February Rebate Breakdown

February Rebate Breakdown


Reference Details Credit Debit
Rebate – New 15 New Members £106.20
Rebate – Current 1,844 Members £6,829.61
Rebate – Retired 277 Members £364.35
Death Grant Returns 7 Returns £5,150.00
Other Youth Conf. Accomm £90.00
CWU HQ Deduction Postage £8.14
CWU HQ Deduction Defence Fund £73.00
CWU HQ Deduction Regional Committee £73.00
CWU HQ Deduction Women’s Committee £18.25
CWU HQ Deduction Learning Committee £18.25


Totals £12,450.16 £280.64


Net Rebate £12,169.52


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