Processing Report

Processing Report

Strategic Involvement (SI) Meeting
A report on the latest SI meeting is on display outside the shift manager’s office. There was further debate about briefing staff on the mail centre standards. The MCM has experienced occasions where some members of staff are not aware of the mail centre standards of which most are common sense and form part of national agreements. Therefore it has been agreed for the staff to be re-briefed on the mail centre standards set out below.
• Smoking is permitted during authorised breaks only.
• Soft drinks to be in a resealable container and sealed cups for tea and coffee are permitted in the work area. No drinks to be consumed whilst operating a machine.
• Lockers have been provided for all staff, and in order to comply with Mails Integrity, there should be no coats or bags on the operational floor.
• Use of mobile phones is restricted to managerial, business and emergency use only on the operational floor. Where emergency use of a phone is required, permission should be sought from the work area manager.
• Meal breaks and grace breaks are provided and these are the only authorised breaks that should be taken.
• All employees will be expected to sign on and be ready for work at the correct start time of duty.
• Please ensure that your photo ID is worn and visible at all times. Please advise your manager if your card is approaching its expiry date.
• Good housekeeping standards are key to providing excellent mail hygiene and avoiding accidents. Please leave all work areas in a clean and tidy state.
• One ear piece of headphones are allowed to be worn when sitting down E.g. Manual Letters and Large Letters.
However when transporting mail/equipment, walking the floor or operating machinery no ear phones to be worn.
• All accidents and near misses must be reported immediately.
• Any absences should be reported promptly to the Book Room by phone (01733 382700) before the start of your duty and informing them of the reason why. Please leave a contact number to enable managerial contact.
Para: Ongoing.

Processing Duty Structure
Management have rejected the CWU’s counter proposals for a processing revision. Negotiations will remain ongoing with the possible outcome of reviews in work areas and shifts that are not resourced appropriately. This will also give us the opportunity to identify the effect the loss of the percentage of Ipswich 2c we will lose from this week to Chelmsford under the mail centre rationalisation agreement will have on the 2c traffic we handle.
Para: Ongoing

Temporary Increase of Contracts
It has been agreed that 10 successful applicants will be offered the recently advertised 24 hour temporary change of contracts starting from 7th September and 2 starting from the 21st September 12 in total.
It has been also been agreed that 10 successful applicants will be offered the recently advertised 39 hour night shift temporary change of contracts starting from the 14th September and 1 possibly starting at the end of September 11 in total.
The successful applicants will be receiving a letter from Management in the next couple of days.
Para: To be noted.

Parcel Sort Machine
Negotiations are ongoing around the movement of the CFC machines and possibly iLSM No 4 to create more space for the parcel sort machine to be put in place.
Para: Ongoing.

CWU National Briefing
A meeting was held this week when it was announced the mail centre will be deploying two nationally agreed York movers (Tugs) into the operation. The meeting was to discuss risk assessments and planned routes the Tug will use when deployed. There are a number of issues to resolve before a deployment date is agreed.
Para: Ongoing.

Flip Flops
We are still waiting for joint CWU/Royal Mail National Joint Statement/Terms of Reference for the flip flops before we are allowed to deploy them.
Para: Ongoing.

New Conduct Code
It has now been agreed that the training sessions for CWU representatives will be joint sessions with Royal Mail Managers conducted by joint Royal Mail/CWU tutors.
Para: Ongoing.

EJ Orviss
Area Processing Representative
Date 28th August 2015

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