Work Time Listening & Learning in Delivery Offices 

Work Time Listening & Learning in Delivery Offices 

In 2017, based on poor results from Royal Mails Employee Opinion Survey at that time regarding WTLL sessions, the CWU Delivery Training and Communications Working Group, which was set up as part of the Agenda for Growth Agreement, embarked upon a joint Review with Royal Mail on how these sessions were being conducted. It was recognised that we needed a better and more in-depth understanding of whether WTLL sessions were in any way meaningful and also what could be done to ensure that it was not just seen as a one sided management exercise used to disseminate the Companies message.

We also held the view that there was very little or no opportunity whatsoever for local CWU Representatives and Workplace Coaches to input. Therefore it was jointly agreed to examine how the WTLL sessions, their content and presentation were being delivered. One of our main aims was to ensure there was much more input from the CWU afforded within the locality.

Accordingly, having recognised that WTLL is very much a one sided affair, we conducted a jointly agreed survey of 120 offices (40 per region) throughout 2017, with a questionnaire containing approximately 20 questions. The questions were posed to the Local Managers, CWU Reps and OPGs.

Whilst some excellent feedback from the questionnaire and exercise was gained towards the end of 2017, these outputs were not taken forward at this time due to the dispute in relation the Four Pillars campaign along with the backdrop leading up to this, which eventually lead to a National Agreement.

Following the Four Pillars and Pay National Agreement, and as part of the joint commitments as part of the National Agreement we were able to re-establish the Training & Communications Group, allowing us to resurrect the WTLL Review this then presented the opportunity to finalise how WTLL sessions should now be jointly conducted.

Consequently the Joint Working Group focused not only on Royal Mail’s agenda, but also focusing and ensuring that going forward meaningful input from Local CWU Reps, Workplace Coaches and H & S Reps, would have the facility to input into the content along with issues that affect our members locally within the workplace and that these should also be considered within WTLL sessions.

Attached to this LTB are a Joint Statement and WTLL Toolkit that have been agreed between the CWU and Royal Mail, these have also been endorsed by the Postal Executive. Contained within these documents, you will also be able to access the electronic version of the Toolkit and also the video that was taken in Warrington Delivery Office of a WTLL session where the local CWU Rep and others were fully involved.

I would like to place on record my thanks to Bobby Weatherall, Postal Executive Member and the other members of the Training & Communications Group who dealt with this issue on behalf of the Outdoor Department.

Any enquires should be directed to the Outdoor Department, reference 230, email address:


Yours sincerely,


Mark Baulch              

CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 126.19 – Work Time Listening & Learning in Delivery Offices

WTLL Attendance Confirmation Sheet

WTLL Toolkit Joint Statement

WTLL Toolkit

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