Delivery Indoor & Outdoor Planning Values

Delivery Indoor & Outdoor Planning Values 

Royal Mail has undertaken indoor and outdoor Industrial Engineering study work this year to update the current data bank values and parameters. This is primarily because of having to provide the Regulator with the most up-to-date costing on every element of operational tasks.
These new values will at some stage be included into the current Revision / Resourcing Tools, and from an indoor point of view the aim is to have a new Auto-IWT version ready in March 2016. The new values and how they are applied has been finalised with the exception of the values for units sorting packets / parcels to mini-Yorks. This will be a new value and is nearing completion, but has been problematic because of the numerous different set ups within delivery offices and trying to determine which is the most efficient.
The current position on how the new values will be applied to the outdoor work is still under discussion with the business. There is currently a difference of opinion with Royal Mail on how the observed time in the outdoor studies is reflected in workload.
The element of the study dealing with walking speeds when using delivery equipment is still ongoing and has to be completed to give as a complete view of the changes to the outdoor workload.
Within the outdoor study work the Industrial Engineers have established a value for Deliver to Neighbour (D2N) of 1 minute 53 seconds a call. This figure is subject to the ongoing discussions outlined above and may not be the final time for this task. We are bringing this to the attention of our representatives so that you are aware of this issue as we recognise that units are currently engaged in revision activity and are seeking guidance on how much time should be allocated for D2N. In the absence of a National Agreement on this our advice at this stage is that CWU representatives should not agree a time that is less than the time stated above. This issue in question is whether the time allocated is the basic minute value or the standard minute value.
Our discussions with the business are continuing and we hope to come up with an acceptable range of values that reflect the time the outdoor tasks actually take and that they are then applied to the outdoor operation in a way that is fair and manageable for our members.
It is imperative that we resolve this issue satisfactorily due to the impending “Final Mile Optimisation” (FMO) programme where the businesses aim is to introduce an outdoor forecasting process. Further update will be issued in due course.
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