I am pleased to advise Branches and our members working in the Stamps & Collectibles unit in Tallents House, Edinburgh that following discussions with management, an agreement has been reached with regards to delivering the Shorter Working Week from Monday 26th July.

The following Joint Statement outlines our agreed position:

Pathway to Change Agreement – Delivering the Shorter Working Week and Improving our Customer Offer

The Stamps & Collectibles team in Customer Experience and CWU are working together to develop mutual interest solutions and a new culture, which is at the core of the commitments contained in our National agreements, including the Key Principles Framework Agreement (Pathway to Change).

We’ll be reducing your working week by one hour and we expect this to be achieved through 12-minute alterations to duty start times. Work is already underway to implement this reduction by Monday 26th July. Part time employees will benefit from a commensurate increase in their hourly pay rate from the same date. Due to payroll cut off dates any changes in pay will be reflected in August salaries (backdated to 26th July). We expect HR PSP system changes to be live from mid-August for full time employees.

To enable the Shorter Working Week, recognising changing customer demand and the need for timely despatch of orders, we’ve agreed that following a joint review, a new set of attendance patterns will be deployed by Monday 20th September. This activity is important in delivering the broader Royal Mail plan of providing an improved service to customers.

Change of any kind takes time to fully discuss and agree, and we’re committed to driving transformation that benefits both the customer and you. We’ll enable your Reps, and the working group in Tallents House to propose and discuss new attendance pattern options. This could mean that some of the work you complete, or your hours of attendance may change in the future, please be assured that all decisions will be made together in a measured and pragmatic way. Changes in shift could unlock opportunities for alternative duty patterns and fewer attendance days across the week. As a business we must continue to change and adapt; and we believe this plan will strike a good balance between improving your Terms and Conditions and focussing on our customers’ changing needs.

Gerry will ensure updates you are kept informed as our discussions progress.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication helping deliver for our customers every day.

Susan Howlett                                                                  Andy Furey

CE Director                                                                       CWU Assistant Secretary

As Branches will note, as a consequence of reaching an agreement for delivering the hour off the working week, we have agreed that a duty revision in the Unit will take place with a planned introduction of Monday 20th September.  Our local Reps, working in tandem with a Joint Working Group will report back to Andy Hopping, Postal Executive member on a regular basis to ensure the revision will be delivered on time.  In this regard, it should be noted there is no headcount reduction proposed and the revision solely relates to attendance times, which management are keen to align to the enhanced customer service offer

Finally, I wish to extend my thanks to Andy Hopping for his support in helping to bring this matter to a positive conclusion.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

LTB 295/21 – Royal Mail – Pathway to Change Agreement – Delivering the SWW Week in Stamps and Collectibles

View Online


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