CWU Submission to Low Pay Commission on National Minimum Wage 2020

CWU Submission to Low Pay Commission on National Minimum Wage 2020

The CWU has made the attached submission to the Low Pay Commission on the National Minimum Wage, which was endorsed by the NEC today.

The CWU’s submission highlights that our low paid members are key workers, and the coronavirus crisis has exposed the prevalence of low pay amongst workers who perform essential roles in our society.

The submission includes evidence from a survey of our members on low pay which CWU Branches helped to promote amongst members in May this year.  We’re grateful for the assistance of Branches on this which helped generate over 500 responses to the survey from a group of around 3,000 members who were asked to participate.  The survey showed that 89 per cent of respondents earning the real living wage or less said they felt they were paid unfairly and 69 per cent said their pay did not cover all of their outgoings.

The submission calls for a rise in the minimum wage to £10 per hour nationally and the rate of a real living wage in London as soon as possible.  We also call for the abolition of age-related pay rates and the introduction of one minimum rate of pay for all workers regardless of their age, in line with CWU General Conference policy.

An article has been posted about this on the CWU website today at the following link, which also includes a link to the submission:

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the Head of Research (email:

Yours sincerely

Bill Taylor

Head of Research

LTB 391-20 CWU submission to LPC on NMW 2020

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