New Course Application Process

New Course Application Process

The Equality, Education and Development Department are today launching a new “Course Application” process.

Having tested the system, we believe that Branches will benefit from its “user friendly” application and a more streamlined approach.

Aims of the changes include the system becoming as paperless as possible, replacing the old application form and utilising the Online Services System (OLS).

A specific section of OLS which only Branch Secretaries (or others they nominate) can access has been designed. This maintains Branch Secretary Authority as the only person able to apply for a course on a representative’s behalf.

To make the most of the system we ask that Branch Secretaries as a matter of urgency:

a. Make sure their Officer/Representatives data is up to date

b. All Officer/Representatives email addresses held on the OLS are accurate. (The system will rely on these as the point of contact for applicants).

I would like to place on record our thanks to Matt Edwards (Membership System Administrator) for his help in developing this system.

To further assist attached below is a short video for Branch Secretaries that gives an overview on how the new system works.

Any enquiries on the new course application process should be sent to equality&

Yours sincerely,

Kate Hudson
Head of Equality, Education & Development

LTB 031/21 – New Course Application Process

Video Attachment

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