keen to get workplace weekly testing implemented in as many Units as possible. For those Units wishing to participate and request test kits PiCs/Managers should contact:

Managers Further General Coronavirus Information/Support 

For further information, help and support managers can either call RMG Coronavirus Support 0345 604 2787 or contact

First Class Support 

RMG First Class Support is free and confidential for employees including direct access to counselling services. Call 0345 266 5060, visit download the ‘Lifeworks’ App. New users of the website/App can ‘sign up’ using a unique invitation code, which is RMG- and then your payroll number, e.g. RMG-12345678.

On the Royal Mail Group ‘Health and Wellbeing Intranet Webpages’, the RMG ‘Feeling First Class – Mental Health page’ includes stress guidance, support and training as well as signposting to internal and external mental health support services. For further information unit PiCs/Managers can contact Dan Clark RMG Health & Wellbeing Manager Tel: 07718098179 Email:

CWU Representatives Involvement

CWU Representatives will continue to be fully engaged and involved at all times with their input taken into account dealing with ‘Covid-Secure’ risk control measures as a priority. It is agreed nationally that managers and CWU representatives will work together to ensure that Covid-Secure controls are maintained and complied with.


RMG HQ and CWU HQ will continue to review the current arrangements on a weekly basis, in line with the latest updates from the UK Government and devolved administrations.


  • Message from Dr. Shaun Davis RMG Director Safety

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

Davie Robertson
Assistant Secretary Processing, Logistics, Parcelforce, International, Quadrant

Mark Baulch
Assistant Secretary Outdoor

LTB 031/22 – Royal Mail Group Coronavirus Update Easing of Restrictions Message From Dr Shaun Davis Director Safety

Att: Coronavirus update – easing of restrictions – Message from Dr Shaun Davis 20.01.22

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The Retired Members Conference is taking place on Tuesday 25th January 2022 as a virtual conference.

All conference packs have been sent to the delegates via email for those that have registered. Delegates are encouraged to register on zoom prior to the conference. The Zoom registration link is within the conference pack. If you have not received your pack please contact

On the day observers can view the conference via the following link:

Any enquiries on this LTB should be directed to Angela Niven on 020 8971 7256 or email

Yours sincerely,

Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary

22LTB030 – Virtual Retired Members Conference – Observers

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