CWU Assistant Secretary (Postal)  

  CWU Assistant Secretary (Postal)  
Further to LTB 502/15 dated 30th July 2015.

Nominations for the above position closed at 14:00 on 28th August 2015.

Please find below a list of accepted nominations and respective nominating branches.

Carl Maden London South West Postal (*Ballot Required)

Nominating Branches

Central Counties & Thames Valley

Lancs & Cumbria

Cornwall Amal

London 7

Croydon & Sutton Amal

London Postal Engineering

Darwen Capita

London Regional Motor Transport


London South West Postal

East Midlands


Great Western

North West No. 1


Portsmouth & District

Gwent Amal

South East London Postal & Counters


South West Wales Amal


Davie Robertson Glasgow & District (*Ballot Required)

Nominating Branches

Bournemouth & Dorset Amal

Nottingham & District Amal

Bradford & District Amal


Bristol & District Amal

Plymouth & East Cornwall Amal

Cleveland Amal

Scotland MT

Clyde Valley Amal

Scotland No. 2

Doncaster & District

Scotland No. 5

Eastern No. 3

South & East Thames Amal

Eastern No. 5 

South East No. 5

Essex Amal

South East Wales Amal

Glasgow & District Amal

South Midlands Postal

Highland Amal

South Wales

Hull & East Riding Amal

South West No. 7

Kent Invicta

South Yorkshire & District Amal

Kingston Area

Southdowns, Weald & Rother

Leeds No. 1 Amal

Suffolk Amal

London Parcels & Stations Amal

Wessex South Central

Mount Pleasant International

Western Counties

North Lancs & Cumbria

Wolverhampton & District Amal

North West Central Amal

Worcester & Hereford

Northern Home Counties Postal

York & District Amal

Northern Ireland West

The timetable for the above ballot is as follows: 

Ballot Papers despatched: 10th September 2015 

Ballot Closes: 6th October 2015 

Any enquiries regarding the above should be directed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department for the attention of Peter Metcalfe on 020 8971 7368 or email

Yours sincerely

Tony Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary

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