Further to LTB034/22 dated 24thJanuary.  Branches are advised that Post Office has completely failed at any point over the last ten months to provide an explanation to our members as to why they believe a pay freeze is appropriate.  This is astonishing as it indicates they are not confident of their position.  It is also extremely disrespectful to our members, who are entitled to understand why Post Office is treating them in such a heartless way.  As a consequence, I have written directly to our members at their home addresses to expose this situation.  My communication is attached for your information.

A meeting was held with our full-time Representatives last week and I am pleased to report that all Reps are fully committed to this pay dispute and have undertaken to engage with members via local circulars and directly via face-to-face meetings.  Early indications point to the members (Key Workers) being extremely angry with Post Office and feeling totally let down, especially as our membership has continued to provide front-line services throughout the pandemic.  This has included our Supply Chain members who have constantly delivered to 11,500 Post Offices.  The operation has also been supported by our Admin members which includes direct customer interface via call handling.

There is no doubt that Post Office can provide a reasonable pay rise for our members, therefore it is not a question of affordability.  Indeed, during the Acas talks, not once did Post Office say they were unable to fund a pay increase.  It is simply a case of Nick Read, CEO believing he can walk all over our members.  I’m certain he will receive a rude awakening when the members return a good Yes vote.

Arrangements are in hand to determine the ballot timetable and we would anticipate being able to provide details within the next week following Postal Executive consideration.  Additionally, our membership records Department are already preparing the necessary information for Branches to undertake an audit and verification exercise.  Further details on this will be provided at the earliest opportunity.

Finally, Branch Secretaries with PO members are asked to liaise with our Reps to ascertain precisely what campaigning activities are planned so that support can be provided.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

22LTB038 Post Office – Pay 2021-22 – Legal Trade Dispute – Ballot For Strike Action

Attachment 1 to 22LTB038

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