BTFS #Endgame Campaign – National Rally

BTFS #Endgame Campaign – National Rally

As part of the #Endgame campaign a National Rally will be held outside BT Centre on the 14 January to demonstrate against the decision to outsource BT Facilities Services.

Details of the Rally are as follows:

Date:  Monday, 14 January 2019

Time:  12 Noon – 13.30 pm

Venue:  Outside BT Centre

81 Newgate Street,

London EC1A 7AJ

 The General Secretary, Dave Ward and Deputy General Secretary, Andy Kerr, will be in attendance and we are asking branches to make this a priority commitment.

Branches are requested to bring along their branch banners on the day to show their support.

Branches are also reminded that in line with the BT Facilities agreement that this event falls outside established industrial relations activities and therefore no facility time can be used. All branch representatives will need to attend in their own time.

I would be grateful if you could respond to my office by that you will be attending.

Any queries to be addressed to Sally Bridge at

Yours Sincerely


Sally Bridge

National Officer

LTB 006.2019

View Online


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