Royal Mail Group “ZAP” (Zero Accidents Programme) Daily Reports to CWU ASRs 

Royal Mail Group “ZAP” (Zero Accidents Programme) Daily Reports to CWU ASRs 

To: All Branches with Royal Mail Group Members

Dear Colleagues,

The Health, Safety and Environment Department have received numerous enquiries about the continuation of the provision of “ZAP” Daily Reports, to ASRs.

The matter was taken up with the Royal Mail Group (RMG) Head of Road Safety Mark Bromhall and Tony Green ‎RMG Fleet Supply Manager and I’m pleased to report that they have confirmed that the ZAP Daily Reports will continue and there is no intention to switch it off.

The ZAP Daily report was initially produced a few years ago for then Fleet Safety & Compliance Managers and Regional Fleet & Asset Managers, to give a heads-up that a road traffic collision has occurred involving an RMG Vehicle and acted as a trigger to ensure that correct processes were being followed. It contains high level details of all ERICA reports submitted the previous day (or Friday-Sunday for the Monday report).

The list of recipients has clearly expanded and the list is being reviewed to ensure those on the list still wish to receive it.

The RTA Procedure Agreement places a requirement on the manager to inform the ASR of any collision involving injury to a Royal Mail Group Driver‎.

If you are an ASR and haven’t been receiving the ZAP Daily Reports to date, then please ask your RMG SHE‎ Advisor to put you on to the circulation list or e-mail:


Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

17LTB540 Royal Mail Group (ZAP) Zero Accidents Programme Daily Reports to CWU ASRs

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