Positive Mental Health” – Second Book in the ‘Positive Wellbeing Series’ By Dr. Shaun Davis & Andrew Kinder:

Positive Mental Health” – Second Book in the ‘Positive Wellbeing Series’ By Dr. Shaun Davis & Andrew Kinder:

Dr. Shaun Davis Royal Mail Group’s Global Director Safety, Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability has, along with his Co-Author Andrew Kinder, published the second book in the ‘Positive Wellbeing Series’, entitled ‘Positive Mental Health’. This follows the success of the previous book ‘Positive Male Mind’.

Paying attention to mental health in the workplace has never been more important. We all face mental health challenges, regardless of our gender, age or sexual orientation, and too often we can be guilty for taking our mental health for granted.

Positive Mental Health aims to inspire positive dialogue around mental health and build on the current progressive movement around mental health awareness in line with current thinking on mental health in the workplace.‎

The book will provide workers and employers with the resources, tips and tools on how they, or those they know who are suffering, can develop better mental health and therefore improve their wellbeing and quality of life as well as how employers can develop better wellbeing amongst their employees bringing with it improved performance and productivity in the workplace.

Watch the TV interview of Shaun Davis on the launch of the new book on this link:-


Published by: LID Publishing ISBN: 9781912555550 Number of pages: 128 Dimensions: 180 x 120 mm Hardback Price £9.99.

The book can be ordered via the Lid Publishing website: Click Here

CWU Members and Reps who purchase a copy of the book can receive a discount of 35% by quoting discount code: POSITIVE35

All proceeds from the Book will go to the mental health charity ‘Mind’ and to Royal Mail Group’s charity, the ‘Rowland Hill Fund.’

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB705 Positive Mental Health – Second Book in the ‘Positive Wellbeing Series’ By Dr Shaun Davis & Andrew Kinder

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