Eastern No5 pivotal in spearheading National Anti-Domestic Abuse Partnership Launched between the CWU and NCDV

Spearheading National Anti-Domestic Abuse Partnership Launched between the CWU and NCDV

  • NCDV are proud and excited to announce our partnership with the CWU
  • Effective immediatelyand Initiated unanimously
  • Members, friends and family of the CWU can surface concerns about potential cases of abuse
  • Thrilled to receive the recognition and support of one of Britain’s biggest unions
  • NCDV CEO Mark Groves said “This is a fabulous partnership for NCDV and the CWU, we look forward to providing help and support to all CWU members across the country”

Discover more about our joint partnership venture below
Anti-Domestic Abuse Partnership

The CWU conference takes place annually to debate and determine matters of policy.
Find out more about it here.

FREE Domestic Abuse Legal Training for the Police and Support Agencies

“I use this service regularly and it is a brilliant tool for safeguarding victims who don’t want the hassle of making a formal complaint. By obtaining a restraining order, the emphasis is then put back on the suspect. It is then the suspect’s fault if they get arrested and sent to court and the decision is taken out of the victim’s hands.”
PC Carrington,
West Mercia Police

“Within 24 hours of making my referral, I received an email informing me that the victim had been allocated a court and a solicitor and would be guided through the process of a Non-Molestation Order. The NCDV have allowed me to safeguard a vulnerable victim and provide her access to a legal process I cannot normally provide. Thank you.”
PC Norvill,
Lancashire Constabulary
Training Enquiry

This 45 minute training includes:

How do civil orders work
What is and who can apply for a Non Molestation and an Occupation order
How to refer people to us and understand what NCDV do.
What ASSIST is and how it can help the police.

If you are a police officer or a support agency who would like
to receive this free training contact

Refer a victim to usDownload an injunction – police eyes only

A Not For Profit Community Interest Company

To read our April Online Magazine please see below:NCDV Magazine


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