Royal Mail & CWU National Joint Statement Avoiding Delay (Commit to Deliver) and Reporting Standards

Royal Mail & CWU National Joint Statement Avoiding Delay (Commit to Deliver) and Reporting Standards

Dear Colleague,

Branches and Representatives may be aware that in the lead up to Christmas of last year the Department were receiving numerous reports of USO and Workplan failures across Delivery Offices. As a result we requested that reps send us photographic evidence so this could be presented to Gary Burgess Delivery Excellence Director to inform the debate and substantiate the reports we were receiving. Royal Mail have stated that such images must not be shared outside of the company.

This lead to further discussions taking place with Royal Mail regarding whether their managers are fully aware of the ‘Delivery – Avoiding Delay’ process within the Conduct Code and whether it is being followed. In addition to this, discussions also took place involving Royal Mails quality team on whether the process was used correctly in regards to reporting USO and workplan failures and how these failures were being reported within the respective Delivery Office.

As a result both parties agreed to pull together the relevant process from the Conduct Code and the managerial brief on reporting failure into a Joint Statement which is attached for the attention of Branches and is to be jointly re-communicated.

During the discussions and recent Delivery Office visits it has also become clear that the reporting of errors with both traffic volumes and presentation is not being managed correctly and both parties believed the inclusion of the words relating to the Delivery Traffic Measurement Processes and Review Guidelines (LTB 743/14) would be helpful. As such they have been included, along with the flow chart.

Therefore, it was felt concluding the attached Joint Statement would be welcomed by CWU Representatives and in particular that it would be jointly communicated and cascaded across all Delivery offices. Managers should have no excuses going forwards in terms of mistreating our members with threats of conduct if the process is followed correctly as this is explicit and contained within the actual text of the agreed process.

Where there continue to be issues in relation to USO and Workplan failures across Delivery Offices it is important that the correct and jointly agreed processes are followed, the department would also request that we be informed of such instances to ensure these can continue to be raised with Royal Mail at the highest level.

Additionally where management locally refuses to adhere to the nationally agreed process, Branches are advised to progress this urgently through the IR framework, also using the flashpoint procedure if necessary.

Any enquiries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference: 535. Email address:

Yours Sincerely,
CWU A/Assistant Secretary




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