AGM– January 2017Matt Bellamy – Chair Report

AGM– January 2017Matt Bellamy – Chair Report


Please find below my report from the Eastern Regional Youth Committee AGM, although attendance to the meeting was low, we are hopeful that this will change soon. Any queries can be directed to myself by the details at the end of the report.

Chair/Secretary/Assistant Secretary Elections

Prior to the meeting, nominations were open for the above positions. We only received nominations from two branches for separate positions. Therefore, it was agreed at the meeting that Matt Bellamy (Eastern No5) will newly hold the position of Chair and Jamie George (CCTV) will hold continue to hold the position of Secretary. It was also agreed that Mat Garrard could hold the position of Assistant Secretary.

Key Points for The Next 3 Months

Branch Presentations, we now have almost everything we need to roll out branch presentations that will hopefully begin in February and run through to September. The idea behind these presentations was to try to bring numbers on to the committee by meeting with Branch Committees to see what obstacles they may face when trying to get young members active and if we as a committee can offer any sort of assistance, the reason why we would like to present this to branch committees is purely for the vast range of experience and skills available in the same room. It is by no means challenging branches, it is purely a presentation that could help us in the short term and with succession planning in the future.

Membership Survey, ongoing, it is hopeful that this will begin soon.

Motions for General Conference, ongoing, seeking ideas from the committee before the motion submission closing date.

Youth Conference, as far as we are aware, most of the committee will attend this Youth Conference with one motion from one from the regions branches being top of the agenda in section 2.

Organising & Recruitment, it is hopeful that we can have both the T&FS and Postal regional organiser at the next meeting in April, to give a talk and give us tips on how to encourage young members to become active.


I am hopeful that with the assistance of branches and the committee, we can get this committee as strong as it can be by the end of the year. It is essential in my opinion that the branch and the region that formed the youth movement sets a precedent and helps other regional committees where possible.

Matt Bellamy​​​​​​Eastern Region Youth Committee Chair Eastern No5 Branch ​​​​​​


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