Vision is a Logistics UK (formally known as the Fleet Transport Association) system that is already utilised to analyse driver tachographs, allowing Royal Mail to demonstrate as a company that they are compliant with all road legislation.

The Vision system has recently had new functions enabled, one of which would allow the Business to record DCPC and maintain all of the individual driver’s data in one place. Royal Mail has approached the Department with a request to enable this facility.

Discussions have therefore taken place with the Business to conclude a Joint Statement, which has now been endorsed by the Postal Executive and a copy of the document is attached for your information.

The Vision system will enable Royal Mail managers to have visibility of what training hours their drivers have completed within the required DCPC 5 years qualifying period. The aim of supplying DCPC information in Vision is to give Transport Managers of Professional Driver grades guidance for managing their driver training hours.

The DCPC data available on Vision includes:

  • Start and finish dates for the 5 years’ period;
  • The percentage of training completed by individual drivers;
  • The total amount of hours completed and remaining for individual drivers;
  • Count down on time left within the qualifying period;
  • The detail of each DCPC card, such as the DQC number, start and expiry dates and the serial number;
  • The course details.

Currently HRSC Learning Services complete a master spreadsheet based on the information provided by the Advanced Driver Coaches (ADC).  HRSC Learning Services then submit this information to the DVLA and JAUPT so that the driver’s records are updated with the relevant training information.  HRSC will continue to do this, but will load the spreadsheet straight into Vision.  This will ensure all managers have the ability to see what training their drivers have completed and/or still require.

The ADC will complete the attendance sheet and submit it to HRSC Learning Services as normal, which captures all the relevant information that the Vision system requires.

Safeguards have been included in relation to the use of individual data that is produced by the system and the following will apply:

  • Managers will only have access to the DCPC information for drivers who fall under their direct managerial line;
  • DCPC information and any other data produced by the Vision programme will remain confidential to the individual driver and will not be shared without the driver’s written consent;
  • The Vision data will not be used to create league tables at local or National level;
  • It is not intended to be punitive and it is therefore agreed that it is not being deployed for, nor will it be used as, a disciplinary tool. Where it is identified that drivers require additional support or training in relation to DCPC, this will then be facilitated via the utilisation of the Advanced Driver Coach;
  • The written permission of individuals will be required prior to their data being shared with the Advanced Driver Coach, who will utilise it to design tailored individual training sessions where required, in line with the terms of the Advanced Driver Coach Agreement applicable to the relevant function.

As such, all DCPC information produced will remain confidential to the individual and will not be shared beyond the parties defined in the Joint Statement.

Training is going to be provided to managers on the use of the DCPC information supplied and it will be ensured that managers are fully conversant with and understand the commitments contained in the Joint Statement in relation to the protection of individual data.

Full CWU involvement is confirmed in respect of the introduction of the process, including content and application of any necessary training.

It is agreed that monitoring of the process/application will continue to take place through the Network Working Group, during and after the deployment of DCPC within Vision.  To understand the performance before and after the activities have been completed, a joint PIR will take place.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference: 202.15.

Yours sincerely

Davie Robertson
Assistant Secretary

LTB 194-22

JS Use of DCPC in Vision 27.04.22

View Online


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