Ken McKenzie Award for Lifelong Learning 2018

Ken McKenzie Award for Lifelong Learning 2018

Branches will be aware of the policy adopted at General Conference 2010 to present the “Ken McKenzie Award for Lifelong Learning” which is presented to a Union Learning Representative (ULR) or group of ULRs who have made a significant contribution to lifelong learning within the CWU. The award is presented each year at our CWU ULR National Networking Event. This year will follow tradition and be part of the agenda at this year’s event scheduled to be held in Bournemouth over two days on the 21st and 22nd November 2018.

Last year the accolade was awarded jointly to Christine Carruthers (Tyne & Wear Clerical), Geoff Hodge (Somerset, Devon & Cornwall), and Scott Taylor (Glasgow & District Amal) and as usual we received a good number of nominations of a very high quality.

I am now inviting applications for the 2018 Annual Ken McKenzie award for lifelong learning. The award will be made in recognition of exceptional achievements and contributions to lifelong learning and training by a CWU ULR or a group of CWU ULRs.

Nominations can be made by Branches, Regional Learning Committees or Regional Committees via letter or email to my Departmemt .

Nominations should include a précis of the nominated ULR or group of ULRs endeavours and achievements and be sent to:

Michelle Simpson, Education and Training Department, CWU, 150 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1RX or email

The closing date for nominations will be FRIDAY 19TH OCTOBER 2018.

Any queries relating to this LTB should be addressed to me via the Education and Training Department at

Yours sincerely,

Trish Lavelle


18LTB 416 – Ken McKenzie Award 2018

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