Branches and our Post Office members are advised that Government guidance regarding sick absence reporting has been amended as a consequence of the current wave of Covid-19 and the associated pressure on GP surgeries.  The Government announcement, which was made last week, can be accessed via the following link:

In essence, employees are now only required to provide an official certificate for sick absence if they are off work for more than 28 days (compared with the previous arrangement of 7 days).  Essentially, this means our members, for absences of 28 days or less will be required to complete a Self-Certification form rather than visit their GP for a “fit note” for sick absences longer than 7 days.

Absences prior to 10thDecember, still require a GP “fit note” from day 8 and those post that date fall under the new 28-day rule.

Post Office has advised us the People Hub advice and guidance is being updated in recognition of these changes, with clear signposting for members about the new rules.  Additionally, line managers will be provided with the appropriate information to share with members reporting sick.

Any membership queries in relation to this change should be referred to the relevant Representative.

Further developments will be reported if changes to these arrangements occur.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

21LTB578 Post Office – Government Amendments to Sick Absence Reporting

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