CWU 2019 Diary

CWU 2019 Diary

Dear Colleague

Following on from LTB 307/2018 and for branches ordering personalised diaries please note the deadline to return your completed template(s) is Friday 20th July. For ease of reference reproduced below is extracts from that LTB.

Branches ordering unaltered diaries should return their completed order form by no later than Friday 21 September. Diaries will be dispatched from week commencing Monday 29th October 2018.

Personalised branch diary orders only

Branch personalised diary orders must be returned by no later than Friday 29th June. On receipt of your order form you will be emailed the appropriate template(s), please ensure to include your email address as this is where your template(s) will be sent with further instructions. On completion the template(s) must be sent to Leanne Shiels at the diary manufacturer to arrive by no later than Friday 13th July.

You will then be sent a proof which must be checked, signed off and returned back to Leanne by no later than Friday 20 July. Due to strict deadlines any orders or proofs received after this time will not be processed. Diaries will be dispatched from week commencing Monday 29 October 2018.

If you would like to use your 2018 diary template(s) and there are no changes please advise Marcia Murray.

Orders will be based on the following:
Minimum order to personalise front cover: 250 units

Minimum order to insert page: 500 units

Minimum order to personalise front cover and insert page: 500 units

All completed order forms must be returned to Marcia Murray in the communications department to arrive by no later than the dates given and all enquiries should be addressed to

Kind regards,

Chris Webb

Head of Communications, Engagement and Media

LTB 410-18 – CWU 2019 Diary

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CWU Rule Book

 CWU Rule Book

Attached is a copy of the Rule Book 2018 which incorporates the changes that were carried at this year’s rule session at General Conference. For information the only change to the Rule Book was Rule 14 in its entirety.

The new Rule Book is on the website and you can find by using the following link:

Any queries regarding this LTB please contact Angela Niven on 020 8971 7256 or by e-mail to

Yours sincerely,

Dave Ward

General Secretary

18LTB408 – CWU Rule Book

Rule Book – June 2018

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RMG/CWU Road Safety Campaign – ‘Pre-Use Vehicle Checks’ – W/C ‪Monday 23 July 2018‬

RMG/CWU Road Safety Campaign – ‘Pre-Use Vehicle Checks’ – W/C Monday 23 July 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Background and Importance of this Road Safety Communications Campaign:

Royal Mail via their Fleet Management team and Operational Management is responsible for provision of fit for purpose, safe vehicles and for the‎ safe maintenance, upkeep and condition of the fleet as well as the implementation and enforcement of driver safety information, instruction and training.

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition before setting off each day and time is built into every duty‎ to perform pre-use vehicle checks and ensure that the vehicles‎ are safe and legal. All drivers are expected to carry out their vehicle pre-use checks at all times without exception!

‘Pre-Use Checks’ are designed specifically to ensure that the vehicle runs well, operates efficiently and most importantly is safe and in the best possible condition. The checks help to reduce the number of breakdowns which means fewer problems for our drivers and less costs for Royal Mail Group.

The vehicle checks also protect the driver and keep both the Driver and Royal Mail fleet legal at all times. For example if prosecuted for illegal tyres the driver could face a personal fine of up to £2,500 and 3 penalty points per tyre on their licence. Royal Mail could also be prosecuted for running illegal, unsafe vehicles.

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

The Government’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), formerly the Vehicle and Operators Service Agency (VOSA) issue guidance on the legal requirements for fleet operators such as Royal Mail Group (Royal Mail and Parcelforce) and their workforce of drivers, which states, in summary, that as an operator and/or driver of vehicles, it is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicles you use are roadworthy. It is an offence to use an un-roadworthy vehicle on the road.

Roadworthiness Inspections

DVSA state that when it comes to ensuring the roadworthiness of a vehicle, that apart from the essential, in-depth, safety inspections and servicing carried out in Fleet Maintenance and Servicing Workshops by skilled Engineers, the second level of inspection is the driver’s daily walk around checks/first-use or pre-use checks/inspection.

‎DVSA Guidance

The DVSA Guide to Fleet Operators provides essential advice concerning operators’ responsibilities for ensuring the safety of their vehicles, and it sets out the specific standards for inspections, checks and the monitoring of maintenance arrangements. Operators are left in no doubt about what DVSA and the Police expect from Fleet Operators as part of the enforcement process.

The DVSA guidance sets out to Fleet Operators a number of key points for a good maintenance system, as a guide to help plan and set up a compliant and effective maintenance system for fleet vehicles which includes as number one on the list; “A responsible person must undertake daily walk around vehicle checks, preferably immediately before a vehicle is used and drivers must be able to report promptly any defects or symptoms of defects that could adversely affect the safe operation of vehicles.”

Reporting Faults

Part of the Road Safety Campaign for July is to ensure drivers report all faults and that they know how to report defects.

Simply, if a fault is found on a vehicle then it should be recorded in the Vehicle Mileage and Condition Log Book, and an effect report (PMT1) form should be completed to get the fault rectified. It is illegal to use or allow to be used a faulty, un-roadworthy or dangerous vehicle‎.

Driver Training

Managers must ensure that all drivers have been trained in how to carry out vehicle checks. A Vehicle Check film is available on the Royal Mail “Content on Demand” system via the plasma screens and during the campaign managers are asked to ensure their drivers have seen it.

Windscreen – Sun Glare

An additional element of this Road Safety Campaign is to warn drivers to “Beware of Sunshine Glare” at sunrise and sunset when it is most dangerous, during the current summer months. A special poster is being issued to all offices and a pdf copy is attached for your information. This will be displayed on Monday 23 July in all offices.


Key communication channels to be used to promote the campaign include RMTV, Plasma Screens in offices, WTLL, RMG Intranet, Courier, posters etc.

Managers have been requested to; display the campaign poster, deliver the Campaign WTLL session, show staff the Campaign Film on vehicle checks and make staff aware of the RMTV session that will run alongside this campaign.

Managers Checklist Instructions

All managers have been issued with a checklist as follows:-

• Have you carried out periodic sampling of log books and vehicles to ensure vehicle checks are carried out as per the vehicle log book and the SHE Calendar?

• Have you made all your drivers aware of the PMT1 process for reporting a faulty vehicle?

• Have you checked all log books and vehicles in a five week period?

• Ensure that your drivers have been trained in how to carry out vehicle checks. A Vehicle Check film is available on Content on Demand so please ensure your drivers have seen it.

• Have you delivered the Vehicle Checks WTLL session, use the checklist and displayed the poster?

• Have you completed a Driver and Vehicle Safety SMAT and Yard Safety SMAT, linked to vehicle checks by the drivers?

• Consult and fully involve the CWU Area Safety Rep and Workplace Safety Rep on the above. Invite them to carry out a Safety Inspection when you carry out your SMATs. Work jointly on improving the quantity and quality of vehicle checks carried out.

ASR Checklist

Royal Mail Group is responsible for providing suitable vehicles that are well maintained. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure their vehicle is safe. Every time a vehicle is taken out onto the road the driver assumes responsibility of the vehicle, their own safety, and that of the general public, in the same way that they would when driving their own car. Drivers have a paid amount of time allotted in order to ensure that these checks are completed, supported by a system to have any faults rectified.

By carrying out the following activities during w/c 23 July 2018, ASRs can help to raise the profile of Road Safety and keep our driver members safe.

ASR’s are to be fully involved and consulted on joint RSW activities.

Agree with your Operational Managers, which units you will jointly support during this Road Safety Campaign, and:-

• Assist the Front Line Manager in delivering the WTLL.

• Carry out a Safety Inspection.


• Check that drivers have received the WTLL briefing on vehicle checks.

• Do they understand the importance of the vehicle checks?

• Have they seen the film on vehicle checks and the poster?

• Are they aware of the PMT1 fault reporting process?

Use the Road Safety Campaign materials to talk to drivers about Vehicle Checks.

Ask Front Line Managers:

• What activities have they completed for the vehicle checks campaign?

• Have they made all drivers aware of the PMT1 process?

• Have they delivered the WTLL and displayed the poster?

• Have they completed a Driver/Vehicle SMAT concentrating on Vehicle Checks?

Observe Vehicles and Drivers:

During the campaign week ASRs are asked to undertake Inspections, part of which is to observe drivers in the yard and check that they are carrying out their pre-use checks and offer advice as well as report non-compliance.

Your proactive support is important and is much appreciated. Don’t wait for managers to contact you – contact them and ensure they comply and support this campaign.


• WTLL (draft)

• Road Safety Sun Glare Poster

• Handout Small Vehicles Vehicle Checks Guide

• Handout Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) Vehicle Checks Guide

• Road Safety Campaign Vehicle Checks Managers’ Checklist

• Road Safety Campaign Vehicle Checks CWU Area Safety Reps Activity Plan Guide

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB407 RMG-CWU Road Safety Campaign – Pre-Use Vehicle Checks – WC Monday 23 July 2018

Handout LGV Vehicle Checks Final

Handout Small Vehicles RSC – Vehicle Checks – July 2018 Final

RSC Vehicle Checks July 2018 ASR activity plan Final


Vehicle Checks – Managers Checklist Final

WTLL Road Safety Campaign – Vehicle Checks – July 2018 v1

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Area Delivery Representative Briefings

Area Delivery Representative Briefings

Dear Colleagues,

Further to the emails dated 11th June and 13th July 2018 which outlined details for the forthcoming Area Delivery Representative Briefings listed below, attached for the information of Branches and Representatives is the Agenda.

Date: Wednesday 18th July 2018

Time: 11.00am – 15:00pm

Venue: Rooms 2 and 3,

4th, Floor, CWU

150 The Broadway, London

SW19 1RX

Date: Thursday 19th July 2018

Time: 11.00am – 15:00pm

Venue: Birmingham CWU Office

47 Summer Lane


B19 3TH

A reminder to Branches that they are responsible for the travel and other associated costs for this type of meeting and, where an ADR has responsibility for an area which covers more than one Branch, these costs should be shared proportionately. However, if a Branch has any particular financial difficulties for these specific briefings and a case for assistance is made to this department this will be given the fullest consideration. Any such requests should be made prior to the meeting taking place.

Any enquiries should be addressed to: quoting reference 535.

Yours sincerely,


Mark Baulch

CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 406.18 – Area Delivery Representative Briefings



Introduction – 11:00 – 11:10am

Session 1 – Updates from Guiding Principles Agreement – 11:10 – 13:00pm

• Overall update from 2018 Agreement

• Resourcing & Quality Checklists

• PDA OA Update

• Updates on AHDC / Resource Scheduler / Traffic Transformation

• Delivery Method Trials/ Door to Door Automation / Strategy

• LAT Core and Non Core

Break – 13:00 – 13:20pm

Session 2 – 13:20 – 14:45pm

• SWW Introduction October 2018

• Parcel Systems – IT and New Products Update

• WPC/Training- EO Professionalisation

• New Delivery Agreement (section 19)

AOB / Final Remarks – 14:45 – 15:00pm

New Investment in Warrington

New Investment in Warrington


Dear Colleagues

The department has received notification that an announcement will be made by the business today in relation to investment that has been secured for Warrington. Attached for your information is a copy of the announcement that is to be released.

Clearly investment that allows the business to grow and maintains job security is always welcome by the Union but it is also recognised that change of this nature can sometimes cause concern for our members. We therefore welcome the fact that the business has confirmed that it is not anticipated that any job losses will occur as a result of these proposed changes to operations.

The department will of course now be engaging with the business at National level to ensure that joint activity is progressed in line with our established Joint Working Group format, in order to ensure that all issues in relation to the affected functions are considered and addressed.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to: Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, quoting reference 231.08. Email Address: or

Yours sincerely


Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary

LTB 404-18 – New Investment in Warrington

Attachment 1 – Copy of Business Comms

House of Commons – EFRA Parliamentary Select Committee Dangerous Dogs Law & Enforcement Inquiry – Dave Joyce Televised Oral Evidence Session 27 June 2018 on BBC Parliament TV: To: All Royal Mail Group based CWU ASRs

House of Commons – EFRA Parliamentary Select Committee Dangerous Dogs Law & Enforcement Inquiry – Dave Joyce Televised Oral Evidence Session 27 June 2018 on BBC Parliament TV:

To: All Royal Mail Group based CWU ASRs

Dear Colleagues,

On 27th June CWU National Health and Safety Officer Dave Joyce was invited to the House of Commons, Palace of Westminster, to give oral evidence to The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Parliamentary Select Committee’s Inquiry into Dangerous Dogs Legislation (the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 as amended by the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime & Policing Act 2014).

Here is your opportunity to watch a Parliament TV recording of Dave Joyce giving evidence on behalf of CWU members and dog attack victims, calling for changes to further strengthen the law and toughen up sentences handed down by the courts.

Watch on the following link:

Terms of reference: The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Parliamentary Select Committee inquiry into the legislation on dangerous dogs is looking at:

1 How effective is the Government’s current approach to protecting the public from dangerous dog attacks?

2 What changes, if any, should be made to the current approach and legislation?

3 How can local authorities and Police forces be best supported in reducing the number of dangerous dog-related incidents?

4 What lessons could the UK learn from other countries dealing with similar issues?

There has been substantial debate about the effectiveness of the UK’s Dangerous Dogs legislation and the impact on dog welfare. 40 people died between 1989 and 2016 in dog-related incidents. The number of attacks has also risen, with the NHS reporting that yearly hospital admissions for dog bites has increased by 76% between 2006-2016 to around 7,500 a year.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB405 House of Commons – EFRA Parliamentary Select Committee

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Most Branches are probably aware that in recent weeks we have been dealing with a number of IT related issues.

The nature of these issues has meant that we have needed to exercise extreme caution when re-enabling all our systems to become operational again. Included in this is ensuring that both the access to and data around the OLS system is now clear to reactivate. We needed to exercise this caution precisely because of the sensitive nature of the data held i.e. members details and keeping in mind the new GDPR regulations.

As stated above we can now report the OLS system is back on line and branches can access their own branch data. There is still an issue with the email service that we are applying the same cautious approach to and as a result branches are not yet not be able to gain access to this part of the system.

Once we have carried out the proper diligence in this area we will inform Branches accordingly.

In apologising for the delay in getting this service back up and running, we hope that you will understand our cautious approach in these circumstances and we would like to thank branches for their patience.

Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department on telephone number 020 8971 7237, or email address

Yours sincerely,

Tony Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary


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