Delivery of General Election Material – 8th June 2017

Delivery of General Election Material – 8th June 2017

This LTB is to provide confirmation to Branches of the arrangements that have been put in place to deal with the above mentioned election. Branches will note that the attached slides which are Royal Mail slides confirm that the items will attract the normal unit payments which are applicable for Poll Cards and the Candidate’s “Election Communication”. Also included with this LTB are the agreed National guidelines issued to managers who will also be aware of the payments due.


We are already aware that there will be some D2D contracts in the system but this will be at the posters’ discretion, is over and above the provision of Candidates “Election Communication”, is subject to normal D2D service specification arrangements and therefore does not attract the unit election material payment.


CWU Reps will also need to be aware that the Poll Cards, which also attract the normal unit payments (1st, 2nd Class, DNA, PCMO) are due to be delivered in line with their product specification, although we have made the point that there should be a sensible and pragmatic approach to this that allows for some flexibility where necessary.


Branches are requested to take note of paragraph 4 of the guidelines in regards to there being no extended delivery overtime for Poll Cards and ‘Election Communication’ candidate mail as these items attract the unit payment. However if other workload (i.e. mail not covered by unit payment) on the day is sufficient to warrant overtime it should be provided in the normal way and in line with normal local workload and assessment arrangements.


Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 535.09, email address:


Yours Sincerely,
Mark Baulch​

CWU Assistant Secretary – Elect

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CWU+Election+Meeting+05.05.17 1


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