Road Traffic Accident/Collision Procedure Launch

Road Traffic Accident/Collision Procedure Launch

Branches will recall a revised Road Traffic Accident Procedure was agreed with Royal Mail in September 2021, LTB 395/21 refers.  The agreement was the subject of a National Briefing and was ratified through a Branch Ballot on the 6thDecember 2021.

At the time discussions were ongoing on the supporting standard letters and documentation and whilst it was anticipated that these would be agreed at pace, in the opinion of the departments it is fair to say Royal Mail have for one reason or another dragged their heels in terms of a launch and implementation of the agreement.

This process has now been concluded and attached to this LTB you will find a copy of the agreement itself, the standard letters used in the process and a copy of the redeployment scoping forms.

The agreement will be launched and implemented on 1st June 2022. A training module has been developed in conjunction with the DGS(P) department and Branches will be further advised in regards to this aspect.

Whilst we are pleased at long last this agreement will be implemented, we are far from happy with Royal Mail’s response. They have steadfastly refused to hold a joint briefing and instead have taken the decision to brief employees and managers via a Work Time Listening and Learning session.

We do believe a joint launch and also the development of joint training to be the most effective way of implementing the agreement as this would assist in avoiding inconsistency of the approach and application of the agreement.  Accordingly, we are very conscious of any further delay and potential knock on effect to our members who may unfortunately be involved in a road traffic accident.

We do believe our training module will give our representatives a great understanding of the agreement.

Any enquiries regarding the content of this LTB please contact: The PTCS Department reference 420, email address:

 Yours sincerely,                                  Yours sincerely                       Yours sincerely

Carl Maden                                      Davie Robertson                Mark Baulch

Assistant Secretary                       Assistant Secretary           Assistant Secretary

Attachment 1: 22LTB245 Road Traffic Accident – Collision Procedure Launch

Attachment 2: Attachment 1 to 22LTB245 – RTACP 2022 Fully Signed

Attachment 3: Attachment 2 to 22LTB245 – RTACP 2022 Draft Letters v7

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