Branches and representatives will be aware that a Safe Driver Process for licence checks has already been agreed for Delivery and Collections drivers (LTB 145/19 refers).

As with the activity for Delivery and Collections drivers, discussions have been taking place with the business in relation to a process for licence checks for CWU represented Professional Driver grades (LGV and MGV), who are required to undertake checks twice yearly. The aim of the revised process is to improve the regulatory compliance to conduct licence checks for all drivers and ensure they complete health and other employment declarations, whilst maintaining and ensuring compliance to GDPR.

Being a safe and qualified driver is a key part of the job roles at Royal Mail. The existing process that is used in relation to Professional Driver licence checks is performed twice yearly and is a paper based process, which is complicated and time consuming.

In addition, the current system whereby the driver sources a code from the DVLA is changing. Due to new laws regarding the security of data, each driver will need to undertake a lengthy process to obtain the code (estimated as 15 minutes). The new approach will eliminate the need for drivers to source a code, as their permission to undertake the twice yearly licence check via the PDA App, will be valid for 3 years. The proposed change to process is therefore seen as a way to simplify Royal Mail policies and ensure compliance.

A Joint statement covering a New Safe Driver Process for Professional Drivers has now been concluded and endorsed by the Postal Executive and will simplify the process by utilising PDA’s to maintain the required twice yearly checks.

Currently however Professional Drivers do not use PDA’s and as such a process has had to be developed that would ensure that their data is protected. To this end drivers will be supplied with a pin number by the business to access the PDA’s, they will then need to scan their ID pass which will ensure their data is protected and related only to them.

A copy of the Joint Statement is attached for the information of Branches and representatives and the revised process is summarised below:

Key Points:

  • To ensure that all individual data is protected drivers will input their data with 2 levels of security, a PIN number and scan of the unique barcode on their RM ID pass. 
  • This information will be automatically transferred into the People Systems Portal (PSP). This will allow automatic licence checking with the DVLA database and ensure secure, centralised, digital storage of the individual’s information.
  • Individual mandates are valid for 3 years and will be securely held centrally within PSP. The licence data will be automatically checked with the DVLA database twice a year in April and October.
  • Health & Other Employment Declarations are still required to be made and submitted by Royal Mail Logistics and Area Distribution drivers on a 6 monthly basis.
  • Managers will not have access to the DVLA database, instead they will view a relevant PSP report sent to them that only includes the people within their direct line of management.
  • Only the line manager of an individual will have sight of their relevant information. Individual data sourced from either the PDA/PSP or the DVLA database will not be published or shared with a wider audience.
  • Outside of this bi-annual activity, all Royal Mail drivers will still have a responsibility to make their manager aware of any relevant changes to their driving licence provision or the onset of a health condition.

Who is covered by this process?

  • Professional drivers (LGV and MGV 3.5t and above vehicles) including any currently working in the Delivery or Collections operations will continue to have their licences checked as they currently do on a six-monthly basis. 
  • Drivers with a licence issued by the DVA (Northern Ireland) will complete the health and other employment declaration via the PDA but will still complete a bi-annual paper-based licence check – this is due to the DVA having a different licence checking process. Separate deployment instructions regarding these specific checks will be sent in due course.

Due to the late notification of change, the availability of PDA’s and the complexities of the Logistic and Area Distribution operations, we have agreed that a trial of the Safe Driver Process will take place in Swindon Area Distribution and Coventry VOC in relation to the scheduled April 2019 licence checks.

This will enable us to secure any learning from the new process and agree a joint deployment programme to all other units, to ensure that the process can be used by all Professional Drivers for the October 2019 licence checks.

Due to the logistical difficulties associated to procurement of sufficient PDA’s and the timelines involved it will not be possible to achieve a full deployment of the process by April 2019. Therefore

to ensure that we are compliant with the required activity in April 2019 all units outside of the trial will be brought forward and undertake their licence checks in March 2019 utilising the current process.

Colleagues will note that the usual provisions in relation to CWU involvement have been made, along with review and deployment arrangements.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: or quoting reference number: 202.09/502.02.

Yours sincerely,


Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary


Attachment 1 – JS New Safe Driver Checks for Logistics & Area Distribution

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