Greener Jobs Alliance (GJA) Newsletter No. 30 – January-February 2021

Greener Jobs Alliance (GJA) Newsletter No. 30 – January-February 2021

The Greener Jobs Alliance was launched to promote skills training and job creation to meet the needs of Britain’s rapidly growing low carbon sectors and to green the whole economy.  The transition to a low carbon and resource efficient economy can drive sustainable economic recovery and job creation in every part of the country as well as making existing jobs more secure. But this requires a more strategic national and local approach to deliver the workforce skills needed and to stimulate demand for clean energy and energy efficiency services.

The Greener Jobs Alliance liaises at a national and local level to build the broadest possible support for the policies, investment, partnerships and commitments needed to drive the transition to a low carbon economy.

The Greener Jobs Alliance liaises with training bodies, colleges, universities, employers, local and national government, trade unions, housing associations, campaign and community groups – to build the policies, investment and partnerships needed to drive the transition to a low carbon economy.

The GJA runs a number of ‘free’ courses on the environment for Trade Union Reps in different parts of the UK which have been attended by a number of CWU Reps.

The GJA came into existence as a result of funding from Battersea and Wandsworth TUC.

The GJA Newsletter editor is Graham Petersen, also the GJA Secretary. Graham is well known to the CWU and has a long standing working relationship with the Union. He is a former TUC Tutor and Course Designer who created Safety Reps training courses and the successful TUC Occupational Health & Safety Diploma Course. He was the head of the Trade Union Studies Centre at South Thames College before retirement from the post.

The GJA AGM will take place on Monday 2 February: Celebrating 10 years of the Greener Jobs Alliance

All CWU Reps are invited to register and join the event and the guest speaker is Paul Nowak, Deputy General Secretary of the TUC. The GJA celebrates a decade of work pushing the green jobs and skills agenda after being set up in 2010. The GJA has supported unions and environmental organisations with their newsletters, courses, and advocacy throughout this period. The AGM is an open meeting but requires registration to receive the ‘Zoom Link’ and documentation.

Greener Jobs Alliance AGM

Tuesday 2 February from 1.30 – 3.00pm

Register here:

There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the ‘Path to a zero-carbon economy’ and help GJA set their priorities for 2021.

Newsletter 30 – The GJA’s January/February newsletter has been published following the flurry of Government activity around the ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ announcements. In November last year, Prime Minister Boris Johnson broadcast to the nation his ‘10-Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution’ but what’s missing pointed out the GJA is a strategic plan to reach net zero by 2050 and the public investment in jobs and skills to match. The UK, which is hosting important UN climate negotiations (COP 26) in 2021, is under national and international pressure to deliver an ambitious climate strategy that shows leadership, setting the bar high as countries around the world come to the table to pledge greater climate ambition. It’s not only unions that have been critical of the plan. E3G a European think tank has also commented on the weaknesses

This Tory government has been keen to adopt terms like ‘green industrial revolution’ and ‘build back better’ as part of its posturing on the recovery from the pandemic. On the 18th January, Prime Minister Johnson unveiled the ‘Build Back Better Council’ made up of bankers, oil giants and aviation firms. Unions, social justice campaigners and environmentalists have challenged the exclusion of worker representatives and climate experts from the new 30-member body, intended to ‘unlock investment’ and ‘level up the UK’. The TUC has proposed a joint National Recovery Council, which the Government ignored. “We have significant expertise in industry and business and I know many employers who agree that it is not just foolish to exclude unions from these bodies – many see it as the Government adopting an anti-union position. It’s indicative of how they see unions, like the cuts to the Union Learning Fund.” The Government’s ‘Build Back Better Council’ fronted up Bernard Looney, the CEO of BP, at the launch, who said, “I am a big believer in British business and the Prime Minister’s push to create a cleaner, greener, more inclusive economy.” The irony is that BP is ranked as one of the world-beating polluters.

Labour launched its own plan for a Green Economic Recovery, calling for £30bn of spending over the next 18 months to create 400,000 new green jobs. This plan seems more focused on the here and now, the need to take swift action to deal with the economic fall-out from the pandemic and to kick start the work on the climate crisis. Even so, whether Labour is putting out short term plans or a full length strategy, the GJA believe it is essential for the Labour Party to keep focused on the radical building blocks needed to tackle the climate crisis.

What’s needed is a coherent strategy on green jobs and skills.

A copy of the GJA Newsletter No. 30 is attached.

Contents of GJA Newsletter No 30:

  1. Editorial: ‘Government falls at the first hurdle of Build Back Better’.
  2. GJA AGM Monday 2 February: 10 years of the Greener Jobs Alliance.
  3. ‘Develop sectoral, local and regional green jobs strategies’ GJA tells Parliamentary jobs inquiry.
  4. TUC’s ambitions for the Green Jobs Taskforce.
  5. Green Jobs Now.
  6. Just Transition reports from across the globe.
  7. All roads lead to Glasgow.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 032/21 – Greener Jobs Alliance (GJA) Newsletter No. 30 – January-February 2021



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