Royal Mail – Changes to the Operational Structure

Dear Colleague, Royal Mail – Changes to the Operational Structure The DGS(P) Department can confirm that the business have notified us of changes to the current operational structure which will increase the number of geographical regions from 3 to 4. This change will come into effect from 1st April 2017. Royal Mail have confirmed that CWU Divisional Representatives will be fully briefed on these changes and we are awaiting a matrix to be provided that will cover the alignment of Divisional Representatives although we do not envisage there will be any issues of concern in this regard. A summary of the key changes to the current operational structure is reproduced below:  South East, Guildford, London, Essex, part of Anglia and part of Home Counties North will form the new South Region;  Most of Anglia, Home Counties North and Great Western, together with all of East Midlands and part of South & West Yorkshire will form the new East Region;  Cheshire & Merseyside, West Midlands, South Wales & Gloucester, South West, South Coast and part of Great Western will remain in the West Region;  North West England, West of Scotland, Yorkshire, Tyneside, and East Scotland & NI will form the North Region;  Where Delivery Directorates have been split, RODs will discuss the impact on an individual basis – however, there will continue to be 18 Delivery Directorates so it is expected that the Operations infrastructure will simply realign.

Please find attached for ease of reference a table of the revised 4 regions detailing the Mail Centre/Plant alignment and the Postcode sectors covered. As previously mentioned, at the time of writing this LTB, we are still awaiting clarification of the Divisional alignment but can confirm that the current Industrial Relations Framework Agreement continues to hold the field and will apply to any revised Royal Mail structure going forward. Further information will be circulated to Branches in due course. Any enquiries relating to this LTB should be directed to the DGS(P) Department. Yours sincerely

Terry Pullinger Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

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