YDS Trainer Supply Issues 

YDS Trainer Supply Issues 

Dear Colleagues


We have been informed by Royal Mail that as a result of the factory which produces the YDS trainers failing a CSR audit, a decision by the company has been made not to order any further trainers from YDS. 


As a result Royal Mail has stated they are now starting to see shortfalls in some popular sizes in the remaining YDS stock and as such are waiting on delivery of the replacement trainers they have ordered from Magnum and Panther. 


They have also ordered additional Anvils to help with any shortfall, however are aware that the YDS are a popular option for our members.


As such Royal Mail has issued the below communication through their internal channels:


Due to a number of compliance issues identified in a recent audit at the factory where our YDS trainers are manufactured, Royal Mail has taken the difficult decision to cease placing any further orders with the supplier. We are currently trialling a new trainer, with similar features and benefits to the YDS, which will be available in the Spring.


If you need a pair of replacement trainers before that time, and your size is unavailable (we only have limited stock of YDS footwear) you will need to order an alternative style. You can order these, as usual, online.


If you have exceeded your current footwear entitlement we will provide Magnum shoes, unless you have a specific reason why these should not be provided.


We will update you when the new models arrive and, in the meantime, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause in the interim.


Further meetings with Royal Mail are being arranged to discuss this matter and the future provision of Uniform across all products.


Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department, reference 500

Email address: outdoorsecretary@cwu.org



Yours Sincerely,
Mark Baulch​

CWU A/Assistant Secretary


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  1. Hello, I am the wife of a Postman who has worked for Royal Mail for 20 years. He needs new walking shoes for work. He cannot wear Anvils due to the weight making his ankles and legs ache terribly, .Magnums make his toes go numb. YDS are what he feels comfortable in. (Prior to YDS, CATS were perfect, so were Clark’s ).
    He has been told to get a letter from his doctor, buy a pair of suitable trainers in a £30.00 budget, present tbe receipt ti
    be reimbursed.
    Good quality, non slip waterproof shoes that are likely to last 3 months or more cost over £30.00.
    If non recommended footwear is worn, in the event of a slip or trip would accident at work insurance still valid?
    I appreciate your time and look forward to you reply.

    1. That’s a question that you husband should be asking his workplace safety Rep. I’m sorry unable to give advice on the website.

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