National briefing The Liner Hotel Liverpool 22nd August 2019

National briefing The Liner Hotel Liverpool 22nd August 2019

The Area Reps of your Branch were called to a National Briefing on the 22nd of August. We were briefed by the National Officers on the current state of affairs and it became immediately clear we are heading for a dispute with the business. They are moving away from our National Agreements. They are undermining the Four Pillars and intend to get rid of the Legally Binding Agreement. They have no intention

• to deliver the Shorter working week,

• Give us a pay rise next April,

• Protect the USO

• Give all a fair days pay for a fair days work

They have every intention to:-

• Break up this company

• Sell it off piece by piece to appease shareholders

• Attack our National Agreements

• Attack our Terms and Conditions

• Attack the USO

These are some of the headlines shared with us: –

Dave Ward GS

• “Because of the actions of Royal Mail, we must get into a position of preparing for a Dispute”

• “The transfer of Parcel Force to a Ltd company and the workers being ‘TUPE’ over is the first step in breaking up this company”

• “They aren’t getting involved with the union fully in their dialogue, only choosing what they are willing to negotiate. Only willing to discuss the things that suits them.”

• “Their lack of engagement with the CWU need to be exposed, The Businesses future plans needs to be exposed.”

• “When we are in discussions there must be honesty from the Royal Mail, everything must be on the table”

• “Everything we have already agreed must be honoured”

• “They are attacking all of our Agreements”

• “A movement of philosophy from a letter company that delivers parcels to a Parcels company that delivers letters needs to change. We do support the growth of Parcels in the company, but 100,000 jobs can’t be sustained by parcels alone.”

• “ We cant underestimate the value of our Legally Binding Agreement. That agreement has put this ‘Post Privatisation’ dispute back 4-5 years. We can’t stress how important that agreement is to our future and yours”

• “Royal Mail will actively attack the USO. They may hope to change that to a 5 day a week service. That’s one fifth of the workforce lost overnight”

Terry Pullinger

• “I’m looking out there at too many happy faces, you should all be angry. The way the Business are treating our members. The amount of Bullying and Harassment in the work units. Look at the number of unit walkouts across the country. Look at the number of Reps being disciplined. Look at the number of ballot requests across the country. We need to be angry and furious for our members. “

• “Now look at how they treat the Managers. They have just been given a 2.6% pay rise offer for this year back dated to April.”

• “The Board gave Rico a £6,000,000 transfer fee”

• “He doesn’t have the calibre to run this Great British institution. What has he done? He’s built up a network of small parcel companies in Europe, based on zero hours contracts and slave labour terms and conditions.”

• “He’s used to just Bullying to get his way”

• “He’s never had to deal with Unions in the Past. He’s now got to deal with us. He’s now got to deal with you the members”

• “We were in a meeting with him a few weeks ago, you could tell he was getting the hump with us. This is what he said to us” Why should he even talk to us. He’s the CEO he can do what he wants” . He went on to tell us that he’s bought 1,000,000 shares in Royal Mail at rock bottom prices. His wife told him she was worried about how much he’s spending on them. He intends to more than double his money on it. “

• “This guy has hoovered all this cheap share up, and on the back of slashing our terms and conditions intends to double his money”

• “ They are moving away from our National Agreements. There is now only one manager left who was there to sign the Four Pillars Agreement. If I was him I’d be looking over my back”

• “We are once again under attack. This is the Biggest attack we have ever faced.”

• “The PEC has endorced a ballot for Full industrial action the time table is as follows:-

• Membership Verification to be completed by 3rd September 2019

• Issue industrial Action Notice to Ballot 17th September 2019

• Ballot Opens 24th September 2019

• Ballot Closes 8th October 2019

• Ballot Results 8th October 2019

Davie Robinson, Mark Baulch, Ray Ellis

• “Rico wants to decentralise the control of the company. Allow more in field decisions to be made by the senior field managers”

• “Break up- Separate and devolve is their strategy.”

• “They will not commit to selling off Parcel Force”

• “They will not commit to not making other parts of the company into Ltd companies, Deliver Ltd , Network Ltd and Processing Ltd and so on”

• “ Be under no illusion they want to cut up and sell off parts of this company”

• “There is no justification to separate Parcel Force”

• “There will be no commitment to any revision unless its based on a 37 hour week and a commitment to the shorter working week”

• “The Argument for Making Parcel force a Separate Legal entity is false. Look at PFS Romec. They are a Separate legal Entity who are “Self Governing” we came to an agreement on Pay with their Managers. However Royal Mail Turned that pay offer down.”

• “Over the last 3 years Un official and official Industrial Action has doubled Year on Year. “

• “The only commitment by the new Management team is to make more money”

Be under no illusion. We are at war. A war for your future. When the call comes ……..Vote Yes!!!!!!!!


Ernie Orviss Report

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