February 2015 Income/Expenditure

February 2015 Income/Expenditure

Balances correct at close of business 28th February 2015

Branch Rebate £12,169.52 Phones/Internet/Ink £687.10
Other Income £39.72 Computer Software £11.99
+ Opening Balance £37,903.58 Postage £7.15
Stationary £81.00
Death Grant Benefit £1,953.00
Travel & Subs £1,660.09
Venue Hire £167.00
Donation £100.00
Other Expense £301.38
Total £50,112.82 Total £4,968.71
Balance £45,144.11

We have recorded a surplus of £7,200.81 for February. This is almost entirely due to the Death Grant Benefit payments paid back to us by CWU HQ which totalled over £5,000 (see Rebate Breakdown sheet). As you can see, this was more than our entire expenditure for February.

Travel & Subsistence was slightly higher than last month due to the travel costs in sending your Reps to the CWU National Briefing in London.

The venue hire costs were for the AGM at Peterborough Bowls Club (£50.00). The remaining £117.00 was the cost of the Branch agreeing to sponsor the hire of the John Clare Theatre at Peterborough Central Library for the recent showing of the documentary ‘Still The Enemy Within’.

Our other expenses were for our monthly payment to the Benevolent Fund, seminar attendance costs and accommodation for the forthcoming National Pensioners Convention.

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