Please be advised that a series of Regional Workshops have been scheduled to assist Regional Secretaries and their respective Regional Leads with the drafting of Regional Development Plans.

The workshop will cover a variety of topics including Trade Union Values, Available Support, and a focussed look into strategic planning including time to discuss key regional priorities.

A key outcome of the event will be to prioritise the composition of an overarching Regional Strategy. It is hoped that the Regional Leads will then be able to cascade the techniques learned through to their individual sub-committees.

The workshops are to be delivered “in-house” and we will be working closely with Regional Secretaries to ensure the venues have adequate access. If any other adjustments are required please notify your Regional Secretary who will also be responsible for forwarding names of attendees to Maxine Todd (

Please note that venues may be subject to change:

  • 9th January 2019 (9:30 – 16:30) London (Regional Office) 
  • 13th – 14th January (12:30 Mon – 12:30 Tue) North West (Stockport) 
  • 16th – 17th January (12:30 Thurs – 12:30 Fri) Wales (Shrewsbury) 
  • 27th – 28th January (12:30 Mon – 12:30 Tue) South West / South East (Elstead Hotel) 
  • 3rd – 4th February (12:30 Mon – 12:30 Tue) North East (Regional Office) 
  • 2nd – 3rd March (12:30 Mon – 12:30 Tue) Midlands / Eastern (Birmingham, Summer Lane) 
  • 10th – 11th March (12:30 Tues – 12:30 Wed) Scotland 
  • TBC – Northern Ireland 

The workshops do not attract paid release so it will be necessary to make local arrangements.

Yours sincerely,


Kate Hudson
Head of Equality, Education & Development

19LTB 706 – Regional Leads – Development Workshops

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