Re: Changes to Sickness Reporting – Latest Government Advice

Re: Changes to Sickness Reporting – Latest Government Advice

Members will probably be aware the Government have change the rules for sickness reporting and self-certification. The link to the Government advice is

Normally, members will provide a ‘self-certificate’ for the first seven days and after this period, members who are still off on sick leave will be required to provide a ‘fit note’ from a GP or other medical professional. However, to support the booster programme, the Government have changed this.

Temporary change to fit notes.

If members have been on sick leave from or after 10 December 2021, the self-certificate, normally for seven days, can now be used for 28 days of sickness (including non-working days). Any absence over 28 days will require a fit-note.

If your sickness absence started prior to 10 December 2021, you continue to provide a fit note after 7 days (including non-working days).

These changes are to give GP’s more time to work on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) booster programme.

If you are concerned about your health condition, you should continue to contact / see your GP.

Changes to Self-Isolation – ENGLAND ONLY

The Government have recently announced changes to the self-isolation process. At the time of writing, this is for ENGLAND ONLY, however, other devolved Governments may follow suit.

The change is a move from 10 days’ self-isolation to 7 days’ self-isolation as long as on the final two days of the seven, you have negative lateral flow test results.

We know in some areas Management have refused to allow members back to work who have qualified for the shorter isolation period. As it is part of the Government advice, we do not expect anyone to be refused returning to work, subject to meeting the criteria.

We wanted to get a joint statement with Royal Mail on this issue, however this has not been possible.

Any enquiries regarding the content of this LTB should be addressed to Kerry Hay for the PTCS department quoting reference number 420.

Yours sincerely,

Carl Maden
Assistant Secretary


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