Labour Party Leadership Elections

Please find below the criteria for voting in the forthcoming leadership election.
Labour Party Leadership Election – Affiliated Supporter Sign-up

Please find below clarification on who will be able to vote in the forthcoming Labour leadership election with regards to trade union members.
CWU members who pay the political levy and have already registered as affiliated supporters are eligible to vote in the election and do not need to sign up again this time round.  

All other CWU members who pay the political levy and joined the union before 12th January 2016 can sign up as an affiliated supporter of the Labour Party in order to vote. The deadline for this is 12 noon on the 8th August. They can do so at – there will also be a page on the CWU website which will link to this shortly. 

Any CWU members who joined after 12th January will not be eligible to vote as affiliated supporters. They will, however, be able to sign up to vote as a ‘registered supporter’ as an individual by paying a one-off fee of £25 to the Labour Party. The registration process for this will run from Monday 18th July to 5pm on Wednesday 20th July only.

Finally, it should be noted that in order to register as an affiliated supporter, individuals will need to sign up to the following statement (there is an equivalent statement for registered supporters):
I support the aims and values of the Labour Party, am not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it and pay a political subscription to my trade union from which affiliation fees are paid on my behalf.
In the leadership election last year the Party did exclude some individuals who, for instance, were members of other political parties. Applications for a vote will therefore be subject to a vetting process by the Party.
It is important that you bring this information to the attention of all your Political Fund levy paying members including your Retired Members. We will give greater publicity to this issue next week on the CWU website (including the new Retired Members and Youth websites) and all CWU social media.
Yours sincerely
Dave Ward

General Secretary

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