Branches will recall that at the outset of the Coronavirus pandemic last spring,
we agreed with the Post Office to revise Crown Office opening hours in order to
limit the time our Key Worker members were in direct contact with the public,
whilst ensuring the continuation of the essential service to communities.

The Crowns reverted back to normal opening hours during the low point in the
wave of infections. However, as you would expect, we have been in
discussions with the Post Office since the New Year due to the rising case
numbers and have now reached an agreement for a temporary revision to
opening hours.

The following Joint Statement has been published today:

Branch Opening Hours

Post Office Limited, CWU and UNITE have been working collaboratively
and urgently on all issues relating to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

We believe this joint approach is in everyone’s best interests to ensure
your wellbeing which is first and foremost in our thinking.

We are therefore pleased to inform you that agreement has been
reached for revised opening times of DMB Offices, whilst ensuring the
continued maintenance of the essential community service the Post
Office offers, as well as limiting the time staff are in direct contact with
the public.

From Friday 29th January, the DMBs opening times will be:
• Mon – Fri: 9:00-16:30 for the majority of branches
• Mon – Fri: 9:30-17:00 for 14 branches based in London
• Sat: 9:00-14:00 for any branches that currently open beyond lunchtime

This has been a data lead decision based upon weekly and hourly
customer footfall and based upon feedback received from colleagues.
Your Area Manager will let you know which hours relate to your branch. 

There will be no making up of hours and everyone will have been
assumed to have worked the hours they were scheduled to do. WTL
sessions on a Tuesday will be unaffected for the majority of branches.

Your safety is paramount therefore we encourage you to continue to
report any form of harassment you or your colleagues may receive from
customers. Please continue to remain in contact with your manager or
union safety reps and highlight anything that puts colleagues at risk.

Due to the rapidly changing situation this agreement will be under
constant review so as to enable a speedy response where appropriate
and of course taking into account the environment across the UK. We
wish you all the very best and thank you for your amazing contribution
in these exceptionally challenging times.

Steve Blampied                      Phil Savage                Andy Furey
Head of DMB Network        Unite the Union        CWU Assistant Secretary

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Lynn Simpson, Postal Executive
member for her endeavours in engaging with senior management on this
issue. Lynn has been tenacious in representing the concerns of our members
on the front line.

Branches are urged to share this LTB and Joint Statement with our Post Office
members and we will also be publicising this helpful development via our social
media channels.

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

LTB 026/21 – Post Office – Covid – Revised Opening Hours for Crowns


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