No.   186/15
Ref: 60000
20th March 2015


To:  All Branches with Postal Members






All postal Branches, Representatives and members will be aware the third year pay increase is due in April 2015.  In our agreement this was specified at 2.8%, although there was the potential for either party to trigger a review of this if inflation over the period January 2015 to March 2015 was either 0.5% higher or lower than 2.8%.  In January inflation stood at 1.1%.


This week a meeting took place with the Chief Executive and it became clear the company was considering triggering the review clause.  We explained that whilst we recognised they could trigger a review, it was crucial they took into account the overall situation, particularly the efforts of CWU members in continuing to embrace change and improve efficiency, often in difficult circumstances.  The company stated they would consult their Board and reflect on the situation.


I have now received a letter from the Chief Executive confirming that the company will pay the 2.8% in full.  This will also flow through to overtime, Scheduled Attendance and allowances, including London Weighting.


Given the uncertainty over the review clause, the company has advised there will be a short delay in the programming of their payroll systems and the pay increase will be implemented mid April, backdated to the first week in April.


I am sure CWU members will recognise this represents a good outcome and that in recent years whilst many workers have suffered pay freezes, we have continued to deliver on pay.


Please ensure the content of this LTB is circulated to workplaces.  Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed to the DGS (P) Department.


Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

Deputy General Secretary (P)




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